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My spirit is unhappy
It hates my human body
It hates all the ego's
& People who act ******
It says it's to painful  
It was easier in heaven
I forget my original form
Human body be forgetting
That my purple spirit so pure
Came from the golden door
Sent down to my mother's womb
To save all the doomed
Such a purpose placed upon me  
Such a life I have lived
Still it's things I cannot see
My spirit is what I give
But being human is too hard
In the game of solitaire
Queen of hearts, pull my card
Figured out my mission
List of prophets, new addition
Human body set me free
To The Gods that reign above me
The only heaven I'll be sent to
is when I'm alone with you

angelic strength you give to me
even distance still it's you I seek

open wounds I leave to bleed
that's what your absence does to me
Light flashes across
the night sky. Even the moon
hides behind the clouds.
I tickle my index
down your appendix
embraced in your arms
so don't be alarmed
"do you feel that?"
gravity is pulling us
skin so dark, glowing so light
melanin within you intrigues my fire
I look upon your chocolate blessing me with grace
I use my tongue to runneth down
your smooth brown face .
early dawn
as the sun reaches the peak
of the cold blue lake
and the little birdies squeak
I look upon my blessing as I hear your voice speak
"good morning my love, guess it wasn't a dream"
last night was an miraculous night we redeem
redemption at its finest, our souls finally unite
baptized tears from my eyes
assurance I'll be alright
its humorous to imagine I never thought it come
waking up with you to the reddish, morning sun
the best is saved for last
a story so divine
when you plant your lips on my kiss
I start to turn alive
my lover and my brother
my best, and my last
writing masterpieces
still our love is contrast
& nobody poses what we have been blessed with
I hear you in my mind
whispering "it's alright"
abandoned by her mother and father
to take on this cold world alone
no voice left in my throat
to sing the melodies in the song
such a strong girl, yet I break down every night
never forgive you, you let me take on this fight
by myself, without your help
salvation is what I seek
I call your phone one hundred times
leaving voicemails that pled
yet you still don't seem to care
I face my hard times desolate
deserted, this life is hurting
me, myself, and I
why can't I overcome the trials.
just want to be put to sleep
internally in peace
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