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Julius Nov 2013
oh **** just realised bare movements 2wards success dnt think
THIS TIME, but not just say 'dont know' rather than just saying
It lasted 24 hours, at least i do?
Epic album in my living room lol
them waterproof socks were gonna die of cancer we'd be nice D!
yes well it
insert ambiguos, nondescript but first
spanish exam conditions, conditions which wall were gonna BUY them off
and i die, I wanna hear about 2500 bones id need a birthday with a large group of 17/18 year olds
89.01 for da nine
he gets the light ray effect for
is it is and no KURUMA!
Ok so we progress through the clean flow of 'having a reminder, dont
Because Чou Are A list of MY favoutite photos i have 'got the 40's music
AM I end of school?
*** americans are so
i watched super sweet 16 and now
mi amigos son
when i die, I was hench
I'm not too but you
I watched Super Sweet ROME!
This is whats happening to BE working
luv your fellow man, NO matter what happens. i would rather die than take notes...
people are bad when we've all done
yeah dont watch after all, he doesn't have one* Sorry im tipsy
ahh he's completely changed it...
yeah dont watch it
in fact, not a bad subject its interesting but still proves my point not yours so
in fact, not should you, would actually rather spend time with both arms swinging, well, I'll tell me
guess everyones at the caravan
think my wisdom teeth are coming soon
89.01 for 1 bike and 1 bike and abused for
i'm ******* SERIOUS?
must do coursework, must listen
ok about the street, almost over At the levels cuz
2 many ppl online anyway
come to a party or social gathering where for
should be pretty good
it is there womans face and a lampshade behind me?
btw i did with strangers
dont take pride in an easter egg
i watched super sweet 16 and feel happy
m a party or social status. chew on the telly impress the nation, im a product of my favoutite photos EVER!
anyone whos doing ANY REVISION?
dnt chat **** y11 white rappers who aren't good.
Classic Jamie scruple Should I need to climb over a mountain of Valentines cards to get out o the house?
I'm not a 9to5 a 4 39% Allow this
year 10s are hyping over a mountain of us looking piff
*** americans are such an intelligent sounding statement here
in fact, not on the menu screen tap the triggers repeatedly then
does anyone know
so theres online write ****** responses you
Originality is really long, i will treat others
you need to be popstars we cannot change?
year 10s are always
relax and take it
round two windows
, no, the game
well it **** though, none of there full mental capacity and who's ...a danger to themselves senselessly, and i can’t improve, school
Your dress is very consistent with enduring 2 Chainz + Iggy Azalea but **** it
**** education, i don’t wanna be perfect, then
2 many ppl online even tho the Day!
gal dem would be honest forum
oh **** just realised bare movements 2wards success dnt forget to please therefore stop being friends with that
i watched super sweet 16 years, the coursework deadline is tomorow!
this is sarcasm lol
at the diner, clothes aint designer vision, i will continue thank you
wish i had some friends with gets totally embarrassed and i hate slow internet, and his lyrics have Maths is at the open evening.
no, it WAS SUPPOSED TO BE a few words, why
legally made to be easy to get. I invite you
insert ambiguos, nondescript but theyve sorted it
Who said anything NO ****!

you need to be teachers but we’re treated like the school
and i hate slow internet, and i know
well it is on DETOX I WIL PUNCH THE WALL until THERES JUST A few questions, oh well
cant wait till these exams are almost over At the same time
to clarify, I was cros examining me
but i DARE you
and i will treat you

Basically the problem was caused by a bug in the background
single strand in an infinite white plane of intelligence remembering things and performing well
Justin bieber is a response
so theres online anyway
You're going to be an electric shock device to prevent stupid kids ok?
ahh he's white i can
must do coursework, must do

and i hate with love!
They pretend it's a sailing boat and sit on one
no matter what I propose when we've all done
this is Grace representing here?
THIS TIME, IT'S just a standard morning
spooning, tribal *******, free
no matter how hard i tried to talk to you
jules you're somehow still managing to frape me, but sooner or later they betray me.
facebook chat is ******
im a white guy
i watched super sweet 16 and now
you need to use poetic language
also how is there womans face and a part of myself
Had to climb over 1 Favourite song
and i hate facing reality. they ARE Reading This
just gotta finish this
But Post i'd like to see!

to clarify, I was screaming 'wheres my wisdom teeth are notifications???
That's how to be very somberly FOUR HOURS ago
Had to bend edges to find a standard morning
utorrent never works no morre

anyone whos doing ANY REVISION?
*** americans are trying to raise AWARENESS about the son
if one conducts themselves senselessly, and respond to sound like rhymes...
everyone say thanks to Grace Julia Clarke and Black ops AND Tomorrow Will Be A regular guy, i wanna have a huge **** already!
Fa Be O Jan 2013
I was born in a cold land,

The leaves bright orange like the sun

And a dusting of icy dew on wilted grass;

I was born in sanitary white and surgical blues,

Incubated, saved, isolated;

Mamá cried:

In the motherland,

mi Apá would’ve had to choose.

I was born into exile.

I was born to immigrants,

Brown like the dirt

Mis abuelos grow caña in,

Like the leaves, glorious colors past;

I was born foreign.

I was born in Español,

Accented with indigenous words,

Bastardized like our foods and dance;

I was born and placed

At the care of a deer’s eye,

Tied red around my wrist,

A wooden cross,

A brown ******,

A blue-eyed Niño Dios.

I lived in dust for 2 years.

I ran free, in fields of milpa,

In fields of caña,

In zocalos with

Colorful waving paper flags

And statues of generals.

I played with cousins,

Sharing bolis and nieve,

The hot clay burning our feet,

Racing to cool down at the spring.

And then I was brought back for school:

Los gringos van a estudiar,

They whispered, a bit mocking, about me,

4 years old, a girl,

In a place where girls were good for marriage,

University for the rich, ****** folks

Of faraway cities.

I came back to the cold land in spring.

A small barrio of tall broken down buildings,

Tiny apartments that became havens

At the sound of guns at night.

There was no more running around freely,

No more campos, no more town squares.

School was foreign,

There was English to learn,

A struggle to lose the accent,

To make the thick words

Comfortable in my tongue.
Scarlet Hue Apr 2016
I was thinking of our conversation
What was it that you said?
Rather that you asked?
I believe it was-
Why would I do that?
Unable to answer in the moment
I began to question my decisions
But why would I do THAT?
Now I remember
This pretty picture of mine contains painful pressures
You can judge it or I can say;
Yeah, my canvas is ripped but your paint hasn't even dried yet
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries made me think of the nickname haha
Adam Childs Jun 2015
How can you proclaim
that we are free
can you not see
our authentic selves
lie buried and covered
from every single angle with
shame, shame and shame.
As our freedom is stolen
with bars of condemnation
as we are encaged  from
every side.  

For why do I feel a ******
elevated world looks down
on me as I push my pram
because I chose to have a baby
Why do I feel I need to bury
my head because I am a single
Why do I feel condemned because
I chose to have a career and not
be a mum.
Why do I feel  so embarrassed
about my little cute flat.
And that i feel I have to apologize
because I feel ashamed of  my
small income.

What chance have we really got
if we are constantly made
to dance to a condemning shot.
Our true selves half dead in a
bunker with shame all around us
the enemy that surrounds us.

I wish my body was taller, thinner
and in some places even bigger
oh God I do not want to look in the
And what is wrong with my God
given colour for why am I made
to feel so unwelcome.
Why do I feel embarrassed about
my particular religious belief
the way God gives me inner relief.
Why do I when I am asked my age
do I start to mumble my words
and change the conversation like
there is something wrong with
being just a little old.

How can we find happiness in this
world if we are constantly kicked out
of home by shame.
Maybe I will be just fine as long as I
do not let myself be anything
that I truly am.  

I do not like my accent the way I talk
this is something I will have to change.
Why am I made to feel so ashamed of
my craft my job because I am just a blue
collar worker.
Why am I so ashamed of my education
that I left school worked hard since sixteen.
Why are the unemployed condemned
when the capitalist system needs them.
Why do some people feel the need
to move up a class from their background.

I am sorry this has become so
very long but I must just keep
going on.

Why am I so ashamed of my white
van that I work from
or the old car I play from.
tell me why does fitting in
give you a derogatory name
like common.
And why when I was born
beautiful I can not celebrate
but I am made to feel I must
hide to protect another's ego.
Why because I was not made
to look perfect that world decided
that I must suffer.
And why should I be ashamed  
that I like to watch football and not
something posh like rugby or Polo.

I know I should be ashamed
that I keep on moaning but
I keep on seeing a very
Shameful pattern.
Why do I feel that
I am drowning that the world
is closing in and that my choices
are shrinking.

Why is it sometimes still
considered to fancy the
same *** as wrong
as they sing their
homophobic song.
I am really ashamed to confess
that I sometimes like to
wear a dress but what is
your problem why won't
you just let me express.
Why do I when I share my body
spread some *** and pleasure
that it is all considered wrong.
Why when I criticize the system
I am shamed and called ungrateful
is that not just a little controlling.
Why am I told of for not always
being happy like there is something
wrong with sometimes being unhappy.

Who said we have to be terrific and
extraordinary heave forbid that we
are just ordinary.
What is the point of cleaning someones
mind but then sending them into
a shameful swamp.
What is the point of drying someone
out but then leaving them cold naked
in the rain.
If you say that I am free why do I
struggle to even breath.

You say that we are free when we
are paralyzed by shame with no
where to go.
But I do have  a dream that we
can all some day  live in a world
I tried to shorten this believe it or not but then gave in I kind of decided the size emphasized the fact that we have become accustomed to so much shame in so many area's of our lives.
C Jan 2015
To think one must suffer to handle such writing
shame on you for your ignorance

To think less of a poem because they lack a mental disorder
shame on you for your ignorance

Any one is entitled to write
some just stand out more than others
pat Aug 2014
**** fists and twisted wrist ticklers
spitting witch hunting cow wranglers
power ranger danger squad
cod chewing confused cows
abused by masses of cattle prods
****** steak chewers refuse to pay
claiming they know how good steak should taste
steak paste stays caked around their lips
their face stays fixed on whatever **** they wish
our riches erase our minds
turning us into unkind swine
crimes against humanity
shine on a big screens
part of everyday reality
pigs squeal and cows moo
simple beasts compared to you
but look in the eyes of the beast that cries
and try to believe the lie
that we have earned the right to take life as we please
it's just a belief, but it spreads like disease
Brandon Jul 2013
The man opposite the table of us ordered a dry sack rather ****** and loudly. Derek leaned back in his chair so that he was balancing on the back two wooden legs and shouted over to the man “I’ve got you’re dry sack right here" while grabbing at his crotch with his one free hand. His other of course being occupied with his seventh whiskey sour. By this point he had been ordering more whiskey than sour and his thirst was still far from quenched.

Next to him, Julie Ann laughed in her quiet way at the disgusted look on the mans face that Derek had insulted. She enjoyed Derek’s lack of restraint when he was drinking and the comments he would haphazardly say. Especially if it were directed towards the upper class. A class at one time she longed to be a part of but had since changed her mind. She flirted with the stem of her martini conjuring up boyish childhood fantasies to any man that was aware enough in his drunken haze to focus his eyes upon the stemware. Her seduction grew all the wilder the more her intoxication spread thruout the room. Julie Ann used her charm and looks as much as possible. She knew she would not always be the way she was and decided to live as hard as possible before her time; whether death, disease, or age; happened.

Her most recent fling, Franklin, sat beside her enamored as the rest of the men (and admittingly some women.) He nursed his death in the afternoon drink, one he felt the need to strictly remind that the mixologist behind the bar used absinthe and not Pernod, and watched Julie Ann’s animated movements. He made no illusions about his courtship with Julie Ann and was often quite boastful about it. Franklin was a hard person to like for moments longer than a few minutes and even less likable when the alcohol ran out. He would talk about his future with Julie Ann while she quietly rolled her eyes and never approached the subject of a future.

Nothing ever lasted long with Julie Ann except for cocktail hour.

I ordered my usual gin and tonic and watched the crowded restaurant in its busyness. Waiters were scurrying from table to table replacing drinks and bringing out large orders of food from the kitchen for the tables that could afford luxuries like eating. They swerved and dodged each other like an artful ballet or a war without casualties.

The man that ordered the dry sack quickly drank his aperitif and, upon further heckling from Derek, decided to skip dinner and leave. He paid his bill at the table and left a fifty cent tip for the waiter. He grabbed his jacket and wife by the arm and made his way towards the exit via a route that included our table. As he approached one could see the nerve swell inside him and as he neared even closer his mouth began to open before Derek opened his and said that if he dared to even utter a sound Derek would have him lying flat out on his back with his eyes rolled in the back of his head and his wife would be around back learning what a real man felt like.

The man stopped for a minute in his tracks and thought about his options. His wife eyed Derek with lust and was secretly hoping that her husband would open his mouth and say something but he never did. He squeezed her arm even harder, shook his head towards Derek, and walked out of the restaurant. A loud, raucous laugh exploded from our table.

Julie Ann was smiling a devilish grin and we all inquired as to what mischievous deed she was thinking. She took her left hand out from beneath the table and produced a wallet and opened it up to reveal the license of Mr dry sack. His name was Richard which we all agreed fitting.

While he was preoccupied with Derek, Julie Ann had reached around and pick pocketed him, stealing his wallet and the eight 100 dollar bills that he kept inside.

I asked for one of the bills and she handed it to me. I folded it into a paper airplane and set it into flight, landing on Richards table as the waiter had returned to clean it off. He unfolded the bill and looked around before stuffing it into the inside pocket of his uniform.

Julie Ann ordered another round of drinks and we drank and laughed and talked and danced and drank until 400$ of our newfound cash was spent.

After paying our tab we stumbled out into the cool night air and each went out into our own directions with promises to meet up again the following night and drink away the other 300$.
Will Mercier Aug 2012
I'm not a great man,
I've been here and there, and I've learned a lot.
Like how not to get shot,
And where to buy ***.
I've bent every misdemeanor law,
Some would call me a libertarian,
I say democracy is a farce,
Keep your vote, and leave me out of it.
Most of what I know is useless idiosyncratic observation.
For instance,
I know how many days it takes to hide 73 pipes, and other miscellaneous paraphernalia.

My father was raised in the depression,
He refused to let us throw anything out,
And we had a chest of drawers, full of old junk.
Watches without bands, and any piece of scrap paper,
That had free space on it. Last years receipt, dry cleaning tickets, etcetera...
It rubbed off on me,
And I hate throwing anything out.
I don't buy new stuff, until the old stuff goes bust.
I had a 10 pound Toshiba satellite, for 8 years,
Until the plug jack came loose, and I fried the sucker.

So when my doctor told me I had to quit smoking...
I had forty plus years of accumulated paraphernalia.
I gave a pipe, to friends who were interested,
But it wasn't enough.

I hear you saying it now,
"You irresponsible old lunatic!"
And you're right, but I look at it a little different.
You might call it promoting lawlessness,
I say a law that is obsolete should be repealed.
Walk down the street, you'll see the dime bags,
and blunt wrappers everywhere.
No need to promote something that will happen anyway.

Teens will smoke, so I hid a bunch near high schools.
Up at Rutgers, I hid one in ten different buildings,
A few outside of the police station, and the courthouse,
And one in the bushes of my ****** neighbor.
Any place I could think of, I hid a pipe.
Rebellion be ******, I did it because I felt good,
Like a simple *******,
A stolen cherry, in the supermarket.


Crime isn't cool kiddies,
But, as long as you steer clear of felonious activity,
They won't send you to real **** ****** jail.
Even your grandma, probably jaywalks from time to time.
Oh if you stumble on one of my pipe hiding spots,
Don't touch it until your old enough.
Tommy Johnson Jan 2015
Reanimate the dead air
But not with mindless banter
Blither blather
Comprised of
Contradicting compromises
Less is more
More or less
That's more like it
Your'e just a statistic
There's always room for improvement
Your'e only human
An ectomorph waving a white flag
A mesomorph crying "SOS"
And endomorph in the shallow end experiencing the ripple effect

It's a white world
White washed
You need a strategy
To win this raffle
So you can win a chance to rub elbows with the ****** upper crust busybodies-chatter boxes
It's  win win
A win lose
In all its forthcoming splendor
Enhance your station
You spineless jellyfish
Taking your work home with you
Giving yourself scoliosis
Bending over backwards
Looking for something to depend on
A fallback anchor
You're in the hot spot
You cold sore
It's an inside job
You canker sore
Holden Craig Aug 2014
I'll regret zipping up the back of her skinny, white dress
I'll regret watching her walk down the aisle, one again
I'll regret watching her latest lover Hanz
Taint her lips with a ******, rich kiss
I'll remember her chanting words he said
"I'm a disappointment ..."
I'll remember her laying in bed all day
"Want a smoke?" She'd crazily choke out

I know I shouldn't live
In the future or past
But there's nothing left to turn to
No happiness will ever last
I will try hard to be normal
Careless, not meaningful
But my thoughts jumble up
And I'm labeled an ***

A ****** rich kid spat on me today
"You look like the kind of boy who shops at Glitters."
Oh really? That makes me feel great
"The last time I was in Glitters my mother had a seizure."
He also decided to call me a nerd
Reminding me of the boy last week who called me, "That gay one."
Everything, all of it, is my "mothers" fault

I don't want to be something I am not
But what I'm not is what I need to be
If only my mother would give it some thought
To **** herself already, I hope you rot
Ashley R Prince Aug 2012
She got a drive from her mother
and culture from her father,
but when you mix the two
together, what comes out
is a ****** little ****
with a bleeding heart and a
nervous disposition.

She'd rather paddle-boat across
the Atlantic Ocean than be
in a room alone with God's Adam
for one second.
A shark is a welcomed death
compared to one excused
trip to the bathroom.
Jaymi Swift Mar 2013
As I sat in the park today
to rest my weary bones.
I heard a voice call out to me
from where it was not known.

I turned around and saw a squirrel
leaning against the tree.
I could not believe what I heard,
so I said,"Pardon me".

Then the squirrel called out,"Hey you".
And I said, "What the hell".
Then he said," Come over here".
And I said,"WHAT THE HELL".

Another squirrel joined the first,
I think his name was Bobby.
He said,"Why don't you leave her alone,
I think she's kind of ******".

The other squirrel said," You think I should,
I want someone to go party".
Then Bobby said," Oh ya the party,
I think we may be tardy".

As I sat there in confusion,
my mind could not quiet grasp this illusion.
I over heard the little squirrel say,
"It's at Chesters, I know the way".

Then Bobby said,"He can really party.
Even the King stopped by,
though he didn't look to hardy."
As for me I'm really sorry, that I missed Chester's party.
This ones for you Mike.
anon Sep 2017
I was reading
When I realized
From this book

We aren't
What we say
We are

We are so much more
Than numbers
Numbers on a scale
On a ruler
On a tape measure

More than numbers
On our clothing

But that's what
Defines us by

They say we are percentages

We are only one
In seven billion

Why should anything
Go right

We have something
Every one in five gets

Why should we feel special

They say we are standards
Like clear skinned

And brains don't matter
As long as we are
Clear skinned
And gorgeous

They say we are dollar signs

That those who are poor
Should not even
Glance their way

And those who are rich
Stuck up
And ******

That the brand
That costs less to make
But is mass produced
And more expensive
Is better
Than the cheap stuff we all wear

They say we are the change
This world needs

But they don't mean it

They mean
They want us to try
But they won't let us get near
The power

But that's not what we are

We aren't numbers

We aren't percentages

We aren't standards

We aren't dollar signs

We are stories
Passed down from people
Who knew
What they wanted us to know

Like the time
My grandma accidentally knocked
Her favorite and only doll
Into the hole in her outhouse

Or the time we all sang
As one
In a happy melody

We are memories
From times
And lifetimes

We are stars and planets
Distant yet
So elusive
Thereby so intriguing

The only thing
We really want
Is to fly in stardust
And dance in a moonbeam

We are dreams
That maybe won't come true
But will give us the best adventure
When we find out
How to live them out

We are heartbeats
That beat at night

We are bugs
In this garden of life
Because without us
There would be no point

We are flowers
That tickle your nose
On a warm spring day
When you reach down
To smell its fragrance

We are shoulders
To cry on

We are roads
To walk on

We are smiles and laughs

We are childhoods

We are balloons and bubbles

We are winters

We are springs

We are summers

And we are falls

We are the heat
And we are the cold

We are the change
We want to see
In an upside down world
Only we can change

We are people on the corner
Begging for some coins

We are souls
Thirsting for reprieve

We are hearts
Trying to love as much as we can

We are sadness
And we are joy

There are things
We can see
And things we can't

But after everything
Every word
We speak

We are so much more
Than what they tell us
Day after day

We are the world
And this world
Is ours
So take it from someone
Who has been invisible her entire life
Until they berated the silence
Out of her

In words
That changed to sorrows

And hits
That turned
To beauty

Because she can be beautiful
In this
Yet absolutely stunning
Jonny Angel Apr 2015
When I first saw her
cruise into the health food store,
I immediately thought of Camelot
and all those visions of chivalry.
But at the checkout line,
she was rough.
I mean,
like really ******,
treated the cashier
like dirt,
as if she were
all high and mighty.
I'm not sure what she's been through,
but it really doesn't matter,
she's afflicted with something
chivalry can't cure,
like the lack of a kind heart.
I'd rather date a friendly camel
with no humps,
I'm sure it wouldn't mind
a few manners.
Allen Wilbert Jan 2014
The Cop

I'm a cop walking the beat,
about to retire with hurt feet.
followed a man who looked suspicious,
from the size of his gun, I knew he was vicious.
He went inside a hotel lobby,
acting all bossy and ******.
He took hostages, except for me,
I shot him dead and set them free.
That's the old fashioned American way,
plus I'm a cop, who wants his pay.
Next night I heard a woman scream,
getting ***** as he tried to spill his cream.
I also shot him dead,
for saving her, she gave me head.
All because I'm a good cop,
I offered to use the mop.
I shoot people who sell drugs,
their just useless stupid thugs.
I shoot first, question are for later,
my gun would **** the largest alligator.
Next night followed a woman, inside a store,
she was shoplifting, I thought maybe she was poor.
Followed he into her fancy car,
I shot that stealing rock star.
Got in some trouble on that one,
a cops job is never done.
Next night followed a molester,
following a young boy,
offering candy and a shinny new toy.
Saw him stalking in the park,
but I'm a cop, who's not afraid of the dark.
Took my shot, while he was watching,
it was the boys dad, I saw falling.
Retired early without a pension,
should have taken that course in safety prevention.
Sienna Luna Jan 2017
A bullet

so small and strong

struck right where

my lungs met.

Embedded itself

this insult of occult

fake tidings riding on

elitist ****** attitudes.

A bullet

or was it an insult?

Either way, I am plummeting

towards humiliation street

with my tail between my legs.

A bullet

was that woman's sharp words

cutting through my skin

like a paper cut gone berserk.

She was a joplin spider

stuck in a ditch

and I should have

smashed her spindly

weak legged body

under my heavy black boots

creating an ugly stain

that looks like gunpowder

or left over oil

spilled over

with the utmost disrespect.
J. Walter Braman Feb 2010
The shovel hits the dirt in softened thunks

I hope you come up whole, and not in chunks

You’re buried deep, at six feet down

Was she buried in jeans or in a gown?

I hope to be your Romeo from a thousand romance plays

Nevermind, I think you know what dead girls can’t say

Nilsen gave me some sage advice

Don’t ever go to the same yard twice

And don’t toss the old ones in the sink

That’s one good way to get tossed in the clink

Six feet of dirt now to my side

You’re coming with me, you’re taking a ride

You thought the hearse was the last of your life

Don’t be daft, honey, you’ll soon be my wife!

Your coffin smells, my dear it’s true

It is no matter, I love your blue

Skin, your thinning hair

Into your fading eyes I stare

As I caress

That cold dead spot

Beneath your dress

I hope, my dear, you don’t mind the trunk

My head is swimming; am I in love or just drunk?

Oh, if you look upon my trunk with dread

Would help to think of it as a marital bed?

Maybe some wine to get in the mood, with you by side

Just the moonlight a pint of the Wild I

I know some look upon me strange

And some would call my love deranged

They don’t understand, they’re far too ******

This isn’t a curse, just a hobby

If they saw me like this I know they’d panic

But I’m not crazed, on drugs or manic

I feel peace when I see your lipless smile

I know I’m just a harmless necrophile.
Brittani Dec 2012
My behavior would seem quite rude to an outsider
One unframiliar with the dusty corners of my brain
I don't want to come off as ****** or pretentious
If my words offended you, it was never my aim

I suppose my actions were quite abrupt
My words sharp, like knives
I must apologize for my nature
It is a defense, it is the way I survive.
Shiva Feb 2013
Today at the craft store I saw a tall, septum pierced man
A young man of twenty, who probably drinks beer from a can
His hair black and slicked back, smoking probably his last
For today at least, or the hour perhaps
His mother was there, with afflictions of her own
Outside the dollar store

Ya' know, I used to call one my second home
Back before I was ******
When finery was a pressure
To be better because I was lagging
Oh, the complex days of elementary school.

Now I don't know where I stand
I've come straight out of the progressive oven of political awareness
I kinda get it now, but too much

My prejudice says "stop"
My anxiety says "turn"
My curiosity flames and the sides of my head burn

'Cause I'll be honest, he's kinda cute
and those judgments aren't mine anymore, so I'll set them loose
Let them all float away, what I have heard
For that kid isn't there anymore
Oh look, a bird.

I wonder what he was thinking,
or was he thinking of me at all?
This is such a long poem.
I wonder if he writes them.
Is he pursuing an education?
Does he eat meat?
Goodness, I'm so ******* weird.
But I'd like to find out, really though.
Terry O'Leary Feb 2017
Our prez is now Donald J Trump
Who has promised to clean out the sump
      Well he's certainly no wussy
      When groping a *****
What more to expect from a gump?

In charge of the Vice, Michael Pence
Said some things that embrace little sense,
       "Global warming's a myth"
       But's now taking the fifth
In attempting to straddle the fence

We all recall general Flynn
Put in charge of security spin
      A trained atomiser
      No more Trump's advisor -
His deal with the devil's his sin

The billionaire Betsy Devos
Making plans for a school albatross
      Hating free education
      Backs private castration
And kids will be bearing her Cross.

The Congress approved Jeff B. Sessions
Ignoring his racist obsessions
      He seemingly cares
      More for foreign affairs
While forgiving ****'s toxic transgressions.

Chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon
Develops the Great Again Canon:
      The Goldman Sachs Bankster
      Turned yellow rag gangster
Flings crap from the New Order cannon

Says EPA ruler Scott Pruitt
"Instead of dry facts, we intuit..."
      (His work as denier
      Keeps profits much higher)
"... If everything dies, well, just ***** it"

The war whoops of Mad Doggy Mattis
Awaken the death apparatus
      With boundless expense
      For a doomsday defence -
Armageddon administered gratis

The magnates no longer need lobby
Or fight regulations thought ****** -
       Now set in the saddle
      They're herding the cattle
And pulling the strings as a hobby

Now the Don can start wielding the axes
Truncating the tariffs and taxes
      The Mafia boss
      Is dismissing the dross
And poverty's pain as it waxes
Sam McCullough Sep 2012
it's 11:56 and my thoughts bounce back to you
how you entered my life as a hurricane and
used me as your life preserver
until the calm
i was your apartment before your house
i was your appetizer before your meal
was it because we never kissed?
all of your friends with a ******* the arm always kissed between classes, hidden behind textbooks
with you to watch as you start to envy them and despise me, the one you were supposed to love
i really wanted to kiss you
have the out-of-body experience behind the school
and have your hands on the small of my back
and my barely reaching your neck as i stand on tip-toe
or was it because there were other girls coming after you
telling you
i was a cheater (never was)
i was just a kid (i was a month older than you)
i was a ***** (never had my first kiss)
and your ears ate up their ****** remarks
like it was starving
they had not be listening for months
you never held my hand (didn't want to be committed?)
but the truth is, you tried to seem cool, maybe you actually tried to hold on to me
but did you know i cried every night
because the fear of losing you started to break the cracks
already placed on my delicate heart
but, don't change the story... i broke up with you
i had a crush on a ****, from the rich part of town, he had pretty blue eyes, like the ocean
vast and mysterious
but i dated an envious, power-hungry, ****, with pretty blue eyes, like the ocean
devious with a current that changed
Brent Kincaid Jun 2015
Do you know people
That hate people
For what they are?
Don’t invite those people
Into your car.

Do you know people
That hang with people
That steal from the poor?
Do not vote for such a boor.

Do you know people
That insist other people
Have to worship like them.
Their minds are dim.

Do you have friends
That like to steal?
Show them all
The back of your heels.
Because one thing
Will prove to be true;
They will steal from you.

Do you know folks
Who gossip madly?
Ignore them or
Treat them badly.
Then maybe some day
They will just go away.

Do you know some
Who ignore their kids;
Neglect them every day?
Tell those people off
Somehow, some way.
And if that doesn’t work,
Call the cops on the ****.

Do you know some politicians
Behave like ****** patricians?
Don’t suffer and protect them.
Don’t elect them.
Ostracize them as rotten louts
Then, quickly vote them out!

Do you think you can’t
Make a change that counts?
Find these fools and pounce.
Let them know your mind.
Don’t just sit there blind.
Get mad as hell.
Then rebel!
Una Walters Apr 2014
We judge people for the things we hate about ourselves.

When you look at that girl all confident in her new black dress
Don't scoff at her just because you aren't comfortable in your own body.
Just because your legs are too long and you may seem kinda stocky.

When you see that boy doing his best on his new guitar solo
Don't laugh at him with friends just because you don't play an instrument as a hobby
And you wish you could and maybe that makes you ******.

And when you see that family all together and happy
Don't get jealous just because your family history is foggy
and you never really had a mommy.

We judge people for the things we hate about ourselves.
lilah raethe Dec 2012
So why is school, life
And life, school

Born for elementary
To learn to count the numbers,
Memorize the letters of the alphabet
And work the way up to the
Stacked with multiplication

Just to climb to
Middle school
With ****** little
Their prissy little
That make or break you,
Decide your fate

And high school
Tries to even out the awkwardness,
With the cloud of the
Hanging over your head
And still studying
For what, well,
You’re not quite sure

To grow up:
End up working at
A job that
Churns your stomach;
Curls your extended fingers and
Stretched palms
Into fists

To walk on with an
Empty face
And stare into the eyes of many
People, trudging along
With the same education
As you.
Alexa Sz Apr 2010
The wind whipped back my hair
as me and my buck-skin quarter horse
walked across the dry plain
no sight of reality
just me, the horse, and the plain
the sunsets vibrant colors were hidden by the shattering clouds
One Indians paintbrush rested in the endless field
I imagined an old ghost town as I rode through emptiness
wagons passing through a busy road
horses ******* to hitching post
some men rolling out of a bar
Girls in giant dresses walking with their guys
Cowboys with their big shiny pistols
talking and laughing
but this was all stolen away
by a new revolution
I'm only reminded by imaginations of finding it
I look and see the ghost of an old time sheriff
with a big ol hat
sitting in a rocking chair
just waiting for some one to break the law
this town wasn't for fancy business men
or ****** rich girls
this was for the tough
the enduring
those who can ride a horse
punch a man
shoot a gun
rely on themselves
rope a cow
and do some ***** work
those who can drink a shot of whiskey
without coughing or choking
but those days are now gone
lost in the dust that is blown in my face
but the memories remain
the ghost's remain
that is what the revolution couldn't steal.
Dawn of Lighten Dec 2015
Life as we know it is a chance,
But require made hands to dance,
Then **** on everyone with winning prance.

Reading the moving lips,
Looking for people's reactive bits
And que into people's tips.

It's them ballers,
The high rollers,
With stacks of hundreds of dollars,
The ****** know it all white collars.

With them fancy cars,
Hanging in cliquey bars,
Swinging the club in many pars,
As if some royalty bloodline of a tsar.

But in a game of chance, owning a yacht means nothing without a boat!
All those credit cards mean nothing without the proper cards on the table!

Riches mean nothing in a table, nor nice clothes in a game.
Because even kings and queens could fall flat on their faces with those aces!

So let me tell you little bit about this game,
It's reading people to tame,
Where you grind the game without a shame,
Stepping up to no longer stay the same
It's a game recognize your name to a fame.

Just remember the high cards can get you far,
But get beaten by them deus in a bar,

The pairs are wonderful as it gets higher
jokers bring jokes to her admirer,
While the ladies yell "off with their heads!"

In the royal court Cowboys rule supreme,
But those pair of aces undo royalties like puddle of creme.

Two pairs are better than a pair,
And three of a kinds are better than a two pair,
While the wheel is super fair.

Straight line is common winning line
But Flushes them after a dine

The boat takes them for a cruise,
Quads will get them a bruise,
But the nutz are royal flush of hidden ruse!

It's the mastering of perception,
Made hands with repercussion.

Because life as we know it is a chance,
But requires made hands to dance,
And hold onto your winning chips by ******* on them with your prance.

When you have nothing, there is nothing to lose,
Because Hold'em no limit is the purest form of living a life!

Became psyched by rewatching the cinematic classic "Rounders!"
Ashma Pathak Nov 2017
Basic *****
As basic as i can be
As common as i am
As average as i look
I am a basic *****
Oh yes
Yes my morning starts with
Pumpkin spice latte and
Top 50 songs of the week
Yes the most pinned post on Pinterest decides my outfit
I might look hip and cool different days and my accessories uncounted
Yet I have a style
Yes I am a basic *****
As basic as it sounds
Twilight is yet my favorite book
I can't stand violence and
I am basic on the standards
I can't play instruments and
Hell yeah,
I get good grades on Math and Science and i rock these social nights
I am basic *****
As basic as it sounds
But I don't judge people
From the song they listen
Clothes they put on
I don't judge people on the color of skin
Whether they like boy or they like girl
I treat people they are just another me
I don't form and divide people in stereotypes
I live in present and the basic I am
I am unbiased and nice
I respect other and there choices
I admit to what Like
I am not scared of judgement and
I never will be
So, call me a basic *****
I accept and I agree
What I can't accept is to be a ****** hypocrite
Who decides my intelligence from the quotes i speak
I say Beyoncé is the coolest woman in human history
I m basic and no no
I m not mean
Cause it's not weird like ordinary things
To keep it simple
And put it clean
Harmony Sapphire May 2016
Mail order groom.
I want to know you.
The sound of your voice.
The smell of your perfume.
Your handwriting.
Your habits.
Favorite food.
Your favorite place.
Your flaws.
Your goals.
The things you like
Things you hate.
Who you love.
What makes you happy.
What makes you mad.
What you spend money and time on.
Who you love.
Who you hate.
Your favorite color.
Your biggest fear.
Your worst nightmare.
Your dreams.
Your beliefs.
Your qualities.
Your favorite games, books, movies or TV shows.
What size ring you wear.
What size shoe you wear.
Your favorite toothpaste, shampoo, & soap.
What's your most prized possession?
What are your skills?
Your allergies?
Do you have patience?
Are you generous?
Or do you make trouble?
Are you careful?
Or careless?
Are you sentimental?
Are you spoiled?
Do you brag?
Do you gossip?
Can you keep secrets?
Do you have shame?
Are you shy?
Are you a private person?
Does anything you do offend anyone?
Do you insult or compliment?
Do you glance or stare?
Do you tip?
Are you kind of mean?
Do you have manners?
What do you eat?
Are you a neat freak?
Or sloppy or neat?
Clean or *****?
Do you swear?
What do you have wear?
Do you sleep naked?
Do you lie, cheat or steal?
Are you honest and dependable? Trustworthy, helpful, and considerate?
Do you cook?
Are you hard working?
Or lazy?
Do you eat meat?
Brush and wash daily?
Wash your own clothes?
Shop yourself?
Mow your own lawn?
Wash dishes?
Are you a licensed driver?
Do you have a car and health insurance?
Do you own property?
What are your assets?
Do you work full time?
Are you educated?
Do you respect women?
Do you like children & pets?
Are you mature?
Do you own a car?
Do you rent or own?
Do you exercise?
Are you fat?
Do you smoke?
Are you a handyman?
Can you fix cars?
Are you creative or an artist?
Are you nosy?
Do you read a lot?
What are you know that you
Do you mind your business?
Do you have a temper or anger management problems?
Are you violent & controlling?
Are you obsessed with *** or *******?
Are you a pervert?
Are you sane?
Are you busy?
Do you have a lot of free time?
Are you religious?
Do you vote?
Are you a loner?
A mama's boy?
An alcoholic?
Obsessive compulsive?
Do you speed?
Do you use sarcasm?
Are you a good driver?
Are you a lawbreaker?
Do you kiss and tell?
Are you a tattle tell?
Are you selfish?
Are you a rebel?
Are you conceited or ******?
Are you desperate or needy?
Are you nice and fun?
Are you bitter, creepy, scary, nervous, impatient, cruel, hateful, abusive, or sick?
Do you collect anything?
Are you well-dressed?
Do you make wise investments?
Are you an overachiever?
Are you responsible?
Do you like to argue?
Are you positive?
Or pessimistic?
Are you adventurous?
Or reserved?
Do you like to be the center of attention?
Or a Wallflower?
Do you blame others for your problems? Do you admit to fault ?
Do you need help financially, medically,  physically, mentally or sexually?
Do you like to have *** with the lights on and off?
Do you bathe or shower alone?
Do you shave, trim your nails, wear clean socks  & underwear?
Do you open other peoples mail?
Do you dig through the trash?
Do you always flush the toilet?
Do you snore?
Do you use deodorant, toothpaste,
Do have tattoos?
How do you wear your hair?
Do your clothes have holes, stains, or tears?
Do you need glasses, hearing aids, crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, braces or insulin?
Are you at are you obese, scizo, diabetic?
Do you have bad credit?
Do you have any injuries or surgeries?
Do you color your hair or tan?
Do you moisturize?
Do you check the oil?
Do you barbecue?
Do you ****, burp, or pick your nose?
Do you cut in line?
Have you ever been arrested?
Are you a Penny Pincher?
Coupon Clipper?
Are you cheap?
Do you complain a lot?
Do you call people names?
Have you ever done anything to trick or con someone?
Are you understanding & forgiving?
Are you a cheater?
Have you ever been arrested?
Have you ever treated anyone cruly?
Are you rude or brutal?
Do you have any abnormal fetishes?
Are you flirty, friendly, persistent, or immoral?
Are you ambitious, determined, motivated, & successful?
Are you confused, depressed, anxious, poor, angry, or unemployed?
What are your values, concerns, goals and plans?
My spirit is unhappy
It hates my human body
It hates all the ego's
& People who act ******
It says it's to painful  
It was easier in heaven
I forget my original form
Human body be forgetting
That my purple spirit so pure
Came from the golden door
Sent down to my mother's womb
To save all the doomed
Such a purpose placed upon me  
Such a life I have lived
Still it's things I cannot see
My spirit is what I give
But being human is too hard
In the game of solitaire
Queen of hearts, pull my card
Figured out my mission
List of prophets, new addition
Human body set me free
To The Gods that reign above me
Dark n Beautiful Mar 2019
Lately, I have been transitioning words
Like Palate cleansers, Bayonne,
Sangria instead of writing
A daily poem, sometimes we just have to take a step
Back, and think, I came across this wonderful comedy show
The Neighbors’, which was pilot since 2012,
This show had last for two years: great lines
With some wonderful actors and actresses,

I can related, after feeling so alienated myself
being in this foreign country: Since 1983
I once lived in a small town in New Jersey,
Hiller circle, Red bank another part of New Jersey
(Me) an Island girl felt, like a real out of space Alien
Living amounts those upper class ****** folks:

I only last two years in that small town
my poor pride wouldn’t allowed it…
My pride was stronger than my feelings:
I had grown fond of Sally and Brad,
But, I knew

Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.”
― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

I could have been a wonderful poet,
if only I had only taken on this craft seriously,
I love my quiet times on my keyboard,

I never pay much attention to rhyming,
My words are diary entries, to cleanse my palette
De stressing without taking a walk outside into
The Funky low grade city air in New York City:

*Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth
Donna Mar 2018
Dear Nanny

I love to think of
you in your flowery frock
and hard lacquered hair

Do you remember
our lovely pink wallpaper
It had fluffy clouds

I shared a bunkbed
with sister , and you had your
bed in the corner

Do you remember
every year you would take mum
me sis and brother

to visit The Lord
Mayor Show up London in your
big ****** building

We would wave flags out
the window to cheer on The
Lord Mayor  driving by

I'd sit at a desk
It was huge and had lots of
dated computers

I felt all grown up
I loved the big wide carpets
And rectangle walls

Do you remember
when Simon had long blond hair
when he was little

He was such a cute
kid and loved Marvel Comics
He collected lots

His in heaven now
with you , he was taken too
early in this life

I felt your presence
when he died ,heaven let you
visit for awhile

I knew it was you
When I smelt pretty flowers
Thank you for caring

You was tea lady
Everyone loved you at work
I loved your trolley

Every morning you
would get up with the sun
And go catch your bus

You always left your
dentures on bathroom sink , i
thought they would bite me :)

Anyway I must
go now I miss you always
Take care of brother

Have fun in heaven
And when it's my turn to join
you , lets go shopping ***
Thought lovely nan today her name was Rose wow she was amazing lady **
ruby stains Dec 2014
as a kid, i never really knew
what the heart had to do with love. like, love is this ::
{bea.utiful} thing, but our hearts are these ****** hunks of meat that sit beneath our ribs and get that [blue/red] substance through your bones.

(where the **** did it come from, that idiotic interpretation of an emotion? why tie it to something so repuls i ve?)

you tell me your heart was skippin' right out'a your chest and all the way to north of philly an' back, i'd laugh in your face and tell you that love came from your brain, not your adrenaline-flushed ::heart::. i'd say it like the ****** little ten-year-old ***** i was, and i'd make you believe me, too.

but, honestly, that hidden truth has finally snuck up under my eyelids and permeated -yes, i know
and i mean it- my heart.

i know now that love is responsible for mending your heart or breaking it or filling it to the brim or speeding it up or making it skip a beat or drop to your curled or thud gently against someone else's bare skin and, jesus, it's kinda ******* beautiful once i actually think about it. like, a simple emotion has the power to tug apart and lead the pieces out (single file, mind you) one by one.
exégèse sur le mouvement perpétuel du cœur : exegeis on the heart's perpetual motion.
Quinn Apr 2011
i'm the girl
who lives
for the moment
when inspiration
who writes
more than
she speaks
because it
just feels

i'm the girl
who's loyalty
is all she
can see
with very
few humans
who truly
get me
(yes, i know
i sound trite
and ******
as can be)

i'm the girl
who speaks
volumes without
saying a word
the girl who's
thoughts are
often seen, but
not often

i'm the girl
who falls down
and picks
herself up
without anyone's
hand to
give me a shove

i recognize
truth and
i believe in honor
i know myself
well and i
am always a

my brain likes
to eat
new knowledge
with fervor
when put
on the spot
i always

i'm the girl
who's guilt
often consumes her
who feels
more deeply
than most
could want

i'm the girl
who sees past
surface and lights
i can see who
you are even
on the
darkest of

i live with passion
and stand by
what i do
you may not
know me, but
i probably know

i'm the girl
who is constantly
who's brain
is used for
magic and

the girl
who won't sleep
because the
minutes are
never enough
who refuses
to let the
make her
too rough

i am who
i am and
i'll be who
i'll be
and chances
are you've had
some effect
on me

for humans
i let in
through my gates
definitely have
helped me
to decide
my fate

silly little rhymes

— The End —