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pat Apr 2016
God is good & God is great
He hates queers that levitate
Momma said that God is dead & I can touch a thousand men
We're not hippies, we're just dumb
We do drugs. We Have fun

(No Brains!)

Obama, I wanna go-bama
I know you know I wanna
go-bama to a sauna
in the Bahamas, bring iguanas

Obama, I think
I think you know-bama
I wanna go, I wanna wear pajamas
in Bahama mama sticky saunas

(No Brains!)

I don't know how to think
The clock goes " tick tick tick tick"
Gotta speak quick, gotta think big
Gotta beat kids with a big stick

God told me I wrote the bible
Jesus had a black disciple
Jesus got behind the wheel
He'll make Obama great again
He'll make it rain and bring the pain
He'll make it make it make it
(No Brains!)

Jesus cured all my diseases
He taught me what cottage cheese is
Analingus teachers taught the preachers how to feed us
eat a fetus
Jesus teaches
(No Abortion!)

but I don't really think that it's that important
but if you really think that its that important
there's pre-abortional baptism

America runs on fascism
American chicks like circumcision not activism
if it lacks vision then
police could release the crack
in the ghetto snacks
in the ghetto shacks
In the fellow stacks, it'll make a better tax return
I'm like,
(No Brains!)
It's metal, baby
Obama, I wanna go-bama I think
I think,  you wanna know-bama,
I wanna go-bama I think
I think,  you wanna know

It's metal, baby
Don't touch me, I'm beautiful
Touch me touch me, I will sue
Don't touch me, I have a crush
Watch me crush, watch me ****
Armageddon veterans take armadillo medicine
I eat you like venison
Watch me crush, watch me ****
pat Mar 2015
I'm standing on the icy head of a barge, all rusted to ****. P.J. (the lead deckhand) and I wait patiently with frozen line tearing at our shoulders. We're far away from the buzzy, groaning engines of the Mary C tug, and all I hear is the water being pushed out of our way.
        "What direction is that?"
         "Up river?"
          They call rope line. To me it's always been rope and I don't care to call it something else. But they've made it clear, "it is and will always be referred to as line". It'd be nice if terminology was the only thing that ruffled these country boys feathers. Who knew they'd be so strict?  And do I really need a question mark if it's rhetorical?
         I'm on a boat. It's 6:30 a.m., or as they say back home "early as ****". Sun's poking through the trees and it makes that gentle floating snow a bit more detailed. I stick nervously to the rim, but only because I'm new. It isn't worth pretending to be comfortable, at least not on that thing. Besides, falling in the water is basically equivalent to dying here. The safety videos stressed that. Although, they also swore that a crew will alert you to "watch the bump!" whenever hitting up against something. That's not a real thing though. A lot of the **** we watched isn't real. I'm indifferent. After all, I didn't chase a boat to feel comfortable.
          In my heavy-hearted moments, pessimism takes a whack at everything I put faith in. I reject myself and challenge every step that lead me to unhappiness. Big, big questions toss and turn inside my head, and they try to convince me to run home.  It happens.  
           But I'm happy right now, just seeing the sunrise and being surrounded by all these strange factories puffing out clouds.  It's probably all bad, toxic stuff.  Sometimes it's not worth digging into negative realities. For now, they're factories that make clouds for us to enjoy.  P.J. and I both lit up a cigarette and he asked me why I was smiling.  
           "This is a pretty cool job. I mean, what a way to wake up".
He spit casually off the side, down into the water.
            "You aint lyin".
pat Feb 2015
I know that I know more than I used to know,
back when I didn't know  as much as I know now,
but even though I know that,
deep down I still know,
that I don't know anything.
pat Feb 2015
I feel messed up, fixing on sun walks and fun talks.
A run with you, warm and without shoes
through all the hues of existence.

It's interest, you impressing thing.
I could sing about your eyes,
and die from how you smile
I'm not in denial, but I might as well say it.
I think I may love you..
pat Jan 2015
Can you focus?
My lies  drip  the way I want.
Tip toe,
tipping so elegantly.
Bangalore's disguised as beautiful ballerinas.
It's sick.
It's incredible.
My Best, and my worst.
pat Nov 2014
I'm not afraid to say that I am not afraid,
but I think we're lost and it's unsettling.
And I'm not afraid to say I love you to my friends,
and that we like drugs.

If I don't find a perfect job and buy a perfect house
will I meet the standards?

We'll  I'm not afraid of being poor and hungry.
I'm afraid of being Fake, and filled with Hate.
And I'm not afraid to say I'm sick of ***
and the way it makes me think.

Because the worst war is in my head
And the first step would be keeping to myself
But the worst part is in my bed.
when I get anxious I can't sleep..
So can we go
and waste some time

I'm not afraid of being put down
I like the way I live and the way I dress.
And I'm not ashamed
I spent those checks on gas and whiskey
and cigarettes.

If don't purchase trendy clothes and I don't bother lifting
Am I still a man?

Well, I'm not afraid to say that superficial people make me
I want no part of it.
And I'm not apposed to hearing
things you have to say
but I get mad.

Because the worst war is in my head

I'm not afraid to say that I am not afraid
but I'm ******* Scared.
Because all our time is spent with technologies instead of Love,
and Loving life.
I'm not afraid to help you see, but I wouldn't Know.
Because if I say we're slaves to phones and Facebook,
I know that you'll go home,
and you'll waste your time on it.
pat Oct 2014
How I wish I had two lives.
One to live to the fullest,
and the other to sleep away.
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