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Walking down the bustling street
Stopping, listening
An old man playing spoons
Kurt Carman Oct 2018
i peer through this looking glass,
and watch the high tide fill the arigideen river.
quickly, i walk the path, as i try to catch,
the dusk light over the estuary.

its where the gannet perches to find warmth,
i start a fire to do the same.
in this place, by the sea, i find an all-embracing refuge,
and my eyes converge on the beach below.

bitter-vetch flowers line the path where she walks,
its when my eyes lay sight of her,
i feel that this might well be irelands most beautiful wild flower,
and I think to myself...every day is like Sunday when I see her walk by.
Missing the coast of Ireland and the B&B by the estuary.
Kay Ireland Oct 2016
He asked me why.
It wasn’t the kind of thing that had
An explanation, or needed one.
Still, he asked why.
It was intrinsic.
I had never thought it through before.

It has something that home doesn’t.
He asked what.
It has you. That’s important.
He asked why it mattered, why he mattered.
Everyone else is gone and you’re here with me.

He asked why it meant so much.
Home has no culture of its own.
We are a melting ***.
Our history has us playing a part.
Our countries share a common villain.
The difference is, we became ours.
You didn’t.

He asked why here, why now.
You view this place like I view my own.
You’ll never see it the way I do.
There is no conversation in bars,
Just fingers and tongues and fake names.

You look at me when I speak.

He asked if that was all.
No, of course not.

Those uilleann pipes make me cry.
I have no nation,
No reason for pride.
My songs and stories
Do not hold the same depth.
You tell me who you are
And it means something.

He touched my arm and the universe swallowed me whole.

Do you want to go home? he asked.
Absolutely not.
Do you want to leave? he asked.
*With you, absolutely.
Kay Ireland Aug 2016
The rose petals in my cocktail
Somehow found a way
To colour your romantic young lips;
I longed to match them with mine,
Bloom a field of thorned kisses between us.
Between the half pints, the martini, and the free shot,
The rest of your face is a blur
But I cannot forget the right side of those thin lips
Curving upward as you spoke,
As you listened to my stories
About a land far away,
With your blue eyes locked on mine.
I rambled and you smiled.
You couldn’t understand my love for the city,
But you were glad I chose Dublin that night.
You asked questions and I didn’t understand
The implications until
The morning when I was sober.
The more I drank the more I wanted you,
But they closed down the bar
And your friends disappeared
And my mouth grew dry as we spoke.
The last ones in,
I’d lost track of time and we were out on the street.
I waited for you to ask me along
But they took me by the arm
And I slept in the bathtub of my hotel room,
Never knowing more than your name,
Never remembering more than your charming drunken smile
And the heat of your breath on my neck,
Inches away,
But never touching.
Written the morning after a drunken night in Dublin that I spent with three local lads, one of whom I quite fancied. The night could have ended so very differently but circumstances prevented it.
Terry Collett Aug 2016
Nuala had left Brian,
he'd found out
about her and Una
by following her
into Dublin
and watching her
and Una meet and kiss
and followed them
back to Una's place.

Nuala knocks on
Una's bedsit door anxiously.

Una wide opened eyes
what you doing here?
what did you forget?
Una says.

Nuala is red eyed
and tearful:
I've left Brian
or rather he told
me to go,
Nuala says.

What happened?
Una says.

He followed me
into Dublin and saw us
and he guessed
that something
was going on
and we rowed
and I confessed.

She stops and stares
at the floor.

Come in,
Una says.

Nuala goes in
and Una shuts the door.

Did he follow you
back here?

Don't think so,
I didn't think,
Nuala says.

Una looks out
the window
onto the street:
can't see him.

Nuala sits on the sofa
and cries softly.

Una sits next to her:
what will you
do now?

**** knows,
can I stay here
for a few days
until I get
some where?

A few days?
You can stay as long
as you want,
if you don't mind
sharing my bed
and what I have,
Una says,
will he have
you back?

I don't want
to go back,
I want you,
Nuala says.

Una smiles:
you can stay
here of course.

Can I?

Of course,
Una says.

What if Brian comes
and causes trouble?
What about my things
I left behind?
Nuala says.

We'll go get them together,
Una says,
he didn't touch
you did he?

Nuala shakes her head:
no he never has,
not even after this,
he just said to go,
and I packed a few items
and left and got
the bus and it was
like my world
was upside down.

Una kisses her cheek,
and goes and gets
her a coffee
and chocolate cake
and says:
eat, this is
an emergency
for fecks sake.
Terry Collett Jul 2016
Nuala opens
the front door
sees Brian sitting
in his armchair
drinking a beer
smoking a cigarette
without the TV on
which is rare

you're home early
she says
entering the lounge
looking at him
brooding over
his can of beer

where'd you go?
he says
looking at her

went shopping
in town
she replies
I told you where
I was going

she sits on the sofa
of his questioning
a mood behind it

who'd you see?
he asks

and shoppers
she says

you saw her
didn't you?
he says

who do you mean?
she says

your friend Una
he says

Nuala blushes
before she
can try
to control it

o yes
I bumped into her
while shopping
Nuala replies
her mind panicking

why'd you kiss her?
he asks
his eyes studying
her features

kiss her?
she says

yes you kissed her
he says

women do kiss
each other
as friends
she says

on the lips?
he says

how'd you know
where I kissed her?

Nuala stands up
walks to the window
looks out

I followed you
into town
saw you both
you went off
with her
to some bedsit
and went in
he says coldly
what'd you do there?

she gazes
at the passing  
people below
at the passing traffic

why'd you
follow me for?

a game at first
I was going
to surprise you
in the shops
but then
you met her
and I followed
he says
in the tone

she turns
gazes at him

what did you do
while in her bedsit?

we had coffee
and a talk
Nuala looks
away from him
stares at the people
outside again

you were there
too long just to talk
and have coffee
he says

what are you
she says
acting offended
back at him

something weird
going on
with you
and her
he says

they stare
at each other
a silence comes
between them

all right then
I love her
we've made love
for months now
Nuala says
her voice shaky  

he reddens
and opens
his mouth
to say something
but nothing comes

**** off
to her then
get your stuff
and go
he says
after a few moments

she looks at him
her world beginning
to unfold
and fall apart
as if someone
had pierced
her betraying heart.
Terry Collett Jul 2016
Brian sits
numb and waits
for his wife

to come home
he'd seen her
in Dublin

with that girl
that Una
holding hands

he knows now
where she goes
when she's out

not with him
he'd followed
her out to

see where she
went for fun
spying game

kind of thing
then she met
the blonde girl

that Una
and they kissed
he feels sick

can't believe
what he saw
then they went

off together
to some place
some bedsit

and went in
he opens
up a beer

and sips it
she was here
that Una

a while back
staying here
what's happened

to my wife?
why'd she kiss
that woman

on the lips?
is she *****?
he recalls

him and her
having hot
*** last night

she willing
lying there
having it

he sips more
of his beer
what to do?

what to say?
how long for?
and then what?

he feels sick
sits and waits
sipping beer

slips his mind
down inside
to first gear.
Terry Collett Jun 2016
Even as
her husband Brian
shags her,
Nuala thinks of Una.

Even as his body
pounds into her
in passionate gaming,
she wants it to be
Una there not him,
not Brian.

She lies there
allowing him his pleasure,
his need,
listening to his sighs,
and grunts,
and 4 minute workout.

Even as he shudders
himself to a big ******,
she feels nothing,
but a tingle of regret
and unearned sweat.

He lies back on
his side of the bed,
taking large gulps
of bedroom air.

She just looks up
gives the ceiling a stare.

How was it for you?
He asks eventually,
turning to gaze at her,
a look of satisfaction
on his face.

It was good,
she lies,
best yet.

He smiles,
and puts a hand
on her right ***.

Have you heard
from that friend, Una?
He asks.

No I've not,
she lies,
looking at his eyes,
and how innocent
they are,
how childlike
he seems.

He tells her
of his day at work
in soft utters;
she listens on and off
thinking of the ***
she'd had with Una
that afternoon;
how hot and wet
she'd been,
needing a hot shower
to get clean.

She lets him talk on,
hoping he won't
want *** again that night;
she's not up to it,
all she wants
is sleep and rest,
not more ***
with him,
the 3 minute trier,
and boring pest.
Terry Collett Jun 2016
There's a trail
of discarded clothes
from staircase
to bedroom floor.

Curtains drawn
to shut out light
and sight of others.

Brian's never
done this,
Nuala says,
never made me
wet so and hot
as if I'd showered.

He's not my skill,
Una says.

They lie beside
each other
in the double bed,
eye gazing.

You've explored
each part of my body,
Nuala says.

Each part twice
or more,
Una says.

Kisses breast nearest.

Lips kiss skin.

What'd Brian say
if he could see this?
Una asks.

Don't ask.

Mind boggling
to even think such.

I've a mind to give you
to make him jealous,
Una says.

He gives them
if he remembers
while *******.

Do you have
the stop-watch on?
Time him?

No need the hand'd
not repeat itself
on the face piece.

They laugh.

Kiss lips.

How's he start?
Una says.

Soon as he's in bed.

But how?

Kisses my neck.

Like this?
Una kisses.

Near so.

Kisses again.

Not so good
as you do.

Where then?

Nuala looks
at Una's eyes.

He fumbles
with me.

How so?

Nuala fumbles
Una's thighs.

Like so.

Here, too.

Seen dogs in the park
more killed,
Una says.

Nuala smiles.
First time he was done
in the time
I could sneeze.

Did you wipe
your nose?

Giggles both.

What time have
you to go?
Una says.

Soon or I'll not
get dinner on time.

Miss you
being here,
Una says.

Miss being
here with you.

What to do?

Do this.

They kiss.
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