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Cathy Devan Aug 2022
These scars are my momentos
Kiss every inch to my toes
Drain my sorrow with your love
Be my dark desire my love
Cathy Devan Nov 2021
I never write love poems
This isn't one either
It's my heart desire
It's my last note
I hope you could visit
Sit on the gravel
Tell me about your day
Life, new family
Wipe the dust off
Place a fresh bunch of lillies
  Oct 2021 Cathy Devan
we do not write poetry
we write mirrors
which are held up
to curious faces
who read
looking for their
own reflections
Neurons knit
I wake
a bit

slothlike to the kitchen
eyes twitching
kettle whistling.
too noisy,
backtracks to the bedroom.

brain In gear
ready to go out and
he hesitates


shall I
make another coffee?
it's a tad too Thursday for it to be this early.
  Oct 2021 Cathy Devan
Were the human embodiment
Of all my fears:
The manifestation
Of all my monsters.
If you came knocking
I’d open the closet-
Pull up the bedcovers-
Turn back to the dark mirror-
And invite you back in.
Cathy Devan Oct 2021
I wrote a loveletter to my ghost
I hope this finds you fine
Don't brush me off yet
I hope you kept that smile
The scars that grazed past my skin
They were my momentos
Hover over my loved ones
Be a guardian Angel
And when they ask about me
Or their hearts shatter
Because of our memories
Remind them to hang on
The good times
Make the lights flicker
Or shake the granny clock
On our chipped wall in the living room
That's the language of the ghosts
Ain't it?
©Cathy Devan
Ig rogue lover
Cathy Devan Aug 2021
My head is heavy
The earth is void
The vultures await
My body is weak
Hunger devours
My legs shake
Covered in dust
This is my last prayer
Darkness overwhelms,
My whole being
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