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Peace Jul 2018
I looked for you to be perfect
& in return you seeked my perfection.
In this twist of twisted reflection in ourselves we rejected the truth..
By not acknowledging, we will forever be flawed.
We drifted like sand in the sea.
We lost ourselves in the abyss
& in this we lost,
the meaning of our youthful love.
Accepting, what's hard to face. The individuality parts of us all.
Elizabeth Jul 2018
It was three am and, we were still up talking- laughing at inappropriate jokes with tired voices and sleep blending into the whites of our eyes like paint being mixed before an artist creates her masterpiece. By the window, I sat, staring at the moon and it’s perfect figure, so round and complex with ridges only where meant to be. My mind was searching like a lost child for an answer to my happiness, my mind was searching for a reason to be unhappy, but each time it would fail then try again. By the fifth time searching, I finally realized that this was what it was like to be ok. This was how it felt to be living for more than sleep at night and empty rooms. This is what it feels like when the stars are aligned, and everything is still. Tonight the moon asked me how I was feeling and for the first time in forever I said I was doing quite alright.
What are your conversations with the moon like?
Umi Jun 2018
A somber feeling, carried by pure agony,
Flowing, drifting, swiftly in the stream of thoughts, as the spilled pieces just have vanished, never to be whole again, or gazed upon,
The pieces of a time crafted in blessed and happy thoughts,
Swaying back and forth, the once illuminated, azure heaven far above is darkening with ominous looking, thick, yet allure thunderclouds,
Perhabs once this sky has cleared up again, this scene will shine just as majestic as it did before, without worry nor care, without pain.
Ah, phantoms.
I would like to lose myself in this wandering fragnance of what used to be a wonderous and amortal spring dream, created in plain fantasy
But after the city already lost its colour to the obscure horizon,
I realised you were no longer here with me,
And the pieces of a past long gone, have cut my skin before vanishing
Chasing a brighter past caused the future, knocking on my door to be dark, yet such emotions made the world I inhabit a cold, lonesome but also a very gentle place,
Even if tomorrow were never to come,
I wouldn't be able to care less,
For now, just let me rest my eyes.

~ Umi
Poem no.170 yay!
The truth can't change
But it can challenge people
in all they say and do.
Brent Kincaid May 2018
When starting out,
We need no steps
Because we cannot walk;
We use our voices
To state our need
Even before we can talk.

Then, walking, a treasure,
Running, equal measure;
Learning to risk falling down.
Standing up, being tall
Taking stock of it all,
And amazedly looking around.

Watching others too;
What they went through
As they do the things they do
Does it’s duty to teach
Everyone they reach,
And we learn to love what’s new.

We sometimes stumble.
It's no good to grumble
We improve with each new step
Some of us in the middle
Never win the gold medal,
But, somehow we all take the trip.

When running days are gone
We keep on moving on.
When age has slowed our step.
At the end, lying down,
Making helpless sounds;
No step needed for the last trip.
unnamed May 2018
Why should I believe that beauty is not skin deep when everything tells me otherwise- it’s all everyone cares about- it’s all they ever advertise.

Why should I believe that this life is fair and that people around me don’t really care- for the shape of my face or the color of my hair- when all they seem to talk about is beauty as they stare- inside their screens and turn green with jealousy of a beauty they don’t think they behold- why is it always hard to love yourself? That’s not what I’ve been told.

Thelipsticks and the dresses never were pretty because whatever you do is never enough for people in this city- and as the days stretch out your meals shrink hoping your stomach would look flat when you took a drink- of that ****** tea that promised to make you thin as your bones grew prominent under your skin- and now you start thinking while throwing up in a bin- is this really worth it all? When did this begin?- it’s then that you realize it was the unintentional words of a friend- a magazine page- or a picture you pinned- on the wall of your room of a singer in Berlin-
does anyone care for what’s within?
Does anyone care for what’s within?
it’s all images and looks that define who you are- it’s what the boys look for when they go to a bar- it’s not the words or the beauty you hold inside- or the kindness you carry as you sit by a lakeside- wondering if you’re worth anything when all this beauty perishes  and dies.

It’s what’s inside that counts, no matter how many times you recount- the calories in your food or your weight on a scale-
It’s what’s inside that counts, even if you think it’s not and try to no avail-
To please all these people that only care about a sale- who are too scared of doing anything they love because they think they’ll fail- who are too insecure that they seek the approval of a male!

In everything they do they are mere copies of people they think are greater- ones that if you dared to criticize they’d call you a ‘hater’.
Actually proud of the rhyme in this :) enjoy
Yudoni Jan 2018
A bit on edge, hardly blinking,
Train of thought means I can't stop thinking,
Laying in bed, got to get a early one,
But the things in my head are demanding attention,
I felt at a loss with no inner quiet,
But I went upstairs and we had a riot,
If you fake it til you make it and find joys with friends,
You will start changing and it won't be pretend,
Thoughts can't be silenced and will help you grow,
The more you accept, the more clarity will show,
Find the memory of the things that make you laugh,
Be grateful for the bad that shows you the greater path,
We need both dark and light, both day and night,
To realize that through our thoughts we can fight for right.
If we clouded by ***** and have shivers up our spine,
Accept the body, self and mind and say this is all mine,
Cause no matter how sheep may try, each is one of a kind,
Sorrow, joy, anger and love are there to help us find,
That we alone possess the power to have our hands tied,
Realize you are your best friend in the secret place inside,
You can rest knowing that all will be fine long after we've died.
You know when you want to sleep but every anxiety keeps you up - but you find a person you love and share something nice with them
alexa Mar 2018
if you have scars on your body, stretch marks on your sides,
i will make sure you know that i love you for them.
because, they are a part of you, and anything that has anything to do
with you infatuates me.

your freckles make you so much better. don't hate yourself for them.
dont think that just because i don't have them means that i don't want them. they've always interested me, so they just make me more interested in you.

every single part of you infatuates me, interests me, makes me fall even more in love with you.

even your imperfections.
this was just kinda voicing my opinions about how society makes beauty standards so high and if you have one flaw, you're deemed ****. i just feel that people need to understand that nobody's perfect, as hannah montana once said, and we need to accept all people. imperfections and all.
Donna Feb 2018
Time goes on and it
never stops only flashes
of memories live

inside our squidgy
minds where we cannot see our
brain only darkness

where whispers echo
sometimes sweetly sometimes harsh
It's a difficult one

to analyse is
to take up to much precious
time..not worth the try

Lavender travels
around the world together
Leaving a sweet taste

Mountains are climbed high
Achievements are made with warm smiles
Spring comes and then goes

Leopards gallop fast
Faster than summer breeze but
not faster then time

Time is clever and
time knows this , yet it never
listens to wishes

So in this big world
We live it the best we can
With strength love and smiles
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