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BJFWords Apr 2018
You've got to have some rhythm if you're going to boogie down.
At the latest tango hotspot at the Roxy in the town.
The principles of foxtrot and the sways of swing will show.
That dancing with your heart will always make your passion flow.

When the bossa nova starts and the lady sings the blues.
The time is now to shake your hips and don your dancing shoes.
You trip the light fantastic, your shoulders shake in time.
Your fingers snap and feet will tap along to mambo rhyme.

The rumba stirs the frenzy of your heart in Latin beats.
You feel the crazy samba in the footsteps on the streets.
Your ready for your spotlight doing cha cha cha and jive.
You can never stop the lindy hop to keep your soul alive.
Brent Kincaid Dec 2017
Let the music reach you,
Let the rhythm teach you
Make it sweet at the start
Like the beat of your heart.
Inside each soul is a song
Listen and follow it along.
Let the music reach you,
Let the rhythm teach you.

It’s more than just a lyric
It’s a story of your spirit
At times you really need to
Just let the music lead you.
It’s part of what it makes us
If we let the music take us.
We can talk with our feet
If we just follow the beat.

It’s yourself you have to please
Who cares of someone sees?
Maybe be brave and shout
And let your inner soul out.
Nobody should begrudge you
Nor really should they judge you.
It’s yourself you have to please
So, bend your back and knees

So, come on take a chance
Cone on, let your body dance.
Shake your **** and wiggle
And bust out in a giggle.
Make words to your own song
Maybe others will sing along.
Show them and yourself how,
And why not do it now?
Can't you almost hear the music?
HYA Nov 2017
Yung unang lalaki na sa akin ay nagpatili
Yung unang lalaking nanatili sa aking tabi
Ang unang lalaki na nagpasagot sa aking ng 'oo. '
Ang unang lalaking nagpasabi sa'kin ng 'father,  yes I do.'

Kaya bakit naman kita makakalimutan?
Sa aking isip at damdamin,  hinding-hindi ka mapapalitan
Sa iyo ko naramdaman ang sensasyong akala ko'y imposible
Sa iyo ko nalaman na merong mga bagay pala na pwedeng mangyari

Kapag tayo'y magkasama
Higit pa ang aking saya
Minsan nga lang ay nalulungkot
Ngunit napapatawa rin naman sa iyong pag-utot

Hanggang sa pagputi ng ating mga buhok
Hanggang sa pagkalbo ng lahat ng bundok
Hanggang sa aking huling salita
Tandaan na ang iyong pangalan pa rin ang isasamba

Ikaw lang ang kinakailangan.
Kinakailangang maglapat ng labi sa akin.
Ang pwedeng sumigaw upang ako'y gisingin.
Ang maaaring yumakap sa mahinang bewang
Kahit na parang nababali na ang noo'y masiglang balakang

Ikaw lang ang aking hahanapin.
Sa aking pagtulog hanggang sa paggising
Sa pagpikit ng mga matang ikaw lamang ang nakikita
Sa pagdilat ng mundong puno ng pagkakasala.

Sa ating pagtanda,
Tayo pa rin ang magsasama
Magkahawak kamay at ngingiti sa isa't isa.
Ako'y iyo at ika'y akin
Mga pangako'y di na dapat bawiin.

Sana,  ikaw din ang huli
Na sa akin ay magpapatili
Ikaw din ang huli
Na mananatili sa aking tabi
Pangako,  hanggang sa dulo ng aking 'oo'
Hindi maglalaho sa alaala ang iyong mga katagang ako lamang ang iyong gusto.

Sa ating pagtanda,
Alalahanin mo sana
Na ikaw ang mahuhuli sapagkat ikaw din nauna.
Wis and I wrote this for our grandparents. STAY STRONG!
K Balachandran Apr 2016
"Amour is the most intense kind of sweet fever,I can vouch that
When it's clandestine, the effect on victims is much more acute"

As the trembling example of that condition, she whispers in his ear,
Between adventurous  samba steps, every one watches agape.

"Don't you know merciless girl,that's what makes me go pale quickly
in your presence,this illness is mutually induced, that's for sure"
Arcassin B Apr 2015
By Arcassin B & dawn king

AB: Flame,
Annihilate Hate by my fire place with a glass of wine,
I can show you things,
Make the roses grow unique and divine,
Even when your out of line,
I'll just ask for you to be you,
In return a simple kiss of a distant lust,
Spilling and spewing purple,
No time now baby I'll give ya,
Rest your head next to mine cause I need ya,
Stay by myself cause baby I'll give ya all of me.
*Appeal to the senses, gaze into the blaze
You didn't know before
That's when the fire is kept alive
It will stand right up in front
And read the molten core of you
If eyes can pry deep within its center
Waiting, watching, burning
The vision will begin materialization 
The dancing salamanders you saw in dreams
Of youth forge a bond between you and the truth.
Been awhile !
Colleen Brown Oct 2014
When two people, so different in taste, look at each other from across the dance floor, a secret sparks out of their eyes like electric rays of romantic notation. Words have yet to be exchanged, but the slow steps towards one another make time slow to an unearthly crawl. Those dancing are nothing more than hues of grey, for the two ash-stricken lovers cannot see more than those they are attracted to. Hearts pound to a rhythm that can no longer be found within the upbeats of the swaying samba. As she longs to be in his arms, he stops only inches in front, his breath caught in his throat. The increasing amount of love being released from just his simplistic gaze makes her want to run as far as she can. With him of course, though it is not a realistic approach to the turmoil surrounding their troublesome secret. A secret that increases as he gently slides his fingers against her cheek, resting the palm of his hand on the back of her neck. Feeling the contrasting temperatures of the cool evening and her racing heartbeat, her head begins to get foggy with the vision of love that is shortly about to engulf her every fiber. The kiss, so gentle and sweet, brings back the times of innocence that was not thwarted by the interruption of time and changed lives. If only they could run away…
I feel like discussing the movie that inspired this would desensitize the raw emotions behind it. Nevertheless, it is The Great Gatsby. The movie that has my feelings wrapped around every line, regardless of how many times I've seen it.

— The End —