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Anna Gabriel DeMott
Louisville, Colorado    I'm a multi talented carbon based life form, a 7 in the enneagram, a Gemini, a loving Dad of 2 fabulous sons, aged 11 and ...
Aaron Curry
Massachusetts    Be here, be you, be true. Mind, body, spirit. The rest is part of the ride.
30/F/nowhere/everywhere    i am a figment of my own imagination
Akira Chinen
122/M/texas    "we put it all into a poem, to tell the universe who we were, and why we were here, and what we said and did ...
Shannon Smith Alavi-Moghaddam
Hello, I'm Shannon. I'm twenty years old and still writing everything down. Enjoy!
rock springs    I'm a musician/ oilfield worker.
Massi Lee
Brooklyn    Subway rants // hypersexual perpetually sad thoughts
Cody Root
Lebanon, PA   
Valéria Cheshire Éméline
24/Other/Laeland    I am but a masterpiece of miscreations, existing from day to day, on a plateau of nothingness.. ღ ღ ღ These words hold my broken ...
...    blank pages help me cure my bad habit of overthinking
United States    I'm more violinist than poet. I marathon comedies on Netflix, instrumentals on my I-pod, and bad poetry on my wall. I like music, and awful ...
21/F/There and Gone   
Jennifer Gonzalez
earth, I think    Just a wildflower growing on the side of the road ◈
Planet Earth    Poems are everywhere and in everything. I am but the mouthpiece, the vessel that carries them out of the darkness and into the world.
Here's to what reflection brings about.
Alvira Perdita
20/F/South Africa    i am nobody. i aspire to be somebody.
Searching for answers, nowhere to be found but, within me. Lost in this crazy world, full of insensitive people. Afraid of what the future may ...
Marisa Lu Makil
24/F/Holland, MI    "In this world, there is an invisible magic circle. There's an inside, and an outside. Those people are inside the circle. And I am outside. ...
i just write things about my life.. my experiences past, and present.. you may not like it, but that's your own opinion.. i really love ...
Missouri    • i'm trying to become a better person •
Paul Hardwick
64/M/England    Woke up this morning sniff a few flowers, did not feel lonely until I followed you, and you have to keep running till you get ...
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