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Aynjul Jul 7
Worries on hold
Time, feels timeless.
Anxiety is gone
when actions are mindless

Like coal in the flames
The people I love-
Give me the warm feeling
             I won't die out so soon.

a piece of me still
Wishes u we're apart of that.
idk this was a rough cut but whatever , there is something here.
Aynjul Jul 3
i got defensive,
when someone told me they can relate that I am 'slightly' depressed

Just because I don't want to talk to anyone and these emotions are suppressed?


I don't have anything to confess.
but thanks for relating I guess
things arent easy to forget
Aynjul Jul 2
I dont wanna swipe for girls
I dont tap for likes

Its honestly sickening
-the temptation to mindlessly scroll.
what a waste of my vision
-when really I am being my own troll
Aynjul Jul 2
The way you looked at me use to be a sun rise.
as the world turned,
i was not the one
to keep it
"sometimes, I still need you"
Aynjul Jun 17
i was given Light
the moment your voice hit my ears
i was taught life
when seconds with you turned to years
your personal wisdom
gave me patience and strength
The Stages of time
brought me fear of its length
weather it be natural causes or Abnormal Cells
I never bid,
      the moments we lived,
                               my farewells.
its what makes us all the same.
we all have to go.
love you. forever.
Aynjul Apr 2018
our intentions

were clearly spoken.

I wouldn't be on edge
(yet again)
Aching and broken
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