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I find it frightening, that the light in an image could be altered so much so that, not even I recognize my own face because it looks so much brighter, so much happier.
Jojo Mike Oct 2018
Have you forgotten who you are?
Has the world changed your mind set?
Do you doubt who your father is?
Aren’t you a daughter to a king?
Why won’t you believe you’re beautiful?
You put filters on your photos
But now you have filters on your heart
So no one could see how you feel
You smile a perfect smile
But you know you are breaking apart
Your perfect life
Demands constant upgrades
Demands perfect emotions
You cut off real friends
Replace them with people
You gossip about
But its ok society demands and approves
You’re so used to filtered life
That you’ve forgotten how to live
Your emotions are filtered
That you don’t remember
How it is to feel
You are so focused
To please others
That you have forgotten
You are a kings daughter
You have abandoned your throne
To please peasants
You have forgotten your origin
But is it worth it?
You only live once
So why live a filtered life
You miss your throne
But to you picking up your crown
Means losing frenemies
To you sitting on your throne
Means feeling and living
And some how that’s a bad thing
Because society won’t approve
Dear Queen
Society is a hungry bottomless pit
It will never be satisfied
It will never approve
All it does is take
**** you dry till you’re empty
As a Queen you have so much to offer
But you can’t offer much
While you care what society thinks
You must sit on your throne
And show the Society what YOU think
Because that’s who you are
A Queen who knows her worth
Mona Aug 2018
You know how I made you beautiful
Because I loved you?
Well, I've removed the filter
Now you're just meh.
Gioo Mar 2017
I have you in my sight
Time to take that picture
Saving it with your name
So you can look yourself up

Tell me where you are now
I need to know for your safety
Forget about privacy
Everyone's life is becoming an open book

Film all of your surroundings
to give memories more meaning
You look so much more happier
with that shining bright filter on

Slave of the new media
Need to confirm my existence
So please give me your opinion
to make my wasted days count

Conversations made
through meaningless stares at the screen
Real emotions never shown
Only delivered

Have you heard the news?
Why are you ignoring me?
Because everybody else has heard
about the truth of my lies
Sam Dec 2016
They look through their black and white glasses.
See what the desire, what they want.
Their entire world, on grey scale.

They look through their filters.
See what they think you want to see.
Their entire world, primary colors.

They look on the outside world.
See what you both want to see.
Their entire world, a dazzling rainbow.
Inspiration goes to a friend of mine who gets a lot of the same questions I'm starting to get.

You are only truly close to someone, when you can love the rainbow that makes them happy.
SassyJ Jul 2016
Energetic vampires crucify as
their feet sink on the ground
arms afloat in fits pounding
their body is entirely hammered
to sit in conclusions of others
Their form is a liquid chameleon
one that flows like a gel of misery
Their emotions are on the gear drive
like dying wax on a gassed chamber

These dark energies are permeable
as their existence fasten death
on our calm natured souls
Their doom is a constant taunt
a blackened hole of dark form
The horn they raise is evil
like an adventure wire of unbalance
For my destiny I hold them not

Their eyes of desire vibrate
like a treasure of lost beads
They beat in a sack and ****
as we duck on the underpass
Their nails are hardened and long
as they gnaw all that is not theirs
Their teeth protrude and grind
grounded in the egoistical trespass

Their palms are calloused and aged
prearrange in a planned plot
Their aura electrified to burn
spreading a life threatening smoke
that haze of the unnamed display
As one rolls like a wrestled ball

Let go and rise up from the witched prey
Tilt the strength and dull their day
Filter their strength from your glory
Shadow them with the light and shine
*Go beyond, fly above, as they live below
Georgia Owen Apr 2015
Checking for mail...
Updated just now.
Checking for mail...
Updated just now.
Checking for mail...
Updated just now.
Samara Kae Gibbs Sep 2014
Light filters through the holes in our hearts.
That is when you know that you have been hurt:
*When love can still escape your brokenness.
Violet Aug 2014
The real world is dying and no one understands why,
maybe because we are raised by the internet,
inspired by illusions,
focused on filters,
and think hollywood is the sky.

No time to look each other in the eye and talk about your perspective on life,

you only know how much they loved you when you die
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