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Jenn Dec 2018
i feel i look better
in a filter
but my favorite filter:
the cast of red light
on my face
at an intersection
while on the way home to you
Lost Nov 2018
"I never had much interest in the heavens
But last night, a streak of light shot past Orion

They say that a shooting star can grant your wish
So as this bolt flew from the hunter's bow

You were the only beacon in my mind
However, I think I'll look to the sky again

Perhaps a broken lover obtained their wish
Or perhaps I stole the opportunity from another

The fact I know:
I will wish on every star until my love is returned"
My fiancé wrote this poem for me 2 years ago
Talia Oct 2018
I'll just wait 'till I die,
and I'll meet you by a bench somewhere in the afterlife;
We can just sit there and watch the world burn for all eternity.
20:45 - Oct 09
DancingEnt Jul 2018
You ask me who you are
and I am left speechless
Because words will never describe
The you that I see.

You are someone who asks questions
You boldly go where no man has gone
You are a person who stands up for the right
But keep an open mind about what that may be.

You love with all your heart
but you still keep it guarded
You have a laugh that fills a room
Because it is boisterous and beautiful.

You feel deeply and stronger
than anyone I have ever known
Yet you still have the ability
to help others when they need you.

You are human
but the most extraordinary.
You don't pretend or strive to be perfect.
You are you.

And though you have not accepted it yet:

You are beautiful
You are wonderful
You have a soul that glows brighter than the sun
You are hilarious
You are loving
You are kind
You are smart
You are selfless
You are beyond loved

But the thing above everything else that you won't let yourself see...

                                     YOU ARE IMPORTANT
Some people need the reminder. Especially that person I love more than anything.
Tyler Soth Jul 2018
your voice
fills empty spaces
these spaces
belong to me
they echo
filling up
every room
Kelsey Jul 2018
If we were the last people on earth
Nothing would change.

I would still wake up
To your sunkissed skin
Dancing down your back
As your warmth embraces me

I would still kiss your lips
Say "good morning, my sweet prince"
And wrap these lanky arms
Around a promised tranquility

I would still examine your nakedness
A form only I can admire
Every crevasse of deep desire
Melts my heart of iron, how easily

I would still laugh with you
As we dance in strange places
My hands glued to your every move
As we are one, separated as two

I would still lose myself
In the candid way you live
A fly on the wall I hope to be
To catch every smile painted with glee

I would still wrestle with you
As I puff out my chest
To hear your giggled breath
I am not strong, but with you I am strength

I would still find myself
In the darkness of your eyes
When the world is disarranged 
My home will never change

We would still fall asleep
Just a little too late
But you'll see me in the morning
And I'll see you in my dreams

Because if we were the last people on earth
I know, nothing would ever change
DancingEnt Jun 2018
And it's so hard to
believe him 'cause everyone
Else before him lied
DancingEnt May 2018
You picked up pieces
Everyone else smashed, and you
Filled the gaps with you.
You put all my broken pieces back together and made my heart bigger adding yourself.
IamThatGirl May 2018
Behind the fights, the scream, the pain, the fleeing.
We live together, deeply in love, forever.
We all have our flaws, and these are ours.
So we have something to work on together.
When we are forever
Max Alexander Mar 2018
I would tear out the beating hearts of men to protect the one I love.

To protect, to comfort, to love,
Till death do us part.
You see, my children- once upon a time, there was a love like no other. Two husbands, fierce and proud- and fitting of their names. Wolf.
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