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ranveer joshua Oct 2021
April in Dublin signifies not only a time and place, yet a feeling. A feeling of the brisk morning air, woven into the intricacy of light, sparse rainfall; enough to coat the blooming leaves on Ailesbury Road in droplets of dew. Tiny puddles form in between the cracks of the ancient cobblestone road, drowning the lush moss – basil in colour – that once grew in its place. As dawn makes her presence, the radiant sunlight peeks through the branches of the Sycamore trees, originally sheltering the lane from the indecisiveness of Irish weather. The earthy scent of petrichor emanates from St. Stephen’s Green, while the putrid scent of damp cigarette stubs race to reach the nostrils first. Petals of blush cherry blossoms gracefully fall to the asphalt path, with some caressing tender skin with its velvet touch. In the afternoon, St. Patrick’s Cathedral echoes in Church Latin, whilst the cars pass – with their bellowing engines – on The Coombe, pacifying the hum of pedestrian chatter that cohabitate simultaneously. As cloudy skies fade to a blue dusk, the lights jig the River Liffey; its yellow reflection moving with the waves. Crowds drunkenly skip along the quay, singing old Celtic hymns off key, while also digesting the sweet, caramelized, mild bitterness of Guinness – the finest of Irish stout beer. At the end of the day, the night retires to her slumber, anticipating newer ordinary, yet sensational experiences that May will bring along.
inspired by my favourite author, sally rooney.
One day I sat alone drinking a pint,
My a mhuirnin arriving this mornin'
I said I'd greet her and then spend the day
Stroll'an' watch all the ships come to harbor

Her ship was due in from Dublin today,
She'd gone home for to bury her father,
And though she loved him she weren't feelin' grey,
He'd left her mom alone at the alter,

So there I sat, her ship taking its time,
A little red lark sung above me,
And then it landed, much to my surprise,
On my shoulder just ever so gently

I didn't move I just marveled in place,
The small clever lark sung on my shoulder,
And then from tweets to words slowly I heard
My dear love's voice come out of the small bird

My dear I don't have time
To ask how you are
God gave me but only a moment
To say I love you and don't waste your time
My ship won't ever make it to harbor.

I didnt know just quite what I should say
I was feeling a mix of emotions
I had no reason to doubt this small bird
But if so then my heart surely'd be broke,

My dear I can see you
Can't quite understand
I've died and I've gone on to heaven
In time you'll see
I've done all that I can
And have found yourself a new a mhuirnin

Then back to songs that bird's beak did return,
I couldn't help but shaking and bawling,
But as it flew off It left me a plume,
And I still keep that feather right on me.

In time I found love again,
Calling my name,
And boy did he say it so sweetly,
But every morning I still hear her song
My little red lark singing above me.
a mhuirnin - My dear love

This poem was written as lyrics to the Irish traditional song "Little Red Lark" from the perspective of an American-Irish person.
Man Jul 2021
they say
of that home overhead
is beauty rapturous
but the interred
holler a song
showing gold to be lead
for his might is rancorous
thought that allure captures still
for when have the greedy had their fill
not in this life
not in the next
for the fearful are still afraid
and will be still, when down they're laid
despite their fight
the sickly go too
for all their bated breaths
could not help in their deaths
that fed the soil what hungered so
going silently
into that goodnight
Goddess of USR Jun 2021
How did you Know?

How could you see the acrimony before it arrived at my doorstep?
Sir, who are you?
And can you dispatch your soul to my side...
What's that? I hear...You never left my side?
You stand in the shadows...but why? So that you know you are not alone...horseshoe of wine in the sunshine...walks and talks and pure visibility...change your funny it's been a while since black and white...thank you for the music it always makes the soul DJ 💋you know where to put them...siempre and now more than ever...just haven't met you yet...
For CBM of Dublin final countdown
Goddess of USR Mar 2021
My Dearest Dublin,
I know that photograph of you, you were with V, and
you wore a younger man's clothes
I long to see who you have become after COVID has had its way with the world.
Are you timeworn?
Is your spirit shattered?
Can you still feel the sun?
Is your soul still intact?
Do bike rides along the waterway still bring you joy?  
I feel I know this..
You are still
will always remain terra firma
ready to offer spoons 14
Your imagination runs free
you can vividly recall images of
a horse-shaped bar
strawberry swing
You have the capacity to travel 3165 miles
can leave a woman well ******
burning for you
You speak without speaking
move without moving
you simply exist whenever
wherever you want
Mind over matter, I guess
I feel I know those things about you
I desire confirmation.

Send me
a smile
a word
a hint
a song

I want to see you now
as you exist in all of your forms
More importantly
I want to see the man who you have become
The one who has been touched by love from a distance
held in place thanks to COVID
I want to read the lessons on your face
your soul in your eyes

I need the NOW photograph
confirmation of your love
Your undying affection
I need a hot bath
Your warm touch
Simply put

You have my heart
it is yearning for you❤️
For CBM of Dublin
Goddess of USR Mar 2021
That is ALL ❤️
For CBM of Dublin
Goddess of USR Feb 2021
I run my fingers over your baby picture and just think to myself, what an incredible human you are
You sent me a pocketful of joy via a playlist I’m listening to Marks by Beauvois as I trace the lines of your yellow cape and oversized sombrero
I try to imagine what little you was thinking and if you had a clue you were such an extraordinary being
I think somehow you have always known what made you different, deeper, more sensitive

I imagine that every song that comes on the playlist is a message from you
I play it for the plants and announce that you’ve sent us a new gift meant to communicate and raise the frequency around us
On a day where without a word you knew, I needed you to come through
Man do I love do I love you...tapping my feet to Easy by Beauvois as I type this
You just are and leave me at a loss for words. I close my eyes and feel you in the air, reminding me what Love is...that unexplainable, borderless feeling of just knowing the existence of YOU. Yet I have no confirmation except the space that I hold inside myself and in the air around me... you move into my space so effortlessly. The Bridge by Beauvois plays as I think of you almost as if you speak to me through the music. Man, do I Love you...Wow, do I love you...and that sir is what you do to me...what you say to me...without words...I launched a wish and a feeling. I hope that it lands in your heart and burns like an ember until the day I can lay eyes on the boy who grew to be the man...I doubt you’ll be wearing a yellow cape and oversized sombrero, but I feel I would recognize you anyway...Outside by Beauvois as I complete this man do I love you...Wow, do I love you...I feel it to my core,❤️that’s all...thank you for the musical thread to you.
Weekend by Beauvois
For CBM of Dublin
Goddess of USR Feb 2021
Your love astounds me...

Never have I ever experienced such profound love
You transmit this powerful love without a spoken word
Creating a reality... no a world... no a universe of compassion, understanding, acceptance, comfort where pure sublime humanity resides in its highest form
What a special being you are
You are so deep, profound, endless, giving, powerful and gentle
I don’t even know you in this reality yet, I live in a space with you that is so sacred and divine
Your soul is so pure
To experience you is holy
To experience you is healing
It’s as though you visit me in the places I cannot touch within myself; you see those spaces within me and love them so deeply
Oh, to be loved by you
It’s humbling, complete, and profound
Experiencing you is a faith walk that requires believing to seeing
You defy reason and logic
You embody love
You embody light
What must it be like to be you and filled with so much love
A deep river, I suppose, aching to be set free
You sway through me, touching my soul so profoundly
You heal me as I sit alone in the waiting place
Thank you for existing
My love for you is equally profound
We are perfect
We are love.
Goddess of USR Feb 2021
My soul travels to you on the rays of the sun
I meet you there
I greet you there
I seek you there
Until time eternal, I place joy in those sunbeams and deposit all of my love for you to bask in until you feel the warmth of my soul. Our place is in the sun
Goddess of USR Feb 2021
Feeling You...

Feeling you is like watching the sun. Sacred. Deep. Beautiful. Humbling. Powerful. A treasured experience. Holy. Like a song or a color or a smile. Feeling you impresses me. Your energy lingers, touching me throughout the day, like a soft breeze. You are like a rainbow after a hard rain. Unexpected. Brilliant. Colorful. Proud. Majestic. You shine with an intensity that is creation itself. Feeling your soul is like catching  a glimpse of heaven. You inspire, transcend reason, and create a new way of being within me. You flow through me like a river drenching my soul. You enter my heart and fill me with such Grace. Acceptance. Love. Safety. Calm. Your soul is vast like the ocean yet steady as a tree. Your soul sways with the wind and touches the sun within me.
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