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Aynjul Jan 2

does what I love
spoils me with that stuff
brings me up when I'm under pressure
release the pain with sentimental gestures
gives me criticism with no disrespect
texts me every hour to try to connect
drives by my house to check if I'm okay
drops off things that remind me
she Fights for me everyday

...if that was her..
I would appreciate the [Title].
You know whats funny? We tend too want that from the wrong person..

listening to "How Can I love you?" - Yellow Days
Aynjul Dec 2018
I stare at the back of [insert her/his hairstyle here]
my heart explodes, holds its breath
as I expect the face of you

but then,
life: resumes

& my search has no results...
It might be you
Aynjul Apr 2018
our intentions

were clearly spoken.

I wouldn't be on edge
(yet again)
Aching and broken
Aynjul Apr 2018
If you reach
I won't deny
If you fall
You won't be alone
And I can honestly say
You will always have a home.

I'm not going
but up
Aynjul Apr 2018
Since when is it okay
To feel indifferent
I've kept my heart away
And now my mental health is distant
I am lost.

And that use to be fun
But its gone too far..

Who have I become.
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