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تابان آ ؛ در آبان بی آب آن
Come on & bright in the desert' scorpio
Gia Lim Mar 2015
Perhaps I should try again
Walk on the path I fell once
Perhaps I should go on again
Swim on the ocean I drowned once

What do you think should I try again?
Life has been so mean to me since then
What do you think should I go on again?
It deeply ruined everything then

Sighs* I should try one more
Just wanna die alive
I should go on one more
Just wanna kick and survive!
there she is all 'innocent' -PLEASE
the funny thing is that she yet still thinks that I don't know
that she was and still is at fault
that she is the reason for all the confusion and drama
the sad thing is that I actually thought that she was
different well I was kind of right- never met anyone
that deceiving
I actually thought that she had my back
that I can count on her that I can trust her
but apparently I was oh so very wrong
that lying little..........................
but life is too precious to waste on fools like that
its not funny and its not acceptable
but yet I still forgive and forget
now I am used to having
another one just coming at me one by one
testing my patience but they don't get to me
as much as they used to
there will always be another one waiting patiently for me
I have been facing things like this for years now and the cup couldn't hold anymore. like seriously secondary school I expected people to be a little more mature.................. I wish not to announce the person's name publicly but I am sure that most of you know what I mean and there is a line and this person just ran past it
I don't understand:
What you say just makes no sense;
Speak clearly, or leave.

— The End —