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Painting with a twist
Paint me with your kiss
Stroke me with your brush
Stroke me till I blush

Oil me in your pastels

Your lavenders soothes me
Hang me on your wall

Until you’re ready to use me...
I’m not scared of suicide, I’m not afraid to die any more.
I’m terrified of living because of how **** I am.
I want to be loved
    I want to make love
I want to make a life
    I want to be a wife
I want to melt in him
    I want to be absorbed in him
through his pores
    seep in his heart
    Flow through his veins
and rest in his soul

My thoughts alone arrest me
Your fresh iron bars fills my vicinity &
it protects me
from my anxious flights
I fight with
with my back against the wall
and an uncontrollable tremble
my body rains this dew of unwavering terror
thoughts of errors
forms theses arrows
and I follow them to my demise
but if he opens this cage
and I can see further than my eyes
I may just as well
walk to my own ****** suicide
there's a peace of mind
I'm on a journey for
scavaging and hunting for
what belongs to me
my sanity
I can't let you have
my love
and turn it into profanity
a curse
a joke
my deep passion soaking into your hands
as I watch you carelessly play in the dirt
here it comes
the hurt
races against joy
but insanity has come to steal the race
and the crowd makes the noise
I feel so out of place
I fell so deep into you, I no longer felt the light
then my skin became cold
following my emotions, or lack there of
my soul began to decipher
what feeds and what destroys

I am now waiting for my mind to fall in line
to find peace
my thoughts to find ease
finding a way to re-write our history
your name rings the very bell that controls my tears
when I close my eyes
I see yours
I repaint your lips and each word spoke
I hate you
then I love you
you watch me entangle with my emotions
you feed my despair
you stir my commotion
I feed you your energy that you allow to be stole
I fed you half of me
there's no way I can be whole
playing this game
your poker face is so perfect
and unphased
while I'm on this trip to neverland
a journey alone I never planned.

I need a peace of mind
a peace of mind I'll give you
you were my sickness
I need to heal you
disinfect the wounds you caused
the ulcers of false hope
the emptiness,
you wasted my time
you misplaced my crown
a blue river I have cried
its time for my smile to return now
....because even if you say it's not over
I know I wont die
will all the man who will fail me, please stand up.

you will be escorted out of my life.
forgiveness does not overwheigh the heart
but it can damage the mind
and emotions
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