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 Feb 2018
I am caught
By a net of promising words
Lured in by your luminous character
Convinced by your hollow smile

Your affection like venom
Numbing my senses of right and wrong
Unexpected actions
Turned my world upside down

You've done well...
I've been infected...

Now let me cure these feelings
Sometimes certain persons just catch you off guard and feelings emerge, where no feelings are wanted.
 Dec 2017
DaSH the Hopeful
And try to light em underneath an ocean's worth of crude oil
      That is forcing it's way into my lungs
            My high hopes hung their heads in the past as they waited to be hanged

               But now the concept of life felt empty and displayed itself as a delay
        A casual lack of oxygen shut off all process in the brain

                 And we are on our way.


                      in the depths
              And the darkness fades to grey,
           **A less ambivalent shade.
 Nov 2017
DaSH the Hopeful
I etched patterns into a tree with a pocket knife that had a red plastic handle
            Indentions such as these never stay
            Yet eternally we press against the world

        Hoping to make a mark that will shine in the daylight and glow in the dark

           I'm a shriveled slice of the Americana pie
      With my soul on a swivel and the devil in my eyes

       Life was a son of a ***** with fists that spat dirt when it spoke
                And it ONLY screamed.

   I'm somewhere between *David Duchovny
and Stephen King
      And I'm trying to rip up manuscripts that I didn't write and I don't know who did.

Goodnight America. My patterns will explain my existence more than I ever could.
 Nov 2017
DaSH the Hopeful
If you look at everything a little sideways

     You would be amazed at the intricate connections between everything in this life.

       **Everything is poetry, just as poetry is everything.
 Nov 2017
DaSH the Hopeful
You blend with shadows*
          And the cracks in sidewalks
                Brittle grime trickling down your hand
       You catch each bit between forefinger and thumb
    And turn them all into tiny broken men

           Stench streaming in smoke like ribbons
               Your skin is icicle cold
      But the smell ignites the sensory fears of those you draw close
Shattered skull love songs emit from your bones
    Calling all sinners to you to atone

You are the blackest person I know.
Not black by skin tone,
 Nov 2017
DaSH the Hopeful
I am like a man
That lives inside a very small cube
*And is deathly afraid of corners
 Oct 2017
DaSH the Hopeful
Tempestuous pestilence of manic depressive tendencies invested in a message cocked and loaded as a centerpiece

           Unfold it, if you will,

   The beast lives in these pages
  While the people all went home to their own separate cages
Locks become phones that never ring
  No bars but still encasing, these cells are in our genes
Its a prison of DNA strands unlocked with a paper key*
    Held firm by *words written within
the world awaits to see
You aren't what you are born into. You can sculpt yourself to become whatever you want and achieve artistic freedom.
 Oct 2017
If I would have surrendered myself
To your lingering presence
We would have lost
The morals we promised to adhere
Our passion we thought to never run dry

I needed to let you down
In order to save
Whatever is left of
Bittersweet Irony...
 Sep 2017
Two people,  a similar heart
Close in mind yet far apart

Many times I had my doubt
But the feelings you planted never got out

Subtle longing over time
Madness infests this body of mine

A word was enough to shake it all
How deep this time, will I have to fall?

You do not want to be alone
Late at night when you come home

I ask you where this is leading to?
As you respond "I hope it's you"
Sometimes it takes just one word to turn your world upside down.
 Aug 2017
DaSH the Hopeful
Stranger things have happened
The splitting of an atom led to all the Eves and Adams
We just keep climbing up this ladder
What happens when we reach the top of it
Does it matter?
Still, stranger things have happened
I hung myself with string theory gripped in madness
And visited the vast void dripped in blackness
Crippled past tense reminds us of what was
And how inevitable it is that everything gets crushed and
Deboned with time
My skeleton remains hesitant at 11:59
Still even stranger things have happened
I woke up as a lab rat with a hazmat and a gasmask
Phantom of the operating theater with the seats packed
Breathing in sterile air trying to feel the breeze
Strap my self into a gurney
To perform out of body surgery
I said I'd never turn the other cheek but
Stranger things have happened
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