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Lavender Menace Dec 2020
I am a princess
With a dress made of flowers
I'm going to dance in the rain till the whole world decays
And even after i'll dance for hours in my dress made of flowers

I am a princess
With a dress made from gold,
The women who melt at my touch have all their names in a jar
I sleep in the clouds and never have to awaken until my princess charming wakes me with a single honeydew kiss

I am a princess
With music in my dress
I hide from the king while making love with the jest
Thinking about pretty animals and love when i ride to the ball
To sing songs about the beginning and end of it all

I am a princess
With a dress made with love
With my steed rushing past lighting warm fires in the grass
Hooves click clacking on the ground that we run
Oh being a princess is such fun

So yes, I am a princess drinking lovely gold flowers in my room, cleopatra and i will be together again soon.
this is a weird poem and i hate it, my friend miri told me i have to write it and name it as shown anyway, if this aint your thing move along its not mine ether
Veritia Venandi Jul 2020
The haunting sky continued to produce the army of ghost clouds...
Lightning flashed anger...
And the curses of the gods broke the gates of heaven unannounced....!

The cries of hell were heard as a million souls fought to save my holy Land...
An oath seared into their skin to save the glory of their queen...

And I.... I stood watching with flaming eyes...
The threat to my would be orphaned land and sighed at the pieces of the remaining hours of my story...
Helpless I sat tearless... gazing into the dying horizon...

How I had lived as a lioness... How I had consolidated my existence into the minds of my beloved people... How I had taken Egypt to the zenith of wonders... How I had pierced into the souls of women the right to a dignity...

But now as I hold my head high to the grim awaiting in the courtyard... I swear to never let the filthy hands of invaders lay upon me. I call upon the Lord of serpents... To cradle me to the dreams of heaven by caressing it's bite into my skin..

This is a trail I leave to all my people... I am dying for you... O my beloved all...
May you live in peace!. ..

Ma..y Egy.... p... t live.... long..!

The end
It is just a little venture of mine for the Thomas Case and BLT's history challenge. It's a take on cleopatra, the last and one of the bravest female pharaohs of Egypt... Her life... her adventures... and her unfortunate endings! Thank you for reading this...!❤
amme Jun 2020
My dream was to ship my relation to the mark on the map.
Unimaginable when my treasure; Cleo, marked our love as Anthony.

A relationship of lush, love and power.
Heavy drinkers just for fun, we called ourselves "livers".

Your liver collapsed by the poison caused by our lavish lifestyle.

Our power together was unbeatable but failed miserable when you made my heart stop beating.

But our love was forever so you decided to meet me in the life hereon after.
Cleopatra - Marc Anthony
King Arthur Apr 2020
How do we take control of our story once we’re dead?
How do we write the wrongs that men have written
Over and over and over again
Seared into our minds like a brand
You see, we don’t see you for what you were
We only see you as how you were told
Just another hedonistic woman in history whose own downfall was herself
Its all out of your control now
Your image is wrecked and ruined
You’ve been forgotten and ******
By both the gods and the people
And the worst part is
Is that no one can ever truly fix that
And it makes you think
How many times has this happened?
Again and again and again
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Musings at Giza
by Michael R. Burch

In deepening pools of shadows lies
the Sphinx, and men still fear his eyes.
Though centuries have passed, he waits.
Egyptians gather at the gates.

Great pyramids, the looted tombs
—how still and desolate their wombs!—
await sarcophagi of kings.
From eons past, a hammer rings.

Was Cleopatra's litter borne
along these streets now bleak, forlorn?
Did Pharaohs clad in purple ride
fierce stallions through a human tide?

Did Bocchoris here mete his law
from distant Kush to Saqqarah?
or Tutankhamen here once smile
upon the children of the Nile?

or Nefertiti ever rise
with wild abandon in her eyes
to gaze across this arid plain
and cry, “Great Isis, live again!”

Published by Golden Isis and The Eclectic Muse

Keywords/Tags: Ancient, Egypt, Giza, Sphinx, pyramids, tombs, sarcophagi, Cleopatra, pharaohs, Bocchoris, Kush, Saqqarah, Tutankhamen, Nile, Nefertiti, Isis
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
Egyptian contractors are hard to trust
they're into pyramid schemes

King Tut was a whiny baby
who had mummy issues

Cleopatra turned out to be
a lazy queen who sat on her asp
More humor at Shamamama's request!
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