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Una Walters Apr 2014
I'm trying so hard to make you happy
But how can I make you something I'm not?
Una Walters Apr 2014
That night when I called you about homework
it wasn't because i forgot what was due
it was because i wanted to hear your voice

That night when I messaged you late at night
it wasn't to just say hi
it was because i wanted you to know someone cared

That night when we danced to silly music and i hived you close
it wasn't because i was cold
it was because i felt alone and needed your touch

That last night when we sat together and decided our time was up and we said goodbye
it wasn't because i didn't love you
it was because i do love you and knew you needed more.
Una Walters Apr 2014
We judge people for the things we hate about ourselves.

When you look at that girl all confident in her new black dress
Don't scoff at her just because you aren't comfortable in your own body.
Just because your legs are too long and you may seem kinda stocky.

When you see that boy doing his best on his new guitar solo
Don't laugh at him with friends just because you don't play an instrument as a hobby
And you wish you could and maybe that makes you ******.

And when you see that family all together and happy
Don't get jealous just because your family history is foggy
and you never really had a mommy.

We judge people for the things we hate about ourselves.
Una Walters Apr 2014
"Hello, remember me?"
Her anxiety says to her every single day.

"Hello, remember me?"
There it is again. It is an unwanted guest that always seems to come up at the worst times.

It is like a bug.
An infestation deep inside her, with no way out and it controls her each an every day.

It controls her..
every thought she think..
every word she says..

But more importantly,
it controls every thought she DOESN'T think
and every word she DOESN'T say.

It keeps her from things, not even giving her the option to choose for herself.
Una Walters Apr 2014
My love for you is like the tides,
always changing yet always strong.

Sometimes you crash into my head and other times you slowly creep your way in.

Yet one thing always stays the same

It is commanded by you, the moon.

It's hard to imagine something as massive as an ocean being controlled by something as simple as the moon.

You are my moon.
Hold that power carefully.

— The End —