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sergiodib Apr 10
MANGO the kiNG Of exotic fruit.
Originally grown in MANGOlia.
PlantsMAN GOlden skin.

OrANGutan, noble creature,
more human than huMAN GHOsts.

Enjoys fandANGO but loves tANGO.
Member of a quANGO.
Tryina feel giggin while looking up liNGO.

Never won at biNGO.

MAN GOes the tree stays.
Susana Sep 2019
Tears, tears, tears
we all shed them
now and then
from all sorts of fears
my face, just like the amazonian rainforest
full of life
yet washed down with pouring rain
this feeling in my chest
is telling me to stay
to do as I should
to be where I should
but my mind is telling me to go away
Starry Aug 2019
As the fire burns mercilessly
I am saddend that
My favorite forest is dying
Along with
The tarantulas
I can hear the screaming for help
This reminds me of a day I lost another beloved
Forest behind my house.
Drop in the Sea Aug 2019
Inferno we bring into our lifes
While we speak the sweetest lullabies
We do care about the  buildings we made
But the biggest rainforest is not interesting as Notre Dame
What is more important , our biggest rainforest or some piece of architecture? So how it is possible I heard about Amazon rainforest fire after 2 weeks  and Fire about Notre Dame exactly the same hour it happened..
Allyssa Apr 2019
A story isn’t a story without the beginning.
A beginning that told us from the start that there was an end,
An end so near that we were not ready.
I was afraid of the cliffhanger that approached quicker than a rolling thunderstorm,
A storm that looked only of dark skies with hopes of a drizzle,
Not a flood.
Our passion died like the fire within that storm,
The drizzle that turned from a downpour into a flood warning into a whirling tornado of unhappiness.
My dear, I wish I could say we were the storm but I was the rain and you were the fire but the thing was,
You saw me coming.
You saw the storm and the rain yet you lit yourself upon a dry Sahara of promises and the secret I do’s we whispered to each other during the night.
That dry, crackled earth turned soft and squishy from the waves of turmoil that rained down onto the surface,
The fire doused with remorse over a lost lover.
You weren’t dead,
You just left without saying goodbye.
The ****** was nothing of a ****** but a steady decline of I love you’s to, “Have a good life,”
To barely talking,
To trailing down a hill to the very end of our story,
I regret everything but you, my darling.
The damp earth will grow again and while I may remember the dry Sahara,
I will grow a rainforest of color without you in it.
I’m back.
bonvkiller Dec 2018
i stopped writing
the well was so full it overflowed
and the trees were killed one by one
i felt finished and defeated just as the rainforest fell
my heart is like the well that is now
empty,a hollow shell
im now half full instead of half empty
i see things without my eyes
my heart is dying rind of an orange
the mold poison you see
my hands are just legs of a spider typing and weaving its words
im no longer part of a person
im just a part of this world
time-thank you to my lunch table
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