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Alexa Sz Mar 2012
In the shadows she is strong
but the sunlight hides her truth
She blooms in the winter
but scurries from the spring
knowledge of faith
doors to freedom
further they open
for her to just walk through
but yet she stays
watching it open and close
like the talking mouths of people
who come to see her
then leave
She is the girl who is
the one who holds her own
she doesn't want the search light to shine one her
or the ocean of change to move her
she is contempt
yet yearning more
afraid to just reach out and grab it
Alexa Sz Feb 2012
When lies make it better
but make it burn worse

when friendship denies you
true comfort and safe

Where trust is planted
doesn't always make the flower grow

compassion and belief
shrink and die beneath the snow

defeat controls you
and that final feeling of loss

the dryness of feelings
too dry for tears

heaviness of heart
ache in mind

what would you do?
when you loose your step?
Alexa Sz Dec 2011
Those fantasies that thrill you
the blush burns on your face
only when the reality hits you
and the feeling fades away

You could wish upon a thousand stars
except the chance is one in a million

if only it was as easy as a dream
if only it was reality
not just a stupid fantasy
Alexa Sz Dec 2011
How can something so normal
disturb one so much

voices of the past ring truth
***** lies one avoids
but knows deep down

Mind aching of annoyance
shallow words that sink in
no more mask to hide behind
for that secret is now known

What is the reality of the norm
when what was once normal is no longer

when that flower of innocence dies
and in its place grows disappointment
with a hidden droplet of relief
it's not hard to know what you have found

but to those surprised eyes
one me seek that faint light
that reminds of the time
one was once

and it pulls and it pries
the regret that hangs low
but this strange goodness
this grateful feeling
to know the winds of change
have come your way
Alexa Sz Aug 2011
The idea always seemed absurd
yet now it seems so grand

is it love?
or is it something else?

It leaves tingles from head to toe
like it never has before

Is it love?
or am I not imagining it so?

A first love
can it be
or is it just my head

a feeling deep down
feels an unexplainable way

I could be wrong
fooled by lust
wanting this for too long
giving in to much trust

I just don't know
it's like no other
like something spoke
and I finally listened

reach out now
hands of love
bathe me in your kind touch

then hold me tight
and lead me forward
and never let go without a fight

I feel you know
as I fall
into something way to new
and your warmth gives me
something more
than anything I could expect

so is it love?
or is it not?
tell me please?
what I have sought
Alexa Sz May 2011
Hah, you think you know
you think you can
you think you can pull me to the ground

You try to rip me
limb from limb
you try to split me
mind to heart

I will not take this
I will not fall
I will find who I am
without your talk

I need to put this to an end
this constant pulling
you are obviously not my friend
Alexa Sz Apr 2011
What happens?
When you are done with a dream?
Does it disappear?
Does it fade?
does it wander off?
or go back where it came?

How come you don't remember
those sweet sun beams?

How come you can't enter
the darkest of dreams?

What happens to dreams
once you awake?
Where do they go to?
Will they ever return?
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