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Sive Myeki May 2018
On the eve of laying love to rest

I carried my emotions inside a clenched fist

Dispersing the air for all to see

To feel and mortify at an unrestrained spree

My presence was cunning

Sharper than a serpent's tongue

A forked road a hallowed path

That sheds the pretense of wrath

This was my catharsis at dawn

Spiraling about for my skin

Should I mourn my loss

Or meet the sun for a first lover's kiss
Sive Myeki Oct 2017
I'll find the answer I'm looking for at the bottom of an empty wine glass. So I'll name this story;


Don't justify your angst
Towards her with social stigma
The cropped top
And the bare brassiere strap
Wasn't for your pleasure and judiciary
It was a hot
And sweaty day man
And she knew I'd swing by tonight
Now listen here Layla
I know you work behind the bar
With another man
And I see how you feel
When his eyes tussle
With another woman's hide
Just like the other day
When you kept chasing my stare
And always seeming short
Because I knew
It was your turn to pry
I don't want to pick you up
Working behind the bar
Like every fool from afar
I've got something planned for us
But first I need to see
Where your commitment lies
You got a man at home
Waiting up and hopefully alone
I just need you
To give up on childish love
If you gonna look my way
Like an innocent dove
Take my hand
And lets make amends for lost time
But if you're serious
About the father of your child
Marry him forget me
And make more of your kind
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
If ever there was a way
To see you as clear as day
And kiss you without say
Like children lost in play
Beneath the sun and its ripening ray
So love may bloom without dismay
If ever there was a way
I wish it sooner before this day fades away
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
If I was in love with you
What would you have me do
That I haven't done today
As though each life wasn't spent the same way
Chasing after you until the end of time
Now look what I've become
A figment of your hearts intent
The lover you lie awake dreaming about

You left it all too late
And my will could never outrun fate
I thought patient love would entice your heart
How wrong was I when death knocked first
Taking this mortal frame that kept love at bay
And flung my soul across a sky of day
Now the sky is in love with you
Day and night I fall for you

Since you left this world
Without saying a word
Like the silence of a stone
I will inhale your love and exhale my own
Because what if I was in love with you too
Always finding my way to you
Waiting for you to say what's true
Or pass the clue when born anew
And chart the way askew the frail in search of deja vu
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
When I look in your eyes
I see a thousand stares
Of sacred ties
Lonely nights and shattered smiles

When I look in your eyes
I see the tears
You hid from peers
And kept in jars to water your fears

When I look in your eye
I see a sky of blue dye
A house of God perched up high
With angels and birds fluttering by

I know you're still in school
Too young to love an old fool
A man who hates to shave
And can't wait to dig his grave

So I'll be gentle in walking away
No matter how much I want to stay
I'll be your sun and shine on you today
On a day of pain, rain and dismay
So your heart may know the way
To love again, forever lost with jubilee play.
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
As soon as i have ideas
Of unrefined cinematic cues;
A rationalized introspect aimlessly drifting in
Or intuition whispered from within.
I differentiate thought from mental aptitude purposely
And go after one full heartedly.
One is external stimuli
And the other is a divine sigh.
One is taken and interpreted
While the other is given and subjugated.
Guidance over impetus
I give the mind no time and space
To doubt the method
Of borrowed wings from a dormant God.
I set my sails towards the storm
And brave the chalice for His adorn.
I meet my end
At the hands of sand;
Torn apart, lost at sea,
I piece my wreck and return with glee.
Just when the shores of Salvatore's island
Bode new beginnings, a comfort never fitting for a fearless stand.
It is my attitude of letting go
Which purchases the deliverance of the seed I sow.
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
I sympathize with you.
Never have you thought
Not to experience this way of life.
You are well adjusted
In a maladjusted paradigm.
I sympathize with the shallow extent
Of your imagination and humbly I accept
The token of our silent agreement.
While you mope, drool, ogle
And taste success with the tip of your tongue,
I will be knee deep in the trenches.
Dodging light speed arrows,
Defusing air bending whistling apples
Thrown from afar
In the safety of paper walls.
Built to repel the mirrored image
Yet pale enough to distort what you see.
I humbly accept the quest you have entrusted me with
To seek and return
With the noble self you abandoned in the forests;
When you grew tired of discovery.
Should I return with the gift as promised,
Then I have failed you.
For I have given up my search
And named the last I saw and felt as that I sought.
By the grace of the most high,
The hidden observer;
Lost to a ripple of self inflicting wounds guised as judgement,
A lever as light as a feather,
"By the grace of the most high,
Should I not return then I have failed you once more.
I have failed to find something you thought you lost,
Yet still resides within us all."
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