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Amanda 3d
Expect tears and pain
Nothing good is free of hurt
Appreciate scars
Be grateful for the struggle
nawke Jul 2018
Author of Cosmic
play is so hidden behind
scenes, man writes their own.
Richard Grahn May 2017
Curled up by the fire
Mesmerized by its warm glow
Our love is burning
Drops of tender rain,
Open pores of my frozen skin,
My soul, free, within
I sit on a stump
Watching faces age with smiles
Living a worthwhile
I love watching smiles on other people's faces. Its a warm delight.
His sad eyes wondered,
Landing in a small white could,
Swimming, a blue sky
Thanks to nature
do u think he was sad anymore?
Marissa Kohlman Aug 2015
Hungry, jealous eyes
Search posts and tweets for answers.
Why did he choose her?
Originally published on the Helium Network, September 2013.
Bluejay Nov 2014
Someone has an answer
where are they and who?
I need one, don't you?
HaikuGuy May 2014
she wrings seawater
and moonlight
from her blonde hair
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