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Aug 2022 · 1.7k
Cathy Devan Aug 2022
These scars are my momentos
Kiss every inch to my toes
Drain my sorrow with your love
Be my dark desire my love
Nov 2021 · 619
Cathy Devan Nov 2021
I never write love poems
This isn't one either
It's my heart desire
It's my last note
I hope you could visit
Sit on the gravel
Tell me about your day
Life, new family
Wipe the dust off
Place a fresh bunch of lillies
Oct 2021 · 1.2k
Ghost language.Love letter
Cathy Devan Oct 2021
I wrote a loveletter to my ghost
I hope this finds you fine
Don't brush me off yet
I hope you kept that smile
The scars that grazed past my skin
They were my momentos
Hover over my loved ones
Be a guardian Angel
And when they ask about me
Or their hearts shatter
Because of our memories
Remind them to hang on
The good times
Make the lights flicker
Or shake the granny clock
On our chipped wall in the living room
That's the language of the ghosts
Ain't it?
©Cathy Devan
Ig rogue lover
Aug 2021 · 389
Cathy Devan Aug 2021
My head is heavy
The earth is void
The vultures await
My body is weak
Hunger devours
My legs shake
Covered in dust
This is my last prayer
Darkness overwhelms,
My whole being
Aug 2021 · 1.7k
Cathy Devan Aug 2021
She danced to the rumbles of the waves,
Her waist meandered to the roars of the waters,
She whistled to the sounds of sea gulls,
And nodded to the rasps of baby *****,
She set her body loose,
On fire she rode her highs,
Came to a mind shattering rush,
Toe curling end,
As her spirit left her body,
And all reason left her mind.
Aug 2021 · 916
Cathy Devan Aug 2021
My mother dresses me in gowns,
stockings, fleece jackets,
She pulls my hair up into a ponytail,
sometimes braids it into conrows,
She spanks my *** when i mess it,
She scolds when my outfit is ***** or greasy,

My father lives in the South side,
He dresses me in a suit and tie,
He likes my hair in a bun,
On the weekends he likes me in sweatpants and a tee-shirt,
***** and greasy in his garage,

I like me having a choice,
I want me on overalls, shorts, jeans and african print on Sundays,
I like my hair messy and short,
I hate the society norms
Feels like the society at large has already made decisions on how to live
Aug 2021 · 616
Wish note
Cathy Devan Aug 2021
And if tomorrow comes,
Remember to light the candles,
Release lanterns to the sky,
Read the poems I wrote,
Display my paintings,
Celebrate the good times,

Because tomorrow I will hide my face,
And fight in the shadows,

I will still be here
Jul 2021 · 560
At a glance
Cathy Devan Jul 2021
At a glance
I saw a gigantic figure swaying
Stopped to watch it vanish
At glance it became my lost friend

I was taken a back to childhood
In childhood games hide and seek
But now fully grown with influence
Moving melodically with my fiancé

So not of same nature frail in solitude
God our maker with lots of gratitude
Later we were sailing in the boat of grace
Celebrating in the same boat of life fragrance
Fell in love with my lost friend
Jul 2021 · 1.1k
The Unknown
Cathy Devan Jul 2021
I ran away but i fell
My darkened soul
Couldn't let me rise
The ocean waves swept
And sank me in the dark
But my darkened soul
Was not in fear
I held onto, waiting for death
But I saw the sun shining
I guess there isnt an end for me
Jul 2021 · 474
writer's block
Cathy Devan Jul 2021
what do i write
is it because i have nothing to write
or because i have a lot of things to write about
i just started to write just so i can fill the paper
and it's not empty
let me stop because i will fill the whole book and i have borrowed it
©Grace Njeri
Jul 2021 · 667
Cathy Devan Jul 2021
She sets the dinner table
Sits down and places a napkin on her laps
Fills her wine glass and
With every sip of gasoline
She sparks a conversation
With the demons awakened
By the ruins of her childhood
Jul 2021 · 138
Take heart
Cathy Devan Jul 2021
I dont reminisce this typpa love that comes and go
I would rather be a b** *** that what you gonna call me  after i trip away
This love ***** and its **** even harder after heartbreak
You  only live once
Dont stress over one lil body yet the world got over 7 billion people.
Jul 2021 · 734
On paper
Cathy Devan Jul 2021
She wishes she was a cave,
So she could echo back,
Her poetry,
On paper,
Or maybe leprechaun,
Could summon her writer spirit,
And she would bleed,
On paper,
Like before,
When she felt weightless,
Like paper,
And free like the wind.
©Cathy Devan
Jul 2021 · 453
The end
Cathy Devan Jul 2021
Alone, nowhere to go
I call it the end
Wait for it

My sister wrote this☺
She is 13
May 2020 · 96
The Clay model.
Cathy Devan May 2020
He had a crooked smile
Disfigured nose
Hair,like small grains of rice
He wore his heart on his sleeves
Unevenly woven
Pieces missing

The clay model of him
Lay beside me
As I contemplated breaking him more
Like he did me
I like it that he 'feels' how I feel
Maybe this is the first step
To healing my broken feelings
May 2020 · 67
Cathy Devan May 2020
Shreds of black hair
Lay littered beside the cesspool
Of the dried blood
The smell was filthy
Carpet stained
Broken razors lay
In a rusty plate
That was filled
With half smoked blunts
Wet ashes
Half burnt notes
Burnt matches
The small candle lit
Gloriously on
The bedside table
The only sign of life
In the small unkempt room
The remains of a depressed
Town girl,a hottie
Rumors had it
Bundled notes were found
Tucked under her three
Pound mattress
Maybe it wasn't suicide after all
But then maybe it was
Poems I wish I could explain what I was writing
May 2020 · 2.7k
Cathy Devan May 2020
He penned
To the girl
With the
Braided hair
Shiny nose ring
A black rose tattoo
On her ankle
A damaged soul
With half cresent smiles
Crookedly woven smiles
Who always rejected
His advances
Maybe because of
Trust and daddy issues
That haunted
Her dark heart and colorful mind.
@roguelover in mirakee
It's always the damaged girl you tryna get💔
Apr 2020 · 53
Cathy Devan Apr 2020
The swings
In the park
Share our
Little kisses
Mushy Caresses
©Roguelover#Cathy Devan
Apr 2020 · 1.2k
Cathy Devan Apr 2020
She hangs nudes on her wall
Of a society vulnerable
A people helpless
Of a dawn they hope
To array their fears
Their sorrows console
And vanish their misery
A naked society...hopeless...Nudes often make you vulnerable in one way or another
Apr 2020 · 63
The Poet
Cathy Devan Apr 2020
He wrote till dusk
A perfect rhyme
A haiku
Only it was his death note
Mar 2020 · 58
Cathy Devan Mar 2020
Life flies like a bee
Searching for nectar
Lacks and misses
As life is
Expriences relays more
Life a myth
Prudence the answer.
Mar 2020 · 52
Not yet better
Cathy Devan Mar 2020
She hurls insults
Full of bitterness
Loathed with sadness
And a pinch of darkness
To the gods
That promised a better over morrow
To the songs
That cover her bruises no more
To the stars
That are filled with hope that no longer exists
Feb 2020 · 166
Cathy Devan Feb 2020
She hides behind the poems
That lay in her draft
Screaming to be published
Just publish the draft let them know you
Feb 2020 · 51
Cathy Devan Feb 2020
I don't really care where you go as long as you are out of my head😔
Trying to get out
Feb 2020 · 55
Cathy Devan Feb 2020
I fell in love with an angel,
My demons are singing praises.
True emotions are always blended with a dark mix.
Jan 2020 · 120
Cathy Devan Jan 2020
I painted her face on the mural,
Her cheekbones sharp,
Her smile crescent,
Her eyes radiant,
Her mind vague,
Her soul restless,
Her heart broken💔
What we choose to hide
Jan 2020 · 45
White rose.
Cathy Devan Jan 2020
I plucked a white rose,
In the graveyard.

— The End —