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Apr 2015 · 1.2k
The 3 States of Love.
Nathan Cross Apr 2015
As a Solid,
There's nothing that could break through,
Or prevent me from Loving you.
Or a Liquid,
more intoxicating than any alcohol,
I've ever drank. I love your Taste.
As a Gas,
It's most strong.
It fills each and every path I walk along.
Nothing compares to me and you.
The greatest sum, of 1+1 = 2.

Nathan Cross Mar 2015
If happiness is from Heaven, and sadness from Hell,
I’m in-between worlds.
I’ve learned more from Hell,
then Heaven could ever tell.
Sadness etched on lips, and fingertips.
Creating it, that false sense,
of whatever Love is.
You’re always a victim, but never the culprit.
Funny to me, of "we,"
you found us first and kept it, Dear.
The voorpret we felt, as each drew near,
has now turned into fear.
Perhaps a love between you and I,
should have remained as mamihlapinatapai.
That, after all,
would have been, a happy end.

Voorpret (n.) (as it is spelled) - pre-fun, the sense of enjoyment felt before a party or event takes place.
Language: Dutch.
Mamihlapinatapai (n.) (Mam-ee-la-pin-nata-pie) - the wordless look between two people who both desire something, yet are equally reluctant to initiate.
Language: Yaghan.
Feb 2015 · 2.0k
The World Is Frozen.
Nathan Cross Feb 2015
My eyes got caught, drawn to the way you walk.
Thoughts manipulate what I say.
The clock ticks, but there's no stir.
The World Is Frozen.

The ice of hearts, prevents the spark.
I'd warm it with my hands if I could.
But like time, I fear I would lose them too.
The World Is Frozen.

Nothing enters my mind, and nothing leaves.
A scene, us dancing, The light,
of Lake Michigan on our heels.
The World Is Frozen.

False words we've spoken, hearts ripped open.
We hide what we think, so no one knows -
what we feel. I can't breathe.
The World Is Frozen.

My heart stops beating, feet lose feeling.
I stand there dumb, hands numb.
If only I could speak.
The World Is Frozen.

Jan 2015 · 1.5k
Nathan Cross Jan 2015
She's smiling, but she's hiding.
Every girl is like the moon,
Parts are almost always hidden.
I learn those parts first,
and just watch the rest.

Jan 2015 · 800
Nathan Cross Jan 2015
As I lay awake in wait.
Before the sun is up to start the day.
Creating radiance for all to behold.
Darkness will be waiting, watching.
Though the sun won't let go.

A poem that has five lines and creates a mood, picture, or feeling. Lines 1 through 4 are made up of words, phrases or clauses while the first word of each line is in alphabetical order.
Line 5 is one sentence long and begins with any letter.
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
I'm here, I'm there,
your shadow, your hair.
Around every corner,
sitting on your shoulder.

You're here, You're there.
You've left me traces everywhere.
A scent in every room,
your face on the moon.

When i'm under the stars,
Lights vast like space,
The World shrinks.
Trapped within
Your Bell Jar.
Yet, Again
I Choke.

Your voice still haunts.
It speaks my wants. It pulls me back into,
the place in which I lost you.
I awake in haste, can't feel my face.
I try to feel something, but just feel nothing.
Like yesterday, I'm a ghost.
I fear the darkness.
I'm just a ghost, scared of the dark.

Dec 2014 · 1.1k
Nectar\Eyes Wide Awake
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
I've kept my demons,
In close proximity.
Because, let's be honest,
They're never far away.
I do what I must,
To keep them at bay.
Their constant urge.
The world turns,
From vibrant to gray.

Dec 2014 · 763
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
My hearts Work is never done,

These Feelings weigh a ton,

Emotions so strong,

I Taste them on my tongue.

Dec 2014 · 1.9k
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
The sorry umbrella slumps sadly toward the ground.
It's body as cold as the wet night air.
The malleable aluminum handle, bent out of shape,
By the wind that's tossed it round,
To and fro like the arms of teenage kids,
And unsure of how else to rest,
With the metallic moonlight singing its melodic lullaby.

I'm the umbrella.
Dec 2014 · 586
Which Side Of The Line?
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
It's all up on the line,
Love creates a divide,
Between the right and wrong.
I write in chalk so I can change my thoughts...

Dec 2014 · 1.2k
White Like Snow.
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
With Love as white as snow,
Pure like doves, I know.
Love is all around,
Not lost, Not found.
But within the emptiness,
Of loneliness I drown.
As the world turns, The pain burns,
The clock turns, And I learn.
That Love hides, Defies,
And breaks the mind.
Just in the best of ways.
Whiter than the,
black of snow.

Dec 2014 · 576
This heart.
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
I love my heart,
Every contradiction.
It's warmth, it's ice,
Its truth, its lies.
My dreams, my fears,
My love and tears.
My path, my past..
I just don't. know.
I reside too deep.

Dec 2014 · 2.1k
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
They Watch, yet don't know.
They See, but can't.
If Love is bliss,
Then So is ignorance.
I Feel her eyes.

Dec 2014 · 1.1k
Collapsed Glass
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
The flame had died from bright to dim,
A future changed from bright to grim.
Years spent through think and, thin.
Strong, yet weak, with broken feet,
A monstrous 5 foot is she.
Magically in majesty, she entrances me.
Of all the works of art, I've ever seen,
No one could ever, enlighten me like she.
Like motionless water, needing a splash,
Or a house of cards waiting for, collapse.

A poem, that was put into lyrics for a song with my brother, with instrumentation written by him.
Dec 2014 · 1.1k
Echoes Within
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
A vast ocean swirls around,
Seagulls surround the shores.
There's plenty more,
Left unexplored,
But people are all around.
A nervous shuffle echoes,
With every step they make.
Lost in my mind, all the time,
Watching the scene displayed.
The only thing that's missing,
Are their voices and what they say,
It's nothing but that echo,
It's been rattling my brain.

Dec 2014 · 15.2k
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
Self destructive habits,
I'm broken, but I manage,
to destroy every foundation,
before it ever happens.

Dec 2014 · 1.2k
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
What's a dream, if not with you?
What's a lie, without the truth?
What are gallows, without the noose?
What's without, when I'm with you?

Dec 2014 · 716
My Way Through
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
Build a wall, But I will find,
My way through.
Hide in the dark, But I will find,
My way through.

Dec 2014 · 580
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
The water cascades and drips away,
Bouncing off the ground.
As I lay awake, afraid to sleep,
So safe and sound.
What is fear? What is clear?
In the dark, what makes no sound?
All around, the ground is drowned,
A future's never near.
It turns out dreams, are fickle things,
I never knew about.
What I see, is haunting me,
I guess i'll take a bow.

Dec 2014 · 372
The Fall {Part 2}
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
The moonlight remembers every thought,
The autumn always sang for us.
After all, the fall is what brought us together.
As the funeral of us tumbles,
it is I who crumbles, stumbles, and regrets,
as well as wishes to forget,
what true Love really meant.
I still fear the Fall, the way I break,
Every step I take is a mistake.
How can't you see?

Dec 2014 · 480
The Fall {Part 1}
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
Do you recall that first night? When our love was set alight.
Not those months before of open doors, scared to take the step.
The fall to me is what I feared, I had to catch my breath.

Everything was so in place, and all, right before my face.
You were never scared and always knew, what we had between the two.
How did you see, so clearly, the things…that always evaded me?

It’s scary now how they’ve changed,
and looking back I’m quite ashamed, mistakes I’ve made, and all the wrongs,
Even the stupid rap songs.

But now I know, it’s not the fall, I ever should have feared,
It was the flight, and every night, and all the love we did requite.

Because now it’s gone, left with memories this strong,
it’s hard to let them go.

But now I know, if I had feared, I never would have gotten here,
as close to Love as it was, I still believe there’s more for us.

So maybe I still fear the fall, but never fear the flight,
with endless nights and tiny fights,
Together we could soar.

Dec 2014 · 466
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
Above, The water sits still,
Below, The water it rages.
The surface masks, what awaits down low.
The hidden contains, what will crush your bones.
It’s how emotions go, we cannot hide,
what churns below.
Trapped beneath, lost at sea,
the darkest depths, down deep.
A little light can be seen, Here is where,
I tend to be.
Drowning, in the ocean of emotion that is me.


— The End —