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Dec 2018 · 345
Mona Dec 2018
I travel through your brain waves
The static distorts your words
Emotions blow like pollen
Creating opposite reactions

Years of being a recipient
Finally I’m immune
‘‘Tis all fleeting you see
Shallow and brief engagements

What I seek was never outside
Never inside another either
‘‘Twas always beyond you and I
Somewhere deep and far
Dec 2018 · 201
Beyond the Seek
Mona Dec 2018
I travel through your brain waves
The static distorts your words
Emotions blow like pollen
Creating opposite reactions

Years of being a recipient
Finally I’m immune
‘‘Tis all fleeting you see
Shallow and brief engagements

What I seek was never outside
Never inside another either
‘‘Twas always beyond you and I
Somewhere deep and far
Nov 2018 · 159
Stages of UnLove
Mona Nov 2018
Heart broken full of anger and rage
All those moments that were wrong
Words resound like demonic screams
A fool you think you are; rage

Time passes news is cut off
Tears fall for those moments of one
The day you got caught in the rain
The time you sheltered in their arms

Pain somewhere in the chest
You’re breathing but so dead
Nights are the worst without them
You do stupid stuff to forget and move on

You’re losing yourself in all the wrong
You’re both in separate black holes
Hope fast fading away as legs get heavy
You’ve burnt all the bridges

Resign and sink into this doldrums
History stays but mostly as stories
Trying to open your heard it’s locked tight
Nothing moves you beyond a smile

Rage, sadness and resignation
These I know well
What is next I wish I knew
Someone please do tell
Mona Oct 2018
Another desperate and dark night
You cradle your pain and resign
Trade hope and joy for this pain
Guilt dances with regret

You took a dive into the magic glass
The space of nothing that numbs
There she was all laughter and dance
Strobe light to your lost soul

As you reach to hold her in your arms
Like a breeze she slips till morning comes
Running the track of your mind
The wild woman captured your heart
Sep 2018 · 266
Time Heals Nothing
Mona Sep 2018
I did everything to forget
Chased the sun until it set
Swam across the oceans
It did not quell my emotions

My tears fell till they dried
As my heart ached till it died
Nothing took me away from you
No matter what I did I was blue

Every breath I take in my chest aches
Memories of all the pain and mistakes
I left everything and walked your path
Now I can’t clear the mess of the aftermath

I want to be good and feel kind again
Love was never supposed to be a sin
But you left me only a destroyed heart
I’m too old for the razor and body art

A million sunrises will not erase
My memory of your beautiful face
Time in its entirety won’t move me
From the greatest love that wasn’t to be
Sep 2018 · 267
The Serpent's Burrow
Mona Sep 2018
If only I could go back in time
That moment when my heart
Beat loud like a Djembe drum
When I danced under the moon

I was a powerful wind
Going through everything I saw
I touched and changed lives
With a kiss and a gentle smile

The serpent from its burrow slithered
Into my naïve unassuming arms
Venom slowly seeping into my veins
Turning my breeze to acid rain

My freedom stolen and my touch a burn
Nowhere to turn and no way to give
I hide in the burrow with the serpent
Waiting, waiting for one of us to **** the other
Sep 2018 · 218
Mona Sep 2018
We could have stayed in Eden
In that garden small and hidden
My poems and your strings
Verse and rhyme our offspring

How they play happily and laugh
The perfect postcard photograph
Looking lovingly at each other
This happiness my love is forever

The stars that lit our night
How we danced till day light
If only I read the words in the sky
This was our end, our goodbye

Now Eden has transformed to HellDen
Sep 2018 · 258
Die to Live
Mona Sep 2018
I took a pill too many
Trying to forget you
I fell into a deep void
My heart stopped
I knew then your pain ended
Sep 2018 · 193
Modern RelationShit
Mona Sep 2018
You don’t want commitment
I am not a prepaid affair
Lets try this out first you say
There is a no refund on me

Lets get some things straight

If you’re a cheating player
I won’t be your playing field
I’m not a confessional
Your lies are not forgiven here

No masks allowed on my stage
Don’t sell me your fake ****
Break my heart and leave
I won’t be a post you can delete

I will give you my love, my all
Unattended you lose me
Love is but a fair trade
You get what you give.

I’m done with modern relationshit
Aug 2018 · 385
Social Media Clown
Mona Aug 2018
You’re so fundamentally fake
Do you even know who you are
A clown who thinks he’s a star
A jester entertaining fools

Go on post your **** online
Let them see your happiness
In a boomerang shot hide your loneliness
It’s all about the robot followers

Chase the mirage and get breathless
You’re blind, deaf and dumb babe
Shallow, hollow and so empty
When they get bored they will spit you

Everyone is here to forget
Like millions before and after
You are simply a can of laughter
What rises will and must fall

Call it life
Aug 2018 · 1.3k
Mona Aug 2018
You know how I made you beautiful
Because I loved you?
Well, I've removed the filter
Now you're just meh.
Aug 2018 · 264
Mona Aug 2018
I don’t trade in ******* and twisted words
Don’t accept lies as payment or reward
I offered truth and genuine caring
You laughed and pretended to . . .

It takes a real coward to hurt a pure soul
The kind of vulture that’s too lazy to fight
You will never find another like me
You get what you give and your coffer is empty

Don’t go looking to take what’s not yours
Building your soul by robbing others
You are imprisoned in your own misery
No one my friend has the key to set you free

Choose to love, be kind and give
In that liberty lives abundantly
You hold in, hold back and retreat
Are you some foolish player or deceit?

Alone, lonely and hollow you will roam
Screaming for help but only you can hear
Your ego has built a wall around you
Let’s see how u get out of this one

Don’t fool yourself and think you’re honest
Honesty is generous but you offer naught
Small acts of seemingly kindness you think?
Look closely and find your selfishness

It’s all done to make you feel better
Do you really feel better now?
I didn’t think so, because I saw your face
Your shallow honour and deep disgrace

I accepted and gave you my hand
Always willing to love what no one can
You left me suspended in nothingness
Now I leave you in your emptiness
Aug 2018 · 252
Beautiful Woman
Mona Aug 2018
Beautiful Woman

You met, and you were all woman
****, radiant and intriguing
He was ok and pushed the right buttons
You married him hoping for a forever

He filled you with children
They invaded your body and life
He stepped back wondering who you are
You tried harder to maintain your past

You both filled the void with logistics
Your bed is lukewarm at best
Time is a friend to no one
You lost your woman along the way

He got busy running through life
Slowly, fast you withered away
No shine or lustre left on your skin
You want to know where he’s been

Take a dive into yourself again
Remember how great you really are
Be defined by what makes you happy
The world will follow you, it always has

Find your woman and bring her out
You are more than a wife, a mother or whatever
Let the world see your bright light
Face their darkness and shout out loud

“I am a beautiful woman.”
Aug 2018 · 315
You're Dead to me
Mona Aug 2018
You’re dead to me

Babe you’re dead to me
You killed yourself and I buried you
There was nobody but the two of us
Your corpse and my broken heart

All your lies, and twisted stories
Stood laughing as you hit the ground
My tears were the dirt that covered you
Now you end and perish eternally

No more you, no more me. We is dead
Too long was your life of deceit
A path of misery paved by your feet
Now you end and now you’re dead

Goodbye oh thorn in my heart
This pain, this wound will heal
You will not be resurrected any day
Reincarnation will not be your end

The dirt, darkness and mould your friend
You can’t speak, hear or see again
Like you stumped my love be stumped
Let this grave squeeze your bones

You’re dead to me

— The End —