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Scott 7d
Dark purple in my head
Cushioning gray matter

Dark purple in my chest
Beating to and fro

Dark purple in my gut
Filtering out so slow

Dark purple in my back
Liquid pouring through

Dark purple flowing in my veins
To gather more of breath

Dark purple close under skin
Covering muscles lying within

Dark purple means so much to us
It keeps us on our feet

Dark purple is the first in view
When death it does violently visit

Dark purple seeps outside the ear
When gunshots they do ring

Dark purple is the thing we bear
When gut wounds tear within

Dark purple is the thing we say
That first shows when skin does flay

Dark purple pools around the corpse
When throes of death do come

Dark purple seeps out of the head
When lo’ we are among the dead
So much of our bodies are dark purple.  It’s amazing how one color can permeate so much of us.
mae Feb 4
the blood drips thick red,
from my freshly done finger nails.
red like the lives wasted,
hearts broken days after this horrid holiday.

we celebrate the imprisonment of hearts,
and praise the ******.
shooting arrows into those unwilling,
killing the innocent,
by causing invigorating pain
disguised by hallucinogens.
making us believe that this was meant to be
dosage so high, the butterflies in our stomach making it seem as if we can fly,
is our organs crying for help.

we are dying and don't even know it.
for a holiday that will fade.
bright red for our favorite Valentine's Day.
Glass Jan 20
there have been sureties
not been able to suffer from avoidance;
contiguity and octave that when our hands compose
they become
a cistern prognosis that are
visibly shut
in there own organs waiting for
an unborn character to synchronize to an
upset weakness, and a
faltered selfish flavor that jolts into
a superstition of someones apathetic
disposition - "he's only in your mind"

- G
Chris Jan 4
Skin is but a thin, thin leaf,
Flesh is meat, and meat is good,
Bone is hard, but bone is sweet,
Under that, who knows, who could?

Blood is sour, blood is blue,
Veins are stringy, tasty too,
Heart's a muscle, not the soul,
And I don't mind even lungs at all.

Nerves are tender, tender things,
Pluck them, and make for spicy meal,
Play them as they were guitar strings,
And see how gourmet that soup would feel.

Eyes, oh eyes, exquisite blue,
(Brown and green as well will do,)
Look if what they see is true,
Look before I eat them too.
About human tendency to destroy others and enjoy.I am no different.
Madison Greene Dec 2018
if my father has taught me anything in twenty years
it is to avoid a man with any resemblance of him
and it's not that I feel sorry for myself but if we're being honest
he broke my mother's heart before mine was ever intact
and I was born trying to piece together a mess of a man with no intentions of being saved
because I believed every drunken "baby things will be different soon"
and I thought that if you loved someone it meant pulling them out of the pit they dug themself into
so I keep letting people fall temporarily in love with me
and trying to fill the gaps of my past with boys with their own open wounds
hoping my words are a scapel until they realize I'm just a human and not a surgeon
I just knew what it felt like to have your heart ripped into shreds before I even knew what organs were
Blade Maiden Aug 2018
I'd like to
become see-through
For people to
know who
is hiding underneath
how lungs breathe
how bones shiver
of the stolen liver
throat that has to swallow hard
each broken promise shard
stomach digesting
loneliness from life's endless questing
these veins red and blue
this heart beating true
I wish to be see-through
see-through for you

Without it I'm sure
I look so pure
Til you see me sing the most beautiful song
with blood on my tongue
Nick Stiltner Feb 2018
A Midnight bell rings through the night cloaked village.
The high standing clock tower has surveyed the night,
and deemed it high time to sing its chime.

A procession of men in crosses cloaked
sway forward with eyes searching dirt.
A humming unison, softly painting pictures
of mankind's final days.

Their humming chorus carries slowly down the empty streets,
an approaching fog creeping through the alleys,
smelling of soft odor sage.

Ever building ***** chimes build,
Frantic hands introduce each note to next
All culminating to its bitter end,
an apex, each note cryingly rings at once
deep into the fearful fox's core.
Poetic T Feb 2018
I'm a shallow pond of emptiness,
        but stones were pulled out
before this evaporation of self
                   was but a hollow echo.

Those stones were skimmed on
           the surfaces of others waters,
but where greeted as they sank beneath
              settling within the depths.

I was a collected in the pools of many,
        even though I faded the stones
of myself were collected in others.
                           they never evaporated.

"When one evaporates,
          our condensation will gather within others,

*"Rocks sometimes never dry but sink below others pools.
Jillian McLean Jan 2018
The heart and the brain are the most powerful organs.
The heart feels the most,
causes the pain and the love that everyone goes through.

But the brain,
it's a dangerous place
It contains all our memories, all our knowledge,
everything that happens to us,
is in our brain

But if infects our heart,
our thoughts mess with our feeling.
Celeste Briefs Nov 2017
Under the covers
Of my skin
Where viruses lurk
And DNA lives
I'm strangled
By the disorganization
Of the organs
In my soul

Deep in the hollows
Of my crystalline heart
DNA reigns dominant
Taking me apart
And putting me together
All at once
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