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Aynjul Apr 2020
stop looking outside.
focus on where it starts
discover yourself in ways
no one can find for you.
let the world spin,
go back to your roots
and dont let yourself get the best of you
it aint bad to shake hands with yourself sometimes
Aynjul Apr 2020
I am told not too,
holding back is unbearable
yesterday never felt so close
as tears of gratitude fall
I pour out my heart,
and run to you
even if its
against the law.
we really are breaking the rules here.
were not suppose to be together.
Aynjul Feb 2020
Scared of desire
disgusted with trust
turned into someone else-
I discovered rationality in the sense of apathy
leaving that burning house we called ours,
made me see,
the "green eyed monster"
was not you,
but it was inside me
Aynjul Feb 2020
I realized
-as you weren't working
-and telling me about your life

Roots adapt to the environment around them.
like how we handle ourselves to the things we cant control
I am happy u express yourself, and I do in exchange
they say friendship is 2 bodies as 1 soul
even at "my age", I still think growing is strange..
as we gather the wisdom
to know the difference,
between the things we can, and cannot change
hey Google whats the serenity prayer
-to the performance artist
Aynjul Feb 2020
She helps me forget about you.
She keeps me up
    With her air
With her intoxication
She helps me

But not like you did.
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