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Vitæ 2d
Awake from a dream
dipped in sun fire,
is a caterpillar still
wrestling in my heart's
asylum—a chrysalis,
summoned by the
wilderness, is prying
itself open.

Where the field laid
bare in a pallor of cold,
is where spring begins
to overflow, like flowers
blooming from the deepest
nether—loving death is
outgrowing this world.

I wear a cloak of patience
over limitless energy,
shedding for dialogue
between potentialities,
inside me spins a thread
of great longing, but
around me, a great hope
is bursting at the seams.

A force spurs a descent
from the cave, from the
crumbling walls I am made.
What remains lifts the
curtains before a
show begins, where
in solitude I undress to
become a house of wings.

The orchard cradles
my smallness in a
concentrated blossom—
lighter than breath,
brighter than vision,
hidden among all there is,
a great wave inside a ripple.
To be delighted is to realise,
the world you fell into is
a vast sky.
Apr 17 · 629
Balsamic Moon
Vitæ Apr 17
We swim inside
the balsamic moon
rippling in laughter,
from the meeting
of our bodies still
in water,
touched by life
but not by time,
Together, we sail
in silver currents
circling bends
slowly as the river
that once carried us
empties into an
ocean dream, and
like sediments too,
we distill into
For those of us born under a waning crescent
Mar 10 · 267
Vitæ Mar 10
His blade
is a stainless mirror
with edges tempered
to bend and breathe
a mortal whisper.

It cuts perfectly inside
the one who crosses the night,
restlessly tearing its blinding veil
for a glimpse of tomorrow's light.

The wanderer sleeps
with the enemy within,
ready to pierce his life
in a single dream

and so he enters —unafraid,
the endless doors of undoing,
for all that empties into the blade
is a lightness of his own becoming.

Deep the wounds may be
yet he never bleeds;
His blade is an undying breath
when Death follows beyond him.
Feb 7 · 243
Vitæ Feb 7
You live
in the cells of me
suspended in
radiant light

like roots resting
under a willow tree
weeping silently
into bloodstream

or softness planted
in summer rain
blooming petals
on a pulsing vein

beneath soil
rich with life,
all leaf, insect
and cell
are One

You —
are a garden
quietly living
as the Sun.
Vitæ Jan 25
𝒪 𝓅 𝑒 𝓃  to Love
and what it means
to be cracked in places
where Life has been,
worn out yet carrying
the extraordinary
in all things
Nov 2023 · 800
Vitæ Nov 2023
This Summer I hope to see
the fruits of laboured Spring
grow from Winter's embrace
and Fall into everything.
Nov 2023 · 251
Vitæ Nov 2023
the Moon
absent of light
loyal echo of the
Sun heard across
the night
Nov 2023 · 418
Morning Walk
Vitæ Nov 2023
Wandering the field of his body
arched in rising sunbeam,
her fingers trail the valley of
his wildflower skin.

Veins bend like strokes of river stream
weaving through rolling haze,
raw forest of tangled dreams
brush across his waking gaze.

Like distant hills sleeping inside
soft blankets of Spring,
she lies on his delicate shape
sinking into the infinite landscape
of him.
Oct 2023 · 1.2k
Vitæ Oct 2023
How have you kept me hidden from you,
while keeping alive what is in me,
to be the breath I needed to take
before I knew I could breathe.
Sep 2023 · 1.7k
Vitæ Sep 2023
The misty dawn unveils
her starry robes
and becomes the day
inside the day,
the Sun inside my home.

The light
lifts into the sky
shrouding the face
whose name was the Moon.

Daylight is a message
that burns through us
burnishing what shadows
lay unfolding.

To live in an ocean
between two nights
seeking the star
within us turning,
each day is glorious and bright
and finds us kneeling
to the Universe
God Appears & God is Light
To those poor Souls who dwell in the Night,
But does a Human Form Display
To those who Dwell in Realms of day.

- William Blake
Aug 2023 · 928
Return to life
Vitæ Aug 2023
Your whisper beckons me to live,
to set myself free and forgive
so long as there is breath,
I am alive
to wake from idle death
and return to life.
I have finally gotten over my month long insomnia.
Jul 2023 · 432
Vitæ Jul 2023
The Sea may be salty
but she keeps men afloat
in their rocking boats
like an undulating symphony,
so when they meet
waves of spite and grief,
a tempest from which
they cannot retreat,
their anchor becomes Neptune
for they know this storm too
will pass soon
and the clouds will unform
in the light of the moon
to greet them with her
radiant beam
as they arrive on the shore of
the island of dreams.
Jul 2023 · 1.0k
Dream #1
Vitæ Jul 2023
I am born to the sun
and belong to the night.

Come now starry death
come now earthly mind
Below me a raging river
where fettered feet find
grains of stellar dust
which bind me to the sky.

I am born to the sun
and belong to the night.

Come now galaxy rising
come now howling winds
above me a trail of stars
eyes blinded before blaze
light of a million years
which keeps me in place.

I am born to the sun
and belong to the night.
Captured notes from my dream journal. Stream of consciousness
Dec 2021 · 386
swallow the key
Vitæ Dec 2021

lock the door and

keep the key inside so

all cells and bloodstream

Dec 2021 · 515
Vitæ Dec 2021
shadows are born from light,
but darkness is not the absence of sight
so follow the stars in their endless flight,
O child of the night.

where light meets the shade
is where the journey begins,
with no horizon the eye can see
so too the boundless feeling within.
Aug 2021 · 197
Vitæ Aug 2021
reading the lines
of your lips
a softness of spoken dreams
those that are slightly parted
always giving,
always breathing
Feb 2021 · 1.7k
Sea of Love
Vitæ Feb 2021
I dive into the boundless ocean of your eyes.
And swim in the sea of your love.
When it overcomes my lungs,
I will meet my end with an inexorable wave
  And drown between the light of the surface
and darkness of the depths.
Inspired by a quote from Sebastian Junger's 'The Perfect Storm', "The instinct not to breathe underwater is so strong that it overcomes the agony of running out of air. No matter how desperate the drowning person is, he doesn't inhale until he’s on the verge of losing consciousness"
May 2020 · 188
Vitæ May 2020
You are not without flaws
and this makes me
like you even more.
Aug 2016 · 699
With mine
Vitæ Aug 2016
You fill me,
with your  eyes,
so I
gaze at you
with mine.

You trust me
with all your heart,
so I
entrust you
with mine.

You love me
deep in your soul,
and I
love you with
all of mine.
Oct 2015 · 329
Stars on the Water
Vitæ Oct 2015
You stretch above me like a starry blanket
and I
the waters still
a mere reflection of your majesty.
Inspired by someone's name which meant 'stars on the water' in Māori.
May 2015 · 971
Vitæ May 2015
A hummingbird like time,
unforgiving it is, beloved,
let us fall prey to its charms
just for a while.
Stay, until the
fires below erupt
unto a thousand years
leaving behind us,
trails of golden
Oct 2014 · 294
Vitæ Oct 2014
Because you gave me life,
I kneel down at your side
with my hand on yours,
my lips on yours
and a whisper of mortality
in between.
Aug 2014 · 429
Head to tail
Vitæ Aug 2014
like the twirl of a coin, this heart
quivers and falls, slowly
until you spin me again.
I was heavily into the music of Irish guitarist, Rory Gallagher, at the time. This is directly inspired by his song, 'I Fall Apart'
Dec 2013 · 7.2k
Vitæ Dec 2013
Moth, dancing moth,
dance to the light. Dance to the death.
Break those wings to free the flight,
the sea is far and here is no hearth, not here.

Fly, moth, fly
away from the lilted breeze so to breathe easy.
Your heart is in shock; Moth, go back to
from where you come.

Moth, falling moth,
no crevice in sight, dear moth—where has your illusion
gone? Moth don’t waste time, hurry yourself and
cease the end, in through the spaces and far from time.

Wingless moth, pained.
The light shines only on you. What disturbance (perturbing the soul)
held moth back?
This was inspired by Nick Drake, whose music I listened voraciously around 2012-2013, 'Things behind the Sun' is one of my favourites.

This piece can also be found in my old repository:
Nov 2013 · 558
Prelude I
Vitæ Nov 2013
Come along now,
Come and let me walk
With you.

Walk by my side
Walk in the endless night
‘Till the moon reaches its zenith, the stars
Bequeath us their shine.
Trees are obscurities above our eyes;
They keep us away, far away
From all that is menacing.

I lie on the ground, on the grass,
Where the milk of the sky
Has drenched the pathways
On which our footsteps breathe
The key that resides
In your pocket quietly rattles,
So to speak the song
Of nightingales and wraithlike winds
And hushed memoirs
Silently singing in the mind.

Hurry along now,
Into night’s sombre,
Outstretched arms and
I will follow.
This was inspired by W.B Yeats, E. Dickinson and Chopin, all figures from the romantic era. I remember writing this to Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 1

This piece can also be found in my old repository:

— The End —