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CloudedVisions Jul 2018
Way down here
Where screams are common
The people shiver with cold
Way down here in the darkness below
People listen to the Shaman

Everyone is locked up in a cell
Everyone in his own
Here is a place where they are all alone
The place where evil calls home

In this prison the people cry
For a redeemed to come and save
But so far they only here
The mocking voice of the Shaman
"Soon you'll see your grave"

The people are are locked
Inside despair
As the Shaman laughs
And casts his glare

He chants a few words
And pain arcs through your bone
The Shaman cackles and smirks
As he sits on his dungeon throne
This is the boat we are all stuck in, locked inside a dungeon. This is why we need a hope, a hope that goes beyond earth. Because people will always fail.
Alvira Perdita May 2018
you would think that a friendship like
ours was indestructible.
you would think that friends as close
as we were would always
drift right back to each other.

i know that you weren't intending to
repair the rift between us,
but i'd been hoping - and you knew it.
you know me.

i was stupid, i was hoping.
but you've disappeared again,
and i feel like a fool.
i only have myself to blame.
Nikki Jul 2017
It's funny how much louder and more hurtful silence can be than words..

Or how something that meant so much now means so little..

And how quickly distance grows between even the closest of friends..

And isn't it funny, how it isn't funny at all..
HeatherBeth Nov 2016
Enthralled by your majesty
I fell to my knees
And that was exactly
Where you wanted me

For through wars with no end
I would of treversed for my king
Even with no voice
For you I could sing

Of our battles and scars
I still had no woes
Even when peiced
By their swords and bows

For I was the Lanelot
To you, my king Arthur
But too, a maiden in love
Though clad in armor

Yet now I am nothing
Blown away with the breeze
A memory once strong
Forgotten with ease

I know now with sadness  
My pedestal was false
Just a seat for your toy,
A doll with no pulse

Yes it is clear now
My significance a lie
Crafted by an enslaved man
A "king" on high
Never let someone else determine your importance because one day they will turn around and decide that you're not worth their time anymore.
Bridget A Brock Mar 2016
I used to think that you were a true friend.
You lied to me and said you'd be there till the end.
People change, but not always for the better,
We grew apart, I thought of you as my sister.
You told lies about me, things I never did say,
I was always nice to you, never mean in any way.
Why do you always have to insult me to no end?
I can't believe I actually used to call you my best friend.
lost in my mind Dec 2014
I cannot replace you!
I cannot.
I have tasted your mind,
so similar to mine.
And I cannot forget the taste,
for darling,
you have ruined me for every single person
that enters my life after
you so dramatically exited.
I know you have changed,
and I have too.
You have become more than your sadness,
while I have covered myself with
hobbies and hope to hide from
this infinite sadness.
I miss you terribly.
You were always the strong one.
And I was left in the ruins when you
took with you the pieces that were
holding me together.
You never even said goodbye...
*Was I not worth a goodbye?
I would really like feedback on what I could do to better my poems.
Also this is obviously about a lost friendship

— The End —