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 Dec 2018 Mona
self love
 Dec 2018 Mona
yesterday i realized
i learned self love from my father,
he so deeply depends on others to make him feel complete.
 Dec 2018 Mona
Salmabanu Hatim
I had two mums,
My mum and my dad without a beard,
Then, he gifted himself a beard,
Now he looks beardsome awesome.
 Dec 2018 Mona
Salmabanu Hatim
The farm girl sat on the window sill,
Overlooking the hill,
Looked at the sunset, a tangerine glow,
Beautiful,she wanted to draw,
But, mummy said,"Time to sleep."
"Bleat,bleat, bleated the sheep,
In the stable the horses neighed
Grandpa sighed,
The cows in the barn mooed,
The oxen lowed,
Little one,time to go to bed,
Sweet dreams for you lie ahead,
Goodbye most beloved, good night,
Sleep tight,
And on the farm all was quiet.
 Dec 2018 Mona
Salmabanu Hatim
He loved her so much,
I was overwhelmed,
I prayed his love would find a place in her heart,
I never dreamt he would be punished instead for his love,
One can never imagine such a sweet girl like her  could betray him.
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