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Jessica Who Aug 2013
Into the darkness.
I retreat.
Calming flame.
Soothing steam.
Melancholy melody.
I want to capture the heat as it escapes my skin.
Let my pores inhale it again.
Hot and slick.
Light reflects my need.
My ache.
My longing.
For far away places.
Exploring the unknown cities in my mind.
Places I've never visited but are with me everyday.
So close.
This impossible oasis I can't seem to find.
Behind my eyes.
It hides
White heat.
Bliss in shades of pink and red.
Tear stained cheeks.
Purge the hurt.
And it becomes beauty.
My sanctuary.
Jessica Who Aug 2013
There is a love that I've kept hidden.
I've kept it behind my eyes, in the deepest corners of my mind, and in the darkest places of my heart.
I've kept it away from everyone.
I've been saving it for you.
Have you noticed it?
The way it sometimes seeps out of my stare.
Or escapes in my laughter.
The way it travels from my heart to yours when we are pressed against each other.
I've tried so hard to keep it a secret.
To not let it out.
But with you it just flows like a river that has been seeking your ocean for an eternity.
Jessica Who May 2013
Just a finger.
One finger.
Slipping underneath the lace.
Lightly caressing the softest skin.
And I tense.
Everything tightens.
Inhaling your exhales.
Take my breath.
My body is yours.
Explore it.
Find my treasures.
They’ve been hidden for too long.
Beautiful bits.
Waiting to be discovered.
Don’t ask.
Permission was granted long ago.
I’ve been waiting for this.
Jessica Who May 2013
There are a precious few
Souls that shine
With hearts wide open and
Smiles inviting
A moment of peace
An unspoken agreement
To only love
To cause no harm
No expectations
No conditions
Hold on to them
And love them back
Jessica Who May 2013
His love left him cold,
Closed to the world around him.
The world that kept reaching toward him,
He just kept pushing away.
Lovely's laid at his feet,
Begging to be seen through his eyes.
Yet his eyes remained closed,
As did his heart.
Jessica Who May 2013
After all this time of outlining and trying to perfect my strokes,
I'm learning that it's nice to color outside the lines.
It can change the whole picture.
Jessica Who May 2013
She calls through my window
Pleading for souls to rest
Her ebb yawns
Her flow hums
She is chaos
She is serenity
She is Mother
She is life
Her lullaby brings slumber
She is where my soul sleeps
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