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In the light of humility
the desert becomes ablaze
dream rhymes call in the dream
are lost in the dark

your love of heaven
comes back to abstract

Sometimes the way I look back
underneath the shadows of new road
that mingles with the smell of wild soil
constantly go forward to the race of love and death

Throughout the ages,
wandering within thousand monsoon
Or in the autumn,
where illusions of the sudden mist
moves him to millions of light years away
who will turn him from the glamour of dreams

In the dark night he who will discover that
at other times, he will meet with a magical moonlit
how come he will come back
certainly or uncertainty In the dark
Or on the tomb of an eternal love
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Alone, a long night without you
the hopeless romance digging dew
missing words are whispering a few
distant the moon mourning
a melancholy melody
where the very words wandering slowly
in that restless folded chocking night
while the days sky having no floating spring kite
the words,
very words are vigorously coming down
beside a river of this lonely downtown
"Here words are a deep dark
where the dreams touch afar"
Oh! here -- once again ...
I'm wandering in a wonder
dreaming a dream with an endless tender
how the streams are falling from the waterfall
until the hopeless romance turns to fall--
in a deep quite understand
how all those things are moving to stand
in the roaring waves of oceans asymmetry
how the words are grown as an unfolded poetry
@Musfiq us shaleheen
on a floating boat
where a river could be followed
a maximum life may bond
forever and beyond

you can take a long breath
when a river flows towards beyond the death
there a beauty ever warming
even forever a carolleth overwhelming
where the wonder wind always wandering
with the truth

that everyone feels sometimes
but someone feels many times

could be an inherent exhaust romantic
where someone finds always some critic
As if a lovely sounds of the stream
maybe a true metaphor of poetry
always makes beautiful waves of symmetry

that everyone feels sometimes
but someone feels many times
@Musfiq us shaleheen
It's been a lot of days after that
When the night came to frost
Narrowly in floating fog, Eagerly in vain
The light of the muddy moon fallen
on the waiting ship of a lonely port

Continuously chill north wind blowing
on and over the wall of the standing darkness
Unintentionally anchored in an insatiable spirit
Widely the fugitive soul searching
an unexpected very moonlit night

Ah! many of things stand apart
As the cradle of classic love-
Yet rising even swinging
on the wind of last summer song
And again in another silent night
The sounds of dropping dew distinctly
dissolving with the funeral of the poetry

@Musfiq us shaleheen
Romantic, sad, love
Behind the depression of discarded Love,
The land that was once again called rain,
When the ethereal whispered
The day turned again,
Thousands of purple flowers play on that land
With all-colours of butterflies,
Insight eyes grow,
The eyes stop
Dreams run parallel to the path,
A spring of strangely unexplored wind in the afternoon
Seeing the strange behaviour of Fong
Somehow alone you walk through the lane on the shore of the river

Certainly, the melody comes out,
Cradling with the known and the unknown
Want to get back to one turn,
Light and shadow in the game,
The pages are painted in colour,
Again, in the midst of different forms,
In search of her shape,
Towards the illusions of the dream,
In the songs of flowers and leaves,
In one of the magical forms of poem

Where to get lost, no one can stop the dam,
If lost, all is returned,
Then if anyone in the dream calls
And if you wake up
In the dark of the darkness, it is easy to forget yourself
Feeling faded to swell,
Comes out of the poem of great form,
Where the beauty of love is inaccessible
And poetry covers the wide-ranging sky,
An endless loving-laden night,
Whose unimaginable unknowingly unmarked path
@Musfiq us shaleheen
5th April,2018
Hours stuck in the window
after full of thrill and race
when someone behind
hiding her pale face
I come there untimely
see a sparrow wandering
during a vacuum sunset
earth floats on the fate
how the days go on
the feelings are growing
streaming into a sad song
what she thinks behind
when the lonely sparrow fugling

@Musfiq us shaleheen
apart from a lovely day
apart from a full moon
where a friend is a kite
flying in an endless sky

apart from the springtime
apart from the autumn cloud
where love for the beloved
burning within an infinite heart

apart from a distant song
apart from a long road, alone
a shadow hut behind the dark hill
surrounding wind of very chill

@Musfiq us shaleheen
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