Elaina Oct 2016
I know you feel
Intelligence flows within
Thanks be unto you
samasati Sep 2013
it is so easy to love you

and incredibly hard to miss you.
Jay Jul 2016


I honor the universe's light, beauty, love,truth and peace.
Because it is in me, and you;
it is, me and you.
Praying, for you to come unite with me in our heaven
where we are;
one thought,
Dani Oct 2014
Be still my child
Silence your thoughts
Be still my child
Let go
Surrender yourself whole
To the light that surrounds you
See the dots connect before your eyes
Let beauty catch you in moments least expected
Let go of the oars
Let the river of energy guide you
Be still
Child of The Universe
Vibrate and Resonate
Trust your soul
It knows the plan
More beautiful than you can fathom
Be quiet
Listen to the vibrations
Feel the vibrations
See them work their magic
Sweet product of the flow
You are a reflection of it
With open arms
Stars fall onto your lap
Dripping with cosmic synchronicity
You are a reflection
You are energy
You are beauty in it purest form
You are the plan
You are the oars
You are The Universe
You, are.
Areesha Khuwaja Nov 2016
My soul recognizes yours.

For you are both:
The fire that consumes me whole
And the peace that calms and contains me

My eyes play the sunrise,
your hands meet to welcome my love.

My dear, your soul recognizes mine.

For I am both,
the whimsy twinkle
and the summer storm next to you

Our eyes meet & I rise and fall
Like soft moonflakes towards your galaxy

We honor the place in each other
Where the entire universe resides
Sia Jane Sep 2013
She caresses the gentle nature
that surrounds her
and her own quintessential

As the incense lights her soft
hands slowly create
a gentle breeze around the

The hollowed out tree has formed
a type of beating heart to protect
the soul she encloses within its

Saying a prayer, gently closing her
hands, brown eyes out of sight
it is unbeknown as to what she

Her feet patter out of temple doors
as though she is making love to
her thoughts prayers wishes hopes

I smile in her direction, bowing my
head, with hands clapped together
the exchange occurs in peace.

© Sia Jane
Elaina Oct 2016
One with all



Perfect knowledge
Right action

No harm

Forever grateful
Always thankful

Each morning
Viola Densden Apr 2016
My words fail me
Most when I need them
Like a babe, dumb to speech,
A mouthful of nothing.

My words fail me
Most when I'm with you
Because our souls pray "Namaste"
And never stop talking.

And my words truly fail me
When I can see what you want me to say
And all that I can mutter,
Might as well be thrown away.
Words are a drug with all its ups and downs
Olivia Kent Dec 2015
Holiest of communions with Earth our mother.
Earth, she spins as a dancer.
Man, the stupidest species gets not dizzy.
Holding tight.
Shortest days and darkest nights.
Urge towards sunshine.
Into the light.
Making love on warm dry grass in shades of pink.
Whole soul stroking.
No divides.
Without boundaries.
More life foretold in a perfect prophecy.
Namaste .
Hailstones and thunder.
Awesome power natures' wonder.
My soul honors your soul.
I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. 
I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me.
In sharing these things we are united, 
we are the same, 
Oh mane padme hum
Come to me
Our love is eternal
Like the fire in the earth
Like the sky above us
We are the same we are One
Hello this is my first upload. Its about the beauty and love within everyone. To all people i say namasté
Classy J Apr 2016
Peace and tranquility feel me with inner peace,
Yin and yang better make sure i keep up my good zen,
Animals wander, minds a flitter, can't just sit here,
Looking to symbols for enlightenment and inspiration,
Trapped yet free, breath in and breath out all transgressions,
It is what it is, can't change the inevitable,
But I find that still very hard to grasp,
Just sit here and relax and everything will fall into place,
Everything in nothing, and nothing in everything,
Chi and tea, reminiscing of what could be or not be,
I know not, I am just a human in a inhuman world,
In the world but not of it,
Silence has fallen over, this may be the end or just the beginning.
NaNi Mar 2016
silence is so peaceful
i meditate in the sounds of nature
anyone, anything that brings noise has got to be removed
i need QUIETness
i love to hear myself breathing
i hear all the sounds my body makes
i can hear the birds wings flapping from inside my home
when i am quiet i hear so much more
when i am quiet i am so far from the world.

Invocation Apr 2015
Half-lidded eyes gaze
into blue light from
screen as upper legs
clasp together involuntarily,
chest still heaving randomly
with gasps or sighs as comfort
and relaxation wash through
tense, electrically charged muscles

static cling from sleeves' struggle
with woolen blanket, inner
thighs' heat spreading to
surface from friction and
folly and fumbling and my lip is sore from my teeth
because when my whole body climbs into divinity
I feel no pain

my stomach aches suddenly
for filling, but the rest of my
body quiets the noisiest of us
since we're so cozy in our
splendid vibrance, muted
as the world seems after
gongs and cymbals clash like
titans in my heartbox and veins
tremble and thrum and throb
in the pleasant-est of places

I am suddenly again climbing
that mountain, white and gold
heat like sunshine and water
became one element and they
pour through my skin into my porous bones
as I drink

Mouth, don't leak these secret passions!
I shudder to myself and I think of this energy
as life embodied in one small window, have I glimpsed heaven?
I am in that divine place, and someone else is in their divine self as well. I'm sure of this.
When we are both in those places, we are one.
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