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6.4k · Nov 2016
Aynjul Nov 2016
The door is open.
Your standing on a mat
That says "Welcome"
The house is empty
There's all kinds of space
I'm standing with tools in my arms
And I can tell by the look on your face,

There's work that needs to be done,
and I should walk-
not run

-To call this home.
But it's gonna be ok.
I could do this on my own?

I love being alone,

I just hate feeling it.
3.2k · Oct 2016
"Kisses" by Kisses
Aynjul Oct 2016
Your kisses made life easier to solve.

I am so glad you were mine
I lost you again
I am so glad we stopped time
more then a friend
I am ruining your life by staying around
I know that I should leave town
This song I sing has a great sound
"Does "I love you" change a thing?"
"Does "I love you" change a thing?"
but lets be real.
Your kisses shouldn't be wasted
Don't put your heart at rest,
Don't waste your love on me,
Because whoever loves you better,
Forever, deserves the best;

Life is a puzzle
your kisses;
were the greatest pieces of mine.
I will never be complete again.

but someone will
Let her grow
1.8k · Mar 2017
To be honest
Aynjul Mar 2017
The day you let me go,
felt like I took off into space

With nothing left but memories and unaware of whats out there..

& now
you fuel
The rest
of my
Into the depth of time.
My love.
1.3k · May 2015
Interstellar Travel.
Aynjul May 2015
You can skip me across time
like a pebble dashes across the water
change my
physical features,
the person who i once was,
until time and gravity decide its time for me to sink.
but no matter the space and time,
my love for you will be the reason I traveled so far.
remember me.
1.1k · Jun 2017
Your just a Thought away
Aynjul Jun 2017
I'm currently 2,500 miles away
Sitting on a rooftop in the city on a cloudy day
Yet, Nothing felt more like home
Then being alone.
Alone in this...
They say time heals all, distance makes the heart grow fonder, yet true love never stops growing ?

Happy anniversary
Aynjul Oct 2016
When I play music from my phone,
I delete songs
not because you were apart of that moment
I just don't like the left side of my chest
feeling like I'm falling out of the sky

When I'm trying to pick up the pieces...
Come back to me... *remove from playlist*
793 · Nov 2015
Stop the Hate
Aynjul Nov 2015
I don't understand terrorist, their purpose;
It makes me binge, makes my eyes red, my heart shake.
I get this tingle sensation down my spine
when there's a headline that revolves around the word 'Attack'.
like i should be watching my back.
I've read books about that guy,
and its done nothing but boil my blood.
What could you do but mourn...
& I hate to leave you off like this;
but in moments like these,
all I ever feel, only last so long.
then time takes over
and I'm stuck in these loopholes of epiphanies
realizing what I have compared to what the world once had
and then,
Life just continues.
it drifts me
into this dark. deep. abyss of questions,
purpose, & fate.

so please, stop the hate.
571 · Oct 2016
I'm sorry
Aynjul Oct 2016
It's not the fact that you are gone,
It's that the world
didn't stop

When mine did.
544 · Dec 2018
The Slight Chance
Aynjul Dec 2018
I stare at the back of [insert her/his hairstyle here]
my heart explodes, holds its breath
as I expect the face of you

but then,
life: resumes

& my search

It might be you
Aynjul Apr 2018
Since when is it okay
To feel indifferent
I've kept my heart away
And now my mental health is distant
I am lost.

And that use to be fun
But its gone too far..

Who have I become.
485 · Sep 2016
This World,
Aynjul Sep 2016
Not "society and people";
I'm talking this Earth
Has seen billions of species
then die.
for thousands and thousands of years.
To her,
were just another Lifespan,

And I'm over here worried how I can make a difference...
341 · Jun 2017
set it free, let it go
Aynjul Jun 2017
Without you
   I could Touch the sky
& my mind is free
With you
   I was dancing with the stars
& my heart,
was already floating in space
I am stubborn and ******. my heart will ware and tear apart before it lets you go.
326 · Apr 2018
Waiting, impatiently
Aynjul Apr 2018
If you reach
I won't deny
If you fall
You won't be alone
And I can honestly say
You will always have a home.

I'm not going
but up
318 · Jun 2017
Souvenirs - Swimming Tapes
Aynjul Jun 2017
Whenever I hear new music,
its like the artist knows
Missing you hurts.
out of all The Life my heart holds for you
I don't know how to let it out..
for now,
I just bleed words that cant rhyme
Lyrics, melodies, beats and time-
and nothing can tame my heart

but hopefully My poetry will reach yours
Feeling music is not the same as it was when I looked at you almost everyday
221 · Jan 2018
Aynjul Jan 2018
looking at you
is like
staring down a open road
197 · Apr 2018
If only
Aynjul Apr 2018
our intentions

were clearly spoken.

I wouldn't be on edge
(yet again)
Aching and broken

— The End —