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Jaymi Swift Mar 2014
I look in the mirror
And see an old face.
My youth has absconded
at a frightful pace.

Where is the bounce
that I had in my step?
It seems at a cliff, in
my life, it had leapt.

It seems only yesterday
My life was so full.
The business of children
And life was a whirl.

An old woman you see,
But my  life is like yours,
Gone in a blink, not
keeping the scores.

Good times remembered
And always will be.
But sickness of heart
will be my final decree.

For people can see
in my eyes so clear,
That the way of my life
runs down my cheek,
   (in a tear)

When I answer to God
I will hold my head low,
And hope that he sees
I have nowhere to go.

For life went so fast
Seemed I had no control.
Forgiveness I ask Him.
Please take my soul.
Jaymi Swift Mar 2014
Rainbows and flowers,
Umbrellas and showers.

Easter eggs and bunnies
And bees making honey.

Green grass and daffodils
And hiking on new trails.

Gardens and fishing poles
And leisurely strolls.

Sunflowers and kites
And kids riding bikes.

Sunshine and shade,
Hot dogs and lemonade.

Sandcastles and waves
And long lazy days.

Home runs and sliders
And flying new gliders.

Long walks and sweaters,
Touchdowns and headers.

Red leafs and golden,
Soon to be stolen.

Pumpkins and costumes
And witches on brooms.

Turkey and dressing
And family blessings.

Snowmen and scarfs,
Getting warm by the hearth.

Ice skates and hot chocolate
And gloves in your pocket.

Trees all alight
And cold winter nights.

Santa and sneezes
And little baby Jesus.
Jaymi Swift Oct 2013
It seems to me that the happiest people are people who barley have the,( I won't say necessities because that would mean to much to most of us in the US), let's say people who barley scrap by. Every day is a challenge to scrap up enough to eat and drink. These people seem to be closer to their families. They laugh more. They share more. They know what is in their brothers heart as well as what is in their own. They live a simple life spiritually and a hard life physically. No TV, no media, no Hollywood. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere like Ethiopia or a hundred other places on this earth not bombarded every minute of every day with things. THINGS that are not important. To live where just to survive the day and have people to rejoice in that survival with is enough. Body and soul I long for the happiness that comes from a day well lived. We have become a nation that knows not how to live but how to be entertained. We never slow down to feel what's in our heart or to feed our souls. If we never listen to what is in our own heart how can we know what is in another heart. Oh just to live and not to judge. Is that possible? Can it be possible when we are bombarded with the latest, the greatest, the best of fashion, phone, game, religion? Who knows what I could do if I didn't have everyone telling me who or what I should be. And believe me it changes daily.  We all look at these " less fortunate" people on TV or in a magazine and we feel sorry for them when it is ourselves that we must feel sorry for. What is to become of us. We are a most intriguing people, we who have done so many amazing things, and yet most of us feel sad or lonely. Yes, you have a beautiful home. Yes, you have people who love you. But wait, how do you know they love you?.....well of course they love you, their suppose to love you, after all you love them.....right. I mean that's the way the story goes....right?  You know the story, the one you saw on Lifetime yesterday, while your loved ones were doing....ah what were they doing? Oh yes, your son was playing that new game, you know " **** Zombie ****" on that PlayStation or Nintendo or something like that, and your daughter was at the mall buying the latest thing to make her feel beautiful, and your husband was.....well he was doing something on the computer. How can you love someone if you don't know who they are. How can you love someone if you don't know who you are. All of this technology may be bringing the world closer but who needs to know the world when they don't even know their own family....,or their next door neighbor, the one that shot himself yesterday. No one knows why.  Please people , I beg you, put down the phone turn off the TV, go out on a date( not at the movies), but somewhere you can talk and get to know each other. And if you don't know what to say just say what's in your heart. After all that is what truly matters.  If you can realize that most of the things in your life are meaningless then you too can have a life well lived. In the end isn't that all that matters.  So for now I am signing out and switching off, and tuning in to my life.  For all I wish is to have a life well lived.
Jaymi Swift Sep 2013
There comes a moment ,in your life,when you wake up and know that it's just you and God now. And you wonder if you've done enough. The kids are raised, the house is payed, you finally get one moment to reflect on your life. And you wonder, am I good with God.  There is a line in a movie that I like, that say's, "A real poet creates something beautiful and leaves nothing of himself in it." When asked if that is what he had done, he replied, "No, we were going to change the world, but in the end the only thing that changed was us". When asked what was wrong with that, he simply said,"Nothing, if you don't look at the world".  After all we all want to change the world, but very few of us have the money or time or ability to actually change anything. It is, for me at least, very frustrating, and leaves me with the question ---What can I do?  I am fifty-four years old and have little income. I make simple rhymes and post them on a website, in the hopes that they will touch someone somehow. That is why I believe that poetry shouldn't be just words or rhymes.  I believe that poetry should be emotion. Emotion because that is the only way to touch anothers soul. To be not just honest, brutally honest... To strip yourself down to that raw nerve then back up and let it fly...... hoping God says, "That's enough".
Jaymi Swift Aug 2013
Will no one run with me through the fields,
And laugh unto the moon.
I've been too long from childhood.
I need to find it soon.

Will no one climb up in the oak,
And hang dangling by their knees.
I've been too long from childhood
Won't someone help me please.

Will no one hide their eyes till ten,
Then run and laugh with glee.
I've been too long from childhood,
Won't someone help me see.

Will no one help me make a kite,
And fly it to the sun.
I've been too long from childhood,
I need to have some fun.

Will no one run with me in the night,
And catch the fireflys.
I've been too long from childhood,
Won't someone tell me why.
My Dad's memory is slipping away, but he can remember being a child.
Jaymi Swift Aug 2013
This is for my sad little clown,
Who helps me up when I am down.

Who puts on his happy face,
And goes on with the daily race.

A trickster he is, that is true,
but the trick you see is not on you.

He tells himself that he is fine,
And you will never hear him whine.

But I can hear it when he laughs,
His hearts not in it , that's the facts.

The one thing that he doesn't know,
Is that I care about him so.

The words he writes, they touch my soul,
I just wish I could make him whole.

This is for my sad little clown,
A better heart just can't be found.
Jaymi Swift Aug 2013
In the beginning of the world the earth and sky were one creature, and it was the hardest thing to tear them apart. They loved each other soooo much. And that's why it rains, the earth and the sky are always trying to get back together.
I heard this story a long time ago. Unfortunately, I  have no idea where it came from.
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