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Lainey Aug 16
I left you at the hospital, the tears were yet undried.
Brave and yet so fragile, fighting by her side.
If I had a magic wand, I’d cast a healing spell,
turn back the clock to Summer past,
her body strong and well.
If hopes and love surrounding you could vanquish fear and pain,
this unified embrace would hold again and again.
I know that you’ve felt lonely, although you’re not alone.
Please reach out when you need someone, don’t face this on your own.
My wish for you is simple – that you one day truly feel; that with all the better things that passed; this time was barely real.
Dedicated to a friend who is one tough mother.
Lainey Jul 24
Still alive in memories
Thought of fondly, though years pass
Part of your family’s history
Loving hearts still hold you fast.
Aynjul Jun 17
i was given Light
the moment your voice hit my ears
i was taught life
when seconds with you turned to years
your personal wisdom
gave me patience and strength
The Stages of time
brought me fear of its length
weather it be natural causes or Abnormal Cells
I never bid,
      the moments we lived,
                               my farewells.
its what makes us all the same.
we all have to go.
love you. forever.
Lainey Jun 17
The brave ones wield their mettle,
yet again not settling for defeat.
Retreat is not a choice!
Though their voices shake; they speak their truth.
Strong and weak.
Age and Youth.
This poem is about a friend of mine who is by her daughter’s side as she fights bone cancer
The Ripper Jun 2016
It's a Black horse
You can't deny it
Pins you real good
It's so quiet
Gaining Kingdom
Prime lymph node real estate
Late night cold shakes
Tried to hide it

It's a Black horse
Novv let's ride it
Beast is tiring
As it's striding
Losing Kingdom
Bring the chemo
&& **** this black horse
Laura Klawiter Jun 2016
I want to carry you,
Pick you up when you are down, beaten to the ground
With nothing left in you but rage, sorrow, and pain.
I want to wrap you in my arms,
Wrap you so tight,
Squeeze this melancholy out of our lives.
I want to tell you, “It’s okay”
Even though I know it’s not.

But I can’t utter these words,
They will not roll off my tongue and through my dry, cracked lips.
They are stuck, lodged, deep in my throat.
Choking me.
Failing me.
And even worse--failing you.

— The End —