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Brandon Conway Aug 2018
From the thick green canopy
The rain oh how it wept
d                        d          d
r            d                        r
i             r           r
p            i                         i
              p          i
                          p            p
Creating a sad mucky galaxy
Where the mosquitoes brood is kept
Clementine Mar 2018
He watched as the sky darkened,
Brown leather descending slowly,
Prayed to God he would be pardoned,
Thought of his wife, his one and only.

Last look as the infants wail,
No scraps brought back tonight,
His little legs started to flail,
As he began to shiver in fright.

The human smiled,
His prey had been caught,
And with the glee of a child,
Stamped down his left foot.
empty seas Jan 2018
i’m a fish out of water
drowning in the air
throw me back overboard
i’ll be fine, i swear
even if i sink to the bottom
it’ll probably be for the best
i’ve heard that death by drowning
is a good way to get rid of a pest
i just feel like a burden. it makes me want to sink into a deep sleep.
Donna Jun 2017
I just splattered a
gnat it was dinosaur size
It would have ate me!!
Is it me or r gnats getting bigger each year I just splattered one I don't feel guilty..nope..never!!
Roses symbolise her appearance,
but deep beneath her façade lies a poisonous pest.

This whole poem is basically an extended metaphor. Just as the pests of the rose feed on it's roots so too does society compromise the woman by poisoning her soul.
Sienna Luna Jan 2017
A bullet

so small and strong

struck right where

my lungs met.

Embedded itself

this insult of occult

fake tidings riding on

elitist ****** attitudes.

A bullet

or was it an insult?

Either way, I am plummeting

towards humiliation street

with my tail between my legs.

A bullet

was that woman's sharp words

cutting through my skin

like a paper cut gone berserk.

She was a joplin spider

stuck in a ditch

and I should have

smashed her spindly

weak legged body

under my heavy black boots

creating an **** stain

that looks like gunpowder

or left over oil

spilled over

with the utmost disrespect.
Airisgone Dec 2015
I hate you, my love.
I hate how I will always be misunderstood
I hate how much I struggled
After trying so hard

If dying was my saving grace
Will my angel take me away?
Or will the devil pull me down to the ground?
I hate you

But I could never do
Hate is not my saving grace
It is what will doom me when my life is taken away
And for you my dear,

It will not be your pleasure.
If love and hate were the answer to your problems
You would've died long before
With my own two feet and my saving grace
I will run after You
preservationman Jun 2014
House prepare for the attack
This will be an ongoing combat
It will be a more Raid than the Roaches would expect
Roaches may think the hotel house they have checked in
But the mission is **** them until the end
Block every moving path
Leave no turn undone
Let the victory be that we have won
Your house is your own separate place
It doesn’t require roaches to take up space
It’s time to completely erase
We could be outnumbered
But let our defense be unmatched
Let the roaches feel our attack in catch
Let’s make sure the roaches don’t check in
Let the forces begin
Our mission will be complete, and there will be no thinking defeat.
Brycical Apr 2014
The life span of a housefly
is approximately a month

Imagine if that was the lifespan
of everyone in this room,
from birth to death--
in just a month we grow;
           learning to walk, talk, eat pancakes, perceive god,
           light fires, play guitar, make coffee, cook lobster,
           learning to hula-hoop, to snap, to use the toilet
           and/or discovering your favorite shades of red,
          the first time merging with the opposite ***...
all in the span of a month.

How intense must that life feel?

Not to mention the physical growth
of bone, skin, heart, feet all the way
from birth to death in a month.

I think people would live quite differently;
laws would cease, save for the natural ones,
like the lifespan of a month.

Such learning with great intensity
compact into such a short time...

In this way I envy the housefly;
the fly that lands on dog ****--
risking a shorter life swatting death
to drink some sweat or
warm up for a spell in your home.

What a life,
the life of a fly in time.
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