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Vitæ 2d
We swim inside
the balsamic moon
rippling in laughter,
from the meeting
of our bodies still
in water,
touched by life
but not by time,
Together, we sail
in silver currents
circling bends
slowly as the river
that once carried us
empties into an
ocean dream, and
like sediments too,
we distill into
For those of us born under a waning crescent
Vitæ Mar 10
His blade
is a stainless mirror
with edges tempered
to bend and breathe
a mortal whisper.

It cuts perfectly inside
the one who crosses the night,
restlessly tearing its blinding veil
for a glimpse of tomorrow's light.

The wanderer sleeps
with the enemy within,
ready to pierce his life
in a single dream

and so he enters —unafraid,
the endless doors of undoing,
for all that empties into the blade
is a lightness of his own becoming.

Deep the wounds may be
yet he never bleeds;
His blade is an undying breath
when Death follows beyond him.
Vitæ Feb 7
You live
in the cells of me
suspended in
radiant light

like roots resting
under a willow tree
weeping silently
into bloodstream

or softness planted
in summer rain
blooming petals
on a pulsing vein

beneath soil
rich with life,
all leaf, insect
and cell
are One

You —
are a garden
quietly living
as the Sun.
Vitæ Jan 25
𝒪 𝓅 𝑒 𝓃  to Love
and what it means
to be cracked in places
where Life has been,
worn out yet carrying
the extraordinary
in all things
Vitæ Nov 2023
This Summer I hope to see
the fruits of laboured Spring
grow from Winter's embrace
and Fall into everything.
Vitæ Nov 2023
the Moon
absent of light
loyal echo of the
Sun heard across
the night
Vitæ Nov 2023
Wandering the field of his body
arched in rising sunbeam,
her fingers trail the valley of
his wildflower skin.

Veins bend like strokes of river stream
weaving through rolling haze,
raw forest of tangled dreams
brush across his waking gaze.

Like distant hills sleeping inside
soft blankets of Spring,
she lies on his delicate shape
sinking into the infinite landscape
of him.
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