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Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
He laid me on bed
Fortis Mohali
He will decide
My Fate today
Let Him decide
I abide!
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
Con-artists are con-men
Artists they are
In relationships they are mixture of three traits
Psycopathy or sociopathy
Machiavellianism too
They only care for themselves
Not sorry for their actions
That hurt others
Avoid feelings of guilt
Blaming the victim
Justifying their actions
Such great people they are
They are artists with a con
It's for the peace of the spirit of the deceased
Con-artists may deride
For the peace of the spirit
I abide
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by Michael R. Burch

after Philip Larkin's "Aubade"

It is hard to understand or accept mortality—
such an alien concept: not to be.
Perhaps unsettling enough to spawn religion,
or to scare mutant fish out of a primordial sea

boiling like goopy green tea in a kettle.
Perhaps a man should exhibit more mettle
than to admit such fear, denying Nirvana exists
simply because we are stuck here in such a fine fettle.

And so we abide . . .
even in life, staring out across that dark brink.
And if the thought of death makes your questioning heart sink,
it is best not to drink
(or, drinking, certainly not to think).

Originally published by Light. Keywords/Tags: Philip Larkin, Aubade, abide, death, mortality, religion, drink, drinking, drunk, alcohol, fettle, mettle, Nirvana
Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
We fought
A silent fight,
You shout
I abide
You scream
I hide
You kick
I cry
You poured salt to my
I let it slide
A sick side
Your love
Not bed of roses
A thorn to my side
Burned what’s left inside
A silent fight
I abide.
and awhile
ago this
night was
tragic but
magic I
gad in
her eyes
yet the
bright corners
of my
jane have
evolved thus
afar from
the chafe
and this
schism must
die alone
Kiara Hoxie Feb 2019
Remain for the beautiful music renditions
The vibrations thumping through your chest
Love the mysterious evenings of adventure
But also the peaceful nights of rest

Stand despite the forces of darkness
Threatening to crush your shining hope
Abide for days of dazzling brightness
For fond memories of those you will cope

For the close ones carry on
To fill their hearts and make them smile
Prevail for whenever they need you
Though it may last a while

Stay for those warm summer days
And the time of year sparkling snow falls
Endure so you can say
To whomever needs someone, I've been through it all
Rakib Jan 2019
Keeping in condition of the mind

What's real and what's kind?

Thoughts jumbled, feelings wide

I need to break free from this abide
Taoist Monk Sep 2018
I am not blessed, nor merciful
- I am not righteous in life
I am filled in everlasting
by unrequited strife

I am in enduring pain
Hurt again and again
Yet, I forgive in a way
that there is nothing to gain

I am unfailing
in this, daunting mission
Struggling without commission

I am married to fate
That, has been tiring as of late
Still my faith keeps me walking
However much Death keeps stalking

I will bear my curse in stride
As long as you, in me abide
I have no idea!
Blade Maiden Sep 2018
Radio Silence
in my head
in my bed
as I've met
many dark creatures
in my dreams
all in my dreams
so as it seems
This Radio Silence
is leaning over
I can't take cover
my thoughts they hover
around my dark-minded lover
ruins my eyesight
as I hide
in this shadowed light
and I abide
I abide
no care for pride
It's for the fool
the one that knows better
I rather drown in a pool
suffocating in words I drool
as I ascend
as my physics bend
blood-colored steam rises
my guilt finally liberalizes
Radio Silence
as I shout defiance
Radio Silence
as I speak of compliance
Radio Silence
a sort of reliance
when I lie in stillness
contemplating my wrongful illness
and ask for forgiveness
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