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Simone13 Jul 23
One day You’ll know
Its for the best because
I say
Will make you see so
One day I
Just Hope
That Everything will fall into place
I can feel
The pain
The agony
You try to hide
I can see the glances
we share
I can feel
Your spark
the hope
The suspense
But You strangle me with
I dont want
The truth
I want to tell you
I want you
Like a good friend
More like a brother
I dont want to be
Someone thats Trapped
And i feel like
I am losing
someone closest to me
I feel like you are
Feel alone
Please, I dont want to
stop pretending
I want to
Just ignored it
You where a part of me
Even then
I felt it
When we grew up together
You know
We are just friends
So please dont say
I love you
This is a reversible poem The top to bottom is the girls view and (read backwards) the bottom to top is the boys. Read line to line
Yanamari Feb 3
Curving fingers
Tear streaks
Toned words,
Tracing around
The curve of my heart

Seeping words
And the thoughts
Tracing the
Unique troughs
And crevices:
Modelling the
Sensation of


These sensations
Aren't foreign
To my mind
Even if the
Feeling is
Or isn't;
Almost tangible

I am
Stuck in place
Ray Dunn Sep 2019
Deep through
The brush
The leaves, dust, dirt—
Stains my breath.
The sweetness
Opening arms.
I let out a smile, my body
exhales as well.
Grounds, nature
Buried in
My bones made me
Run and be free,
As long as I wish.
I will never be
So happy,
There with you
And still stuck
I could never return I am
reversible poem!!
Nettie Schulte Jan 2019
Life is a story
That may remain untold
My life is a tale
I hope will unfold
A life filled with good
A myth centuries old

Or a fable filled with strife
A life filled with drama
Where nothing is right
A fairytale uncontrolled
Life can be a story
I don't even know what happened. I wanted to write a poem and this flowed from my fingers. Thanks for reading.
Addison Hubbs Dec 2018
I should live.
I know it is a lie that
I am a horrible person.
My mind tells me that
I am beautiful.
I could never believe that
I’m not wanted.
Those around tell me that
I am special.
I will never believe that
I shouldn’t live.
Now read it backwards.
I wonder.
if I had a heart
would I know where to find it?
without a heart
who am i?
because I have no heart
there is empty space
where it should be,
but maybe
maybe it's lost
maybe I gave it up
without noticing
or maybe
I never had a heart,
to begin with
you complete me.

Now read it from the bottom to the top
you complete me.
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