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Where Shelter May 2017
The Prism Through Which We See Clearly


light saws our untrue selves with acute angles,
piercing our holistic pretenses, daily disambiguation features,
our sheltering disguises into our essence refractive elements

this is not a cute rainbow poem - run from here

it is a dissection of our true nature
why belabor, why elaborate?

through the prism
you color-coded self, tracted,
a mapping of your intersections,
what each color speaks, needs not an explication,
your hidden humanity comes to my eyes, in full revelation

at last I see you clearly

the lost and black withered limbs,
the stirring, leaping, enflamed flaring, never ceasing, breathing elements that mark your singularity

did you know your eyes are constant singers?

through prism, each note heard distinctly, as it rises uplifted,
your song, mine for observation and weeping exhalations,
your song, the production number of thy own composition,
through prism, our interior visual disinterred and released,

here I must cease, for what seen, grievous weeping deepens,
from the glory and the pain my blurred wetness overwhelms
the clarifying crystal useless when tear coated

through the prism,
before the full length mirror,
my own, unowned, never could be owned,
'mirror mirror on the wall,'
warped weave of tissues, mine,
the song sounds, mine,
from lungs disgorged
myself, diagnosed and displayed

of what I see, spitting speech
ceases and desists,
the only thought permitted, repeated,

where is my shelter now?**

5/13/17 6:49am
Capriccio Jan 1
Clearly I see
That my diligent Ego
Ran Me into Me
Mad cop versus Good Cop

Clearly I seek
A real life
Where Me is a fan of Me again
Where I am not my undoing
Instead, I am my best asset
My best friend.
Apporva Arya Jun 2019
Some days like today I know it very clearly,
I won't be able to go much far
Being broken like this.
On those days I am full of doubt,
I wonder about the painful time coming ahead.
But still I manage to keep moving because I am relaxed knowing atleast today isn't that day.
Anyone reading it, please give me your blessings. I am not so bad to not deserve blessings.
joren's Feb 2019
I only like ice in my water
Because you cant water it down
Things stay the same and
the ice will just drown
homogeneous mixture
A tasteless substance
perfect diluteness
Be honest to me and
Help me get through this
is it clear to you now
Why I still pursue this
well its important to me. This poem is about thinking clearly or something like that. I read this a lot to focus before I write other stuff.
As if in a decades long
     somnambulant trance
     for majority of years
     I finally awoke,
three score minus
     one orbitz tracked 'round el sol
     by this human drone,
a custom made incognito

     stitched while in utero
     yeah... my birthday suit mask
     disguised this bloke
yet plainly visible, aye donned
     a permanent cloak
always fitted me skin
     tight easily permitting
     ingress and egress okey doak

majority of mein kempf
     ambivalent about (
     despised) self as
     apathetic behavior did evoke,
yet slip out from
     under the Harris tweed,
     Scottish door Matt,
     parental tender caring folk

now, such indifference,
     whether dead or alive,
     tummy this thinking haint write
especially nearing quotidian,
     the terminus twilight
     of existential parabola
     fifty nine submucous cleft palate
     nasal note more'n slight

     chalked up to biochemically, right
     hermetically, and neurologically quite,
though not profoundly disabled,
     a riddled quirky
     ******-social plight,
(cultivating an unhealthy
     absent self esteem inferior complex)
     I exhibited half

     hearted feeble feints
     to muster willpower morning till night
oft times nobody home,
     and nary boot faint light
doth shine on me
     (feeling comfortably numb),
     a puny white knight er
     rather pawn on chess

     board of life with 20/20 insight
while standing at a paltry
     just shy of seventy
     two inches in height
shortchanging latitudinal longitudinal
     maximum parameters to attain
but more critically, detrimentally,
     emotionally constitutes current bane

analogous to Atlas
     hold the world
     did more than force him to crane
his neck, but imposed
     a global estuarial drain
as all the seven seas underwent
     gravitational pull that's
     the best aye can explain

oh...but such fiction a mythological sling
shot across the bow civilization
     the metaphorical resonance
     pertains to me, and doth ring
real asper millstone over bearing
worth repeating here,
no matter mentioned in previous poems
     bitterness of mine despairingly cathartically airing.
jackary May 2018
There was a girl that I loved,
so unconditionally.

She was as bright as a new day
bleeding through the blinds.
To my ear she was the spring flow
of a forest’s creek.
To my eyes she was a mountain’s meadowside
speckled with flowers, Alpine.
She skipped through the caverns of my mind,
She was dug deep inside.
Like shadows dancing on the wall,
I envisioned our shadows intertwined together,
slowed to a crawl.


To draw myself closer to,
step by step I wandered near.
The glow of her smile; Divine.
Like the light of a higher
power empowered her.
To not draw myself closer,
I’d have been a coward.
My thoughts ran amuck,
yet in the muck
is where they flowered
like a lotus;
dreaming beautifully, yet only fantasy.
No I didn’t stop to notice.
To really look clearly.
To see that she,
didn’t feel the same for me.
I was too lost in love,

With a girl that I loved,
so unconditionally.
Onomatopiyya Feb 2018
I'm glad you came
I was happy
Truly happy

Until the day
You said clearly
You didn't come for me

This is sad
What did I do to deserve this
sarah Oct 2017
so clearly i see
me in you and you in me
aren't we meant to be?
Kee Sep 2017
I'm scared of the future
And how I'll be
Filled with anxiety
Will I have a handle on my life
Or will the wheels fall off?
And I'm left to die
Will my feelings for change
Do they remain?
Does love exists in my dictionary
Or is it replaced with hate?
Do I see clearly?
Or is it all a blur?
Do my friends stick by me?
Do I sit in the house alone?
Do I grow old and forget my nae?
Or does the noose come to claim me?
Am I happy or sad?
Do I have kids?
Am I lost in my imaginations
Or living them instead?
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