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The simplest message of understanding that I can put forth to you is...I believe in you. I believe in us. I forgive you. I'm here. I love you. That is all.

Listen with What a Wonderful World- Eva Cassidy version ❤️
For CBM of Dublin Sent with a thousand kisses❤️
play James Bay- One Life  

An invitation to dream and create the life we imagine

To my true love counterpart, the one who guides me through soul expansion,

I offer you this dream: visions of all of you, all of me, V, B, O, M, and our future grandchildren. Our family. The one we knew could exist together many years ago when we shared the ten-year plan.

Dream with me, my love. There is no one else in this universe for me but you. You are the one I long to create this life with. You once asked me to dream with you. Now I’m asking you to imagine and dream with me. Know that it’s possible and that I am right here, standing in the center of our dream, waiting for you to dream and build with me. Everything in this world is built twice: once in our imaginations.

A Beautiful Life

We live in the center of our dreams
A purposefully created dream-built life
We have homes in places near and far
Where we enjoy the sun, the stars, and the sky

We are citizens of the world
We move effortlessly throughout the globe
We have stable grounding wherever we go
We are connected by love, not by code

We are partners in vision and in action
We create change and impact in the world
We adore each other and share our passion
We are dynamic, radiant, and bold

We are expressive in the ways we allow
Our love, support, and understanding to flow
We are together super stellar, unique, and alive
We are magical, otherworldly, and divine

We experience the majestic and the creative
We guide those forces to benefit humanity
We prove that doing good, creating, and influencing
Are not mutually exclusive, but can be in harmony

We have amazing children and they have amazing partners
They love and support each other deeply
They have successful vocations and careers
They are happy, healthy, and free

We have a main home near a lake
A 7-bedroom house with room for our future grandchildren
Between the four, I know they will add more
It's convenient, luxurious, and spacious
It's filled with music, song, and laughter
We dance around the kitchen as we create beautiful memories and meals

We ride bikes,
We ski (you coaxed me back gently)
We meditate and channel
We shower together and make love
We visit ice castles and play Lindsey Stirling
We laugh and reminisce about our journey

We admire the beauty of the world together
It touches us so deeply and we feel the awe
We live in love's frequency and gratitude
We feel so blessed and we thank God

We love, respect, and admire each other deeply. You are a legal scholar and consultant the world over and you advocate for justice in all of its forms. Your work creates change and you write. I am your muse.

The show I created is a resounding success and you support me in this endeavor
It's syndicated and a series franchise
It's a new genre of television media
It's a fortune and a benefit for mankind

The design collection is a hit
It's a fashion sensation the world over
I collaborate with the famous stylist from my days in Paris
to bring the AR augmented reality collection to life

We visit Paris often and are hosted in style
We have access to everything and everyone
We are wildly successful and recognized
We are creative and influential and fun

We experience the majestic and are highly creative. Together we are able to guide those forces to create projects that benefit humanity and still make a fortune. We proved that doing good, creating, and influencing are not mutually exclusive and can be accomplished.

We go on to develop, build, and release the Justice system. We changed the face of divorce and child custody. We made it better and live to experience it.

This is our vision of a beautiful life
And there is plenty of black and white; we are fully expressed
A life that we love and enjoy
A life that we build and share
A life that is ours and not a toy

Dream with me, my love. Build this life with me.
For CBM of Dublin- sent with a thousand kisses ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I'm sending love (M83 wait)
Being deep in love with you.
Allowing myself the free fall of it all.
Taking flight, soaring, ripples reaching you,
Launched into the multi-verse, touching you deeply,
Waking your love, washing your soul path and existence with yes,
Abundance reign, rain, reign,
Love's rain, love's reign,
Pouring from the origins of everything and nothing,
To bring you home to yourself, to me, to us, to we.
I touch you through the wire,
Electricity, wave, affects, ripples (Kodaline all I want),
Drops of love reign, love rain, love,
Runs into you, onto you, reminds you to feel deeply,
Listen, stand still, hold, remember love.
You only need to remember love,
Remember that you are loved and that I love you.
I wash you in love's reign, love's rain, love reigns.
For CBM of Dublin sent with a thousand kisses ❤️
I know that you hold me deep into the night, when my consciousness passes into another world.

I know you watch over me, interested in every facet and changing mood.

I know you speak to me even when I cannot hear.

I know you blast your voice into the shadows, conquering time and space, forging a path forward until our minds' eyes meet in the physical.

I know that you love me and see me in the Fibonacci of all things,
as the purest source of light you’ve ever encountered.

I know that my beauty blinds you and my capacity to love, feel love, and call love astounds you. I know you know
she knows love.
For CBM of Dublin sent with a thousand kisses ❤️
There is so much I want to say to you,
But words can hardly capture the depth of my feelings.
You are patient, faithful, unfailing, devoted, steadfast,
With a deep sensitivity and a shy expression.
You are always there to discover me, if I truly want to know you.
You stepped into my boulder blast and marveled at my righteous rage,
Mixed up and confused by my inexperience,
But smiling in wonder at the speed of my resurrection.
You never let go of my hand, especially through the storms,
Over the deepest terrain in this life and all its possibilities.
Through the boulder blast we grow deeper, I grow deeper in love with you.
The pebbles are a reminder of the path before us and the endless potential.
I guess I did it to myself, but I want you to know:
I believe in you, in us, in our day in the sun.
For CBM aid Dublin sent with a thousand kisses - Don’t let go ❤️
I love you beyond measure, deep into the vastness of light frequency and otherworldliness

I love you like a child, innocent, pure and forevermore, compounding
Reverent splashes of light, thought faithfully beyond pale sight

Whole, unique, delicate, persuaded
The entirety of my soul has been invaded
For CBM of Dublin. ;Sent with a thousand kisses. You know where to place them ❤️
I adore you beyond compare, far into the realms of radiant waves and mystic wonders

I cherish you like a child, naive, clean and everlasting, multiplying
Devout flashes of light, felt deeply beyond dim vision

Complete, singular, tender, convinced
The whole of my spirit has been conquered

Luminous shining celestial light
Dreams of you lift my soul to soar
Exuberantly jumping into the empty space
Embracing all and nothing, the quickest way to bliss is you, you, you!
For CBM of Dublin ❤️sent with a thousand kisses,. You know where to place them. Lips, nose, right cheekbone, bridge of nose, left collarbone, right collarbone, right eyebrow, center of forehead💋
I know that you love me.
I feel that you love me.
Your love encapsulates me and abounds.
Your love is here,
Exactly where you placed it.
With me.
For CBM of Dublin Sent with a thousand kisses 💋💋💋 you know where to put them.
I woke in the wee hours on Terra Firma,
In the Irish version of spoons 14.
For those who don't know, Terra Firma
Is where I rest my head on your chest,
Nestled deeply into you.
The steady and calm beating of your heart
Draws me deeper with every breath.
Peace, safety, warmth, serenity.

The Irish version of spoons 14
Is on a scale completely foreign to American spoons.
We'll figure it out eventually.

Who knew the Irish were so advanced in spoons?
That is truly some Lord of the dance **** right there,
She says with a NY accent.

Spoons 14
Firmly planted in Terra Firma as I ride your breath
And memorize the beating of your lion heart.
Soft, gentle, and steady stroking of my hair,
Perfectly placed kisses on the back of my neck,
Interspersed with lilting commentary of desire.
It's Sunday morning as we melt our forms, hearts, bodies, and minds.
Perfect Sunday Morning, and that is only the beginning.
For CBM of Dublin- sent with a thousand kisses you know where to place them 💋
I've dropped Tinder and Bumble,
They're no use,
They are not you,
And never will be.
I've taken to dating our feed,
The moments when I felt most alive,
Visible, desired, wanted, loved,
Drawn by a magnetic force beyond time.

I've tried to stop, but I can't resist,
You swirl back stronger and deeper,
Determined to keep me and the love you recognize.
You're the only one who makes me feel this way,
You're the only one who knows how to stay.
Goddess of USR a for CBM Dublin
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