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sheloveswords Oct 2021
he swallows me in his arms at night
and wears me when he’s most vulnerable
In honor,
I clothe him
unbeknownst to him
while he sleeps
the angels and I meet
and we celebrate him
sheloveswords Aug 2021
Why taunt me?
your words **** me in its bed
then boxes me in its ring
Why haunt me?
inflicted by our sweet memories
echos of your voice in my ears
I have your deceitful truth
along with your back to keep me warm . . .
and cold
sheloveswords Nov 2020
my body begs
it needs to be pleased
sheloveswords Nov 2020
the further I drift
the darker I dream
sheloveswords Sep 2020
it all ends with the inevitable, you hating me in the end.
sheloveswords Jul 2020
Why, even, start something so beautiful...when it’s going to end so ugly? 

                            Copy Right 2020
sheloveswords Jun 2019
Painting with a twist
Paint me with your kiss
Stroke me with your brush
Stroke me till I blush

Oil me in your pastels

Your lavenders soothes me well
Hang me on your wall

Until you’re ready to use me...

Copy Right 2020
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