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Mar 2019 · 660
Abstract Love
In the light of humility
the desert becomes ablaze
dream rhymes call in the dream
are lost in the dark

your love of heaven
comes back to abstract

Sometimes the way I look back
underneath the shadows of new road
that mingles with the smell of wild soil
constantly go forward to the race of love and death

Throughout the ages,
wandering within thousand monsoon
Or in the autumn,
where illusions of the sudden mist
moves him to millions of light years away
who will turn him from the glamour of dreams

In the dark night he who will discover that
at other times, he will meet with a magical moonlit
how come he will come back
certainly or uncertainty In the dark
Or on the tomb of an eternal love
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Feb 2019 · 472
An unfolded poetry
Alone, a long night without you
the hopeless romance digging dew
missing words are whispering a few
distant the moon mourning
a melancholy melody
where the very words wandering slowly
in that restless folded chocking night
while the days sky having no floating spring kite
the words,
very words are vigorously coming down
beside a river of this lonely downtown
"Here words are a deep dark
where the dreams touch afar"
Oh! here -- once again ...
I'm wandering in a wonder
dreaming a dream with an endless tender
how the streams are falling from the waterfall
until the hopeless romance turns to fall--
in a deep quite understand
how all those things are moving to stand
in the roaring waves of oceans asymmetry
how the words are grown as an unfolded poetry
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Jan 2019 · 347
On a floating boat
on a floating boat
where a river could be followed
a maximum life may bond
forever and beyond

you can take a long breath
when a river flows towards beyond the death
there a beauty ever warming
even forever a carolleth overwhelming
where the wonder wind always wandering
with the truth

that everyone feels sometimes
but someone feels many times

could be an inherent exhaust romantic
where someone finds always some critic
As if a lovely sounds of the stream
maybe a true metaphor of poetry
always makes beautiful waves of symmetry

that everyone feels sometimes
but someone feels many times
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Dec 2018 · 386
The Funeral Of The Poetry
It's been a lot of days after that
When the night came to frost
Narrowly in floating fog, Eagerly in vain
The light of the muddy moon fallen
on the waiting ship of a lonely port

Continuously chill north wind blowing
on and over the wall of the standing darkness
Unintentionally anchored in an insatiable spirit
Widely the fugitive soul searching
an unexpected very moonlit night

Ah! many of things stand apart
As the cradle of classic love-
Yet rising even swinging
on the wind of last summer song
And again in another silent night
The sounds of dropping dew distinctly
dissolving with the funeral of the poetry

@Musfiq us shaleheen
Romantic, sad, love
Apr 2018 · 957
Illusion of beauty
Behind the depression of discarded Love,
The land that was once again called rain,
When the ethereal whispered
The day turned again,
Thousands of purple flowers play on that land
With all-colours of butterflies,
Insight eyes grow,
The eyes stop
Dreams run parallel to the path,
A spring of strangely unexplored wind in the afternoon
Seeing the strange behaviour of Fong
Somehow alone you walk through the lane on the shore of the river

Certainly, the melody comes out,
Cradling with the known and the unknown
Want to get back to one turn,
Light and shadow in the game,
The pages are painted in colour,
Again, in the midst of different forms,
In search of her shape,
Towards the illusions of the dream,
In the songs of flowers and leaves,
In one of the magical forms of poem

Where to get lost, no one can stop the dam,
If lost, all is returned,
Then if anyone in the dream calls
And if you wake up
In the dark of the darkness, it is easy to forget yourself
Feeling faded to swell,
Comes out of the poem of great form,
Where the beauty of love is inaccessible
And poetry covers the wide-ranging sky,
An endless loving-laden night,
Whose unimaginable unknowingly unmarked path
@Musfiq us shaleheen
5th April,2018
Mar 2018 · 609
Hours stuck in the window
after full of thrill and race
when someone behind
hiding her pale face
I come there untimely
see a sparrow wandering
during a vacuum sunset
earth floats on the fate
how the days go on
the feelings are growing
streaming into a sad song
what she thinks behind
when the lonely sparrow fugling

@Musfiq us shaleheen
Jan 2018 · 518
alone apart
apart from a lovely day
apart from a full moon
where a friend is a kite
flying in an endless sky

apart from the springtime
apart from the autumn cloud
where love for the beloved
burning within an infinite heart

apart from a distant song
apart from a long road, alone
a shadow hut behind the dark hill
surrounding wind of very chill

@Musfiq us shaleheen
Jan 2018 · 477
in the night whom bed is separated
for whom the lovely moon waited
for whom the wise words uttered
forever the named door shuttered

night's melancholy on the edge
lonely bird in the heavy cage
In the hopeless sky,
a romantic blue sapphire,
A fused bright star of the last year

whatever you share, whatever I share
whether we are far or near
certainly both under deep dark cover
yet to understand who was the lover

I press the dark if things to uncover
maybe impossible the days to recover
away a future, far from the good night
under the lens a lazy haze light

@Musfiq us shaleheen

25th December 2017
Nov 2017 · 457
Someone calling from the front
I want to go
when I looking back
Someone calling with my old name
Now I wander
where I will go
neither I go to the front
nor back
.@Musfiq us shaleheen
Nov 2017 · 570
love love love-
in the night to day
love love love-
that may you have gotten
that's why the poetry
yet makes a symmetry
between the life in the lost
in the desert or in the frost
you have never forgotten
the metaphoric cohesions
in the tunes of the flute
or in the dreams of mute
yes life processed some illusions
which may make any creation
love love love-
there is, of course, an inspiration
yet the lonely dream possessions
in the treasures
or in the desert
the mystic mirage why?
otherwise, the dreams to die
in the night to day
from one May to another May
a day remains a day
on another unique day
yet the elusive rose
never grew gray
love love love-
that once you have gotten
you have never forgotten
@Musfiq us shaleheen
love love love-
Nov 2017 · 390
on the edge
on the edge
space of dark in the silence
no drought or sandy
nothing rainy
or candy
just feeling beyond
shadows sleeping behind
neither any kind of bind
nor anything bound to find
i know anything is something
nothing not to be say anything
but here is something is nothing
so nothing is bothering
above or below
i feel empty or hollow
in the space of null
there an endless soothing lull
anything may not be moving
even with a gravity's pull
nothing not to be say something
anything else
an infinite dark,
an endless silence
above all,
behind the shadows of love
still an essence
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Nov 2017 · 515
songs of love
songs driven me into a new spell
I loved them
until the very last bell

I mortgaged my passionate flute
in their tunes
that lute with my evergreen root

the treasures of my thesaurus
an anguish of salty sea
unforgotten dreams of pleasure

now i guess after miles of stress
an overflowed heart
yet longing in the silence of dark
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Nov 2017 · 444
Interested to Answer
I hear the low humble post
Interested to answer
Response from the resonance
Impulse is going to increase

Necessity to be a clear hear
Words maybe past or future
I switched my compass-less ship
Saying fate will fade

Passers passed by the side
They are aloof for the farewell
I grow the speed of the ship
unconsciously moving my hand,
saying goodbye! goodbye!

Known horizon grew small
Waves break in the waves
Calling unconscious in a low voice
Interested to answer

Break the waves, Small waves
Big waves
Moving the wheel of time
Towards an uncertain destination

Interested to answer
Yet unanswered the whole life
Break out,
Build up
Saying fate will fade

I hear the low humble post
I have sent a counter reply
Now waiting for continuous
Interested to answer
@Musfiq us shaleheen
13th November,2017
Musfiq us shaleheen
Nov 2017 · 350
broken game
what would stand out!
nothing is left to come back
do not wait
for fate
even if your eyes are staved off
on the dark canvas
draw a dream
life is such
broken game
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Nov 2017 · 1.1k
silence lives in a lonely island
fills with what you feel
streams of timeless heal
store within the souls of chill
though the May moving still
tells more that you can't say
you are just broken or lost
find peace while exhaust
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Nov 2017 · 852
If I Love You
in another life
you will be mine
i think it's hurts
whom you love
what to do for him
if everything is presumed
but I can lose love
if I can't change
can't love my beloved

@Musfiq us shaleheen
Oct 2017 · 360
tunes of a nameless bird
I wanted to change
and I could
There was an intense tune
you could say sadness, not at all romantic

but my romance
started to live in her darkness
when I understood a few
but at least I knew
where there is a life there is a song
certainly she was a sad song
And sometimes she felt too wrong

I rewrote the lyrics
And saw the mason made the building
fitting one by one bricks
when I added a new tune
My nameless noun really took the tune very soon

I sang
she sang
spring became sprung
even cool wind of love flowed on the dunes
Ah! how beautifully the words were moving in the laps of tunes

when the evening came down
in the heart of my nameless town
season went back
dry leaves whispering on the street of a lonely park
Oh! she might lost in the dark
and never came back
there's still a song,
how I wander within
the melancholy tunes of a nameless bird!
you can again say sadness

Now I want to skip
but I can't!
@Musfiq us shaleheen
love sad reality life
Oct 2017 · 529
In fold a feather,
footprint of petals,
a book of old pages
I count
and found
the story of forgotten Lenore
that never return anymore

@Musfiq us shaleheen
In memory of Edger Allan Poe
Oct 2017 · 634

You've lost
in the light years away
Love may exist
at the edge of the universe
and the dream
As the space
and time
Expanding mind
as the running water
Straightforward way of
wormhole's magical route
sight is on to you
in the rotation of time
when the space become folded
come close
within the fourth dimension
as mingle at the estuarine

@Musfiq Us Shaleheen
10th October,2017
Aug 2017 · 584
True False
What is good that could be bad
even things are thin or fat
when rumor run like a cat
could be good or bad
I judge, you judge
with or without cause
As I feel or As you think
In the dark or in the pink
What is good that could be bad
if there a false can be add
unexpected reality become so sad
but one day there a true feel you had
What is bad that could be good
when truth stands on own foot
of course false has broken down
you made those even with steel or wood
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Jul 2017 · 683
I'm not anywhere
Build an emptiness
Not in somewhere else
When really i think
I'm not anywhere
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Jul 2017 · 684
Down Memory Lane
Thou art lovely spring days
streams back over the gravity of Ebb
On the snap
Thee floating on a pale purple leaf
and the reason (where we may know)
The golden glisten day of May
Take me So far away
As you
Look like my friends
though I catch
yet in the illusion!

@Musfiq us shaleheen
(Dedicated to my friend Habib who now lives in heaven)
Jun 2017 · 503
I can see through darkness
cause there are millions of photons dancing in the neurons
creates a long chain of yellow object
really form an ultimate romantic virtual subject

Naturally i come and go within it
also feel the sounds of harmonic bit
Sometimes brain makes an emotional song
mystic tune that plays the melody so long

Suddenly the tune breaks when I wake up
try to make up again and that is really so tough
Even I pass through in a very dark night
There I am almost pale and tight

Somehow I go again with the emotional streams  
bully Ah! a bully that seems like mother's lullaby
Certainly I suppress my subconscious sigh
dark, pale say goodbye! goodbye!

@Musfiq us shaleheen
Jun 2017 · 515
This move is not therefore
after love or before ...........

@Musfiq us shaleheen
Anthropological principal
Jun 2017 · 517
How Do You Feel Sir!
True love can't always go in a certain way
As you don't always think before a step
It may even beyond imagination-
But finally it is a sacrifice for life-
Which gentlemen may count after reading the book
@Musfiq us shaleheen
True Love
Jun 2017 · 686
You come alone in the silence
Yet I see you
Love you
In the darkness
@Musfiq us shaleheen
May 2017 · 756
If I Look Back
If I look back
A black rose come on wet tears of streams
And she took off
In the womb of evening tide

If I look back
An old dusty city
Rows of abandoned cars, houses
And a raven stands on the rotten piles of *******

If I look back
A broken frame of glasses on a gray letter in a table
Mystic shadows falling on the light of autumn afternoon
Cradling with the words of unspoken love

If I look back
What gives love, I know also takes too many
Again cover in the dark
Letters of time come to fold
         Every single word is a black stone
         Comes out  from the womb of the earth
         Each word is exploded in a loud word, in synonyms
         Certainly fire flashed in buildings, fake minds
         Civilization of all uncivilized

And yet if I look back
A black spot comes back into the line of light
The old raven sitting on it
And on his lips that gray letter of love

@ Musfiq us shaleheen
Love letter on the lips of Raven.........
Apr 2017 · 581
my mind is blind
with this soft sweetness of wind
where dry leaves are blown
Again I find myself alone

An echo on the other side of the wall
I hear a mystic call
but on my eye
the light saying goodbye
Jan 2017 · 594
Lost Life
And an object behind
the dark,
you say true
I have lost that light
again I feel the sight
and fight for the wright..
Jan 2017 · 2.4k
Pollination Poem
The silver moon
With the southern wind

The papers of poetry,
Wandering with thousands
of unspoken words,

Resonance in the sky,
In the wind and mind
but grew pollination in the pen and the poetry

This glorious night
The poet
Very lonely
With the mystic brightness of light
Only speaks the antiquity
@Musfiq us shaleheen
I do not know
Where they are going
Whom or what work
Who or what could be
Beyond their border

Though everyone outside
Introducing while crossing occurs
As if an art of rain
Freaky clouds of Autumn
Beckoning like a floating crane

Stream of life behind the beauty
Turned away see the river flowing
Pulls of upstream,
Stunning horizon,
Longing for losing

Blind beauty of the bare form
Ah! itself an amazing outburst
"There have to go with the glory of tunes"
"There have to go for the needs of life"
@Musfiq us shaleheen

Many words already uttered
As the waves of streams
Arranged a garland
with hundreds of colorful flowers

Though I wrote, deleted,cut  
hundred thousands of unspoken words
yet sometimes songs come out
From the melancholy tunes of flute  

That is why the way out of the river
from the springs
you can't read
don't even feel the pain of poetry

So the last poem I write
Sitting on the ground
around the river
Sep 2016 · 633
'O' this rain
knocking a distinct pain
while I'm sitting in the train
here life uncut
though the glass window shut
everything moving fast, but
I'm locked, fixed
like a rotating disc
repeating the same song
as the rain longing as long
dropping rain drops
on the land of crops
on the pops
Aug 2016 · 2.1k
Alone Else
From womb  to born
Every morn
Each breath
Even on the road of death
I’m alone
Walking with broken bone

While the Summer wind blows
In this narrow lane
Love flows in my wide vein
As the Streams of heavy rain
Alone else
Only the past tense

In the dark, I hark
A distant bark
In the dream there was
A beautiful park
With a few sign of paws
Yet I couldn’t find any cause

The Streams going down
While flowing in this old town
The Stone grew worn and torn
Rolling else alone
Like my broken bone
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Aug 2016 · 1.6k
If composed a true poetry
Not an interesting metaphor
To Keep the brain on
Or just showing day dreams
Even an unnecessary composed poetry
Made to be happy for the king and queen
Decorated with false songs of a garland victory
Just defile your voice
Or Just a lie of fabricated cry
Acting as the heavy down eyes
Just showing forged mercy to love
Even a painting of an outward woman
While stupid men became tickle with a synthetic beauty

Then If composed a true poetry
However, So many illustrative metaphors
which have a form of sacred truth
Perched the purple nature into you
Knowing Spring with the aromas of mango buds
Saying the real life
Demonstrates the truth of death with death
Like inventions of science

Rendering with expressions and feelings
Owing water to thirsty men
Explain the friction between light and darkness
Dragging the stone of truth
Thousands of music grant the intangible beauty of life
Love became harmonious
And the dreams are to raise thousand colors of love
Life flows like spring water
Of course a poem calls an eternal love
There a hidden beauty craving all time
And an upstream pouring the pure love
@musfiq us shaleheen
Aug 2016 · 2.0k
Cradle of Clouds
In this edge of the end
Where simplicity flows
Through the straight river
The upstream songs
As the ****** sunshine of Lost spring

There today,
Exhausted Myna drying feathers
In the wet air
Sitting on the shade of the window
Steadfast attention on the distant horizon

Slothful day in a comfort bed
With a cup of tea
A longed cigarette,
Romanticism become struck

Outside the open window
Inside out
Light clouds of August
As if the "will" cradling to and fro
Dropping the ageless poetry
Filled with the words of dance

Rain comes down on the unleash field
Essence of mystic tunes flowing
From the tearful trots of rains
Moving, Flooding
The both sides of the river
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Aug 2016 · 1.2k
departed from the dock
Darkness comes down on the bucolic path
Draw what on the canvas!
Who will be your partner
When the craft will be departed from the dock

Lost the way in the midst of the way
In the flow of wandering of tune
Flying the handkerchief of memory
In the sky of the distinct shadow

'--' who roost into your Soul
Plowing the barren field of heart
Even Is '--' going afar today
Feeling the stars dropping on the desert

In what, what you find!
In the streams of lost tunes
'--' who stay there
Maybe '--' is a mount of distant

Why are you looking behind
At the time of departure
As the Sun of late afternoon
Only saying goodbye!!
@Musfiq us shaleheen
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Aug 2016 · 2.0k
Stream takes possession of the land
Made wetlands
There are plenty of fish
Meet your protein needs

Clouds are playing in the sky
The dark and the shadows are dissolved in water
You drink
To quench thirst

Yet you have an existence
With a Continuous form
He who cast the shadow on the ground
Where love and hope locked in a home
Binds within a loop with Only a God

Words which are uttered
Of course diluted within air
Has written in the book of divine
Many do not understand while they read

See a beautiful garden
They are more steadfast
And that Red Rose is for yours
I have seen a lot of values to be gloomy
Then they lost

I have seen so far
Wandering Star to Star
Again in the Fog, tried to recognize
She lost!

Ah! How come all!
Alas! How Everything lost in the time
From Empty
Or Nothing
As if an Existence of Non-Existence!  

When Silence come down
Dark touches the death role
Nothing Exist without the Spiritual Soul
From Lost to Found
Everything Answering Nothing!

But where is the balance
You will get back everything
One day!
Particles of Love as the Nebula
AS IF Heart of the Expanding Universe
A Space of Span
From Helium to Oxygen
As if Intoxication of Toxin
Again Expanding space
Crunches in the Black hole
Captured even Unspoken Feelings

There DNA makes home in the water
In the Form of Breeding
Come out with Evolution
Life, Earth and the Chemistry of Heart
As the dew of dawn
A Sign of Love on the grass
Drop by Drop Credited into a Container
Earth is made
This Town
There my ancestors walked
However they were Coward
Or Hero
White or Black
Either  Red or Yellow flowers were in their hand
Among them
My father was the only
Who bought the Red Flamboyant for me
In a yellow day

And their Love was like a Dinosaur
That is dead,
Leftover in basin of the Span
Sometimes there are large Fossils
When their bones in foot
Exposed the existence of Love
Sometimes hundreds of millions of years of love
As a Footprint on the Black Shale
And the Clot of Coal in the heart
Today, which is just fuel of the history
But Sometimes Spreading
AS Glimmer Glee of Diamond
Beckoning the Bright Star of Eternal Love
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In the bend of my road
That way offshore
Call me with my old name
What song I sing for her

Someday in some moments
Did I leave something!
In this dusts of the way
Maybe in the monsoon of May
Or my empty way can say!

What that I couldn't understand
Wanted to understand
How all is lost
In the wheels of time
And why today all those
Cast me

I'm a tired traveler
Sitting in the shade of shadow
At the time of sunset in the meadow
What causes of an illusion!

What I have lost
Behind the mind
Does she come back certainly!
In that lost obsessed path!

I think the day has turned
Lost in the bend of road
Maybe taken the new way
In the bend of the road
@Musfiq us shaleheen
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One day you came
Had opened the door
South wind Silently
Whispering the words of love
Flushed Flame Flowers in the Forest

Thus, One day you went away
The door was Still open
Felt a bone chilling wind
The long lonely silent night shut
Underneath a thick blanket of fog

One day you came again
White strokes flew
In the random fragmented
White clouds of bored sky

Lost melody of Song played on guitar
Mystic incense shadow of Autumn
Stirring with dream
On the evening horizon

But this time you have gone for forever
Heavy Clouds Come in the sky
A Heavy downpour
Two Sides of the river grows with flooding
Heart sweeping away with tears
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Jul 2016 · 447
At the end of waiting
Another day has come
As the rolling stone comes with the stream
The thin crescent in the sky
Smiled upon the womb of clouds
Flow of joys outburst in the outside air
At the end test of gonna
As if the long waiting rain comes down
If you will come back

Everyone's gone fast in a chariot
Away the owl calls out in the way of dark
Light and dark playing on the canvas of memory
Rain song comes up on the track
Early at dawn woke up with that mystic song
Still I'm just Thee revolves
Jun 2016 · 1.1k
Smell of Wet Tanned Trots
The Evening Came with the Clouds
On the New Trot leaves,
Monsoon’s traditional tune
Bats come and gather on the branches
Very young  Night,
On the other side of the  window
Fluttering of wings, brawl
In the dark,
On the wet ground,
Continuous dropout of Trot Flowers,
Rain mingled with bathed in
Opened the window at dawn
The air smelled of Wet Tanned Trots
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Smell of Wet Tanned Trots(মজা কদমের গন্ধ)
Jun 2016 · 352
whirling way
I took the way
Away from home
Away from pulse
Go round
Mixed with black and white
Anguish, Anger, Despair
Oriented within the dust of the way
With the thirst of yours
Twilight at the bend of the way
Trail way
Pointed out the end of the sun
Behind the Screen
Hearing the far away
See your Footprint
Faded during the illusive song
See many dies, rots
Forgetting in the floating Stream
Dancing of distant Cans-grasses
As if the distant fog,
The womb of
all uncertain destination
Hundred whirling ways
Filling dust within the dreams

Jun 2016 · 1.3k
Unspoken Anger
With shutting eyes
Sparkling light became dissolve
Unspoken anger of uneven time
Floating clouds grew
Locked  into the dry Sky
Colliding with the Coast
Nightmare broke certainly
Eyes felt heavy
Lying alone in an open boat
Rain came out
Flooded the very familiar faces
Jun 2016 · 743
The River Hari
That lonely tree Jarul(জারুল)
Standing as a witness of the century
In the crop less **** field
Near to his feet
New tidal waves come down
at the young Hari(হরি) River
Leaving the impression of simplicity
On her outskirts
Life mingled with the distant cemetery
Afar in the bend of dream
without boatman a lonely boat
Maybe waiting for someone
who is attracted by
the downstream song
@Musfiq us shaleheen
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Jun 2016 · 1.1k
rays of dream
Your soft strokes of brush
As if touches my dreamy springtime
Peaks love from the old trash
Where the endless fairy of rhyme
As I read this poem
So many times
It doesn't mean that
I have forgotten repeatedly
Just I have felt in too many ways
Yet a few lines of poem
Grows a new meaning of love
And emitting the dreaming rays
Even when I am passing through
The very pale days
without dream life is a frozen barren field
Jun 2016 · 11.0k
Late Spring
Warm water as the geyser
Gives the skin a new taste
After the sudden rain
The sun peeped behind the clouds
As if a fire peaks in the red flamboyant forest
Then purple flowers of Jarul's
Silently washing the suffering of long pain
Worship to God with drunk
Late afternoon in front of the house of crow
Cuckoo calls repeatedly,
Wings fluttering,
Not unnecessarily
She searches her left offspring
Alongside a small river (Kumar) flows
Small dazzling waves,
With a Cold gentle breeze
Flows over my sweet sweat
Ah! Another form of Heaven
Seduced far away from the darkness
Furious within a dream,
I bathe
@Musfiq us shaleheen
**** Late Spring********* The Nature as we feel.........

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Jun 2016 · 1.2k
Thick wet darkness
In the thick wet darkness
Purple flowers are unknown
Last songs of yellow days
As if the anger of Lost spring,
Standing at the end of the afternoon
Embraces the eclipse

Pale gray grass
Dust dough days left alone
Anguish drops around in the silence,
As deep black clouds,
That covers the sky
With the blemish

Drifted clouds drifting more
Builds water flows
Washes away
A white rose
And with the tears
My white love

Intact, Aloof
But the lusterless time
Moving with known unknown cradle
Kapok, Flame-of-the-forest,
Red Flamboyant
Everything Stuck between
Even my Eternal World

Yet who calls from another way
Not at the end of the bend,
At the end of the way
Even Earth Sun Moon,
Where's all the ways mingle
With so many different minds
For another mystic reason
@Musfiq us shaleheen
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May 2016 · 1.0k
The Songs of Dark
Then went out of the way
Address not found
Didn't and couldn't be called
want to reach you

I came across a horizon
Evening came down
Heard, you exist behind the sun
Not to fear cause you made
In the dark,
Anyone can't see you
Even not me too

However I wish
I will get
Dark come down as your rules
Find you
Find the road

Am I in the same place
Or moving towards any of the
I close my eyes in the dark
Thought I'm black
I have mixed up the dark

Open my eyes and can't see myself
My weight is decreased
Going up into the air
Increasing the speed, have felt cool
Where am I going
Heard something vague
More speed increases
I see a mystic haze
I go to the land of conscious to the unconscious

But I can't understand
My chest is open
Is to operate on me
Putting something else on the heart
Sent back to conscious

Yet I have not seen
But hear you!
See the haze again,
In the Songs of dark!
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