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Viola Densden Nov 2016
Was it not I
Who tried to die
Three are spent
And here I lie
My third grave.
I fell slave to love
To behave
Elocution by electrocution-
See my eyes
Touch my hair
I may breathe men for air
But mine eyes
Have seen the light
To the unenvyable cry
Of my plight
Slight of hand;
What a trick it is to die.
Maggots feast upon my eyes,
I would've rather burnt:
Little jew, little jew
What has Herr Doktor done to you
Chimney stacks
Bellow black;
I do not do
I do not do
The black shoe
I've been living in
For nearly two years of suffering
My ailing mind
Blind to happiness.
A form of estranged from reality.
For now I fly
High as a vulture
Hung in the sky,
The Zoroastrian carcass
Beneath my circle;
i cannot die,
Without that vulture
A phoenix become
As bright as the Sun
And I will never die
Cheated of six lives
it is not fair
so yes
i eat men like air.
Sylvia Plath, my idol. My muse. Bastardised.
Viola Densden Nov 2016
my gift.
the greatest gift of all.
You cannot give it back.
and it is not easy to give
to sacrifice
my gift
to you is time.
a part of the only life
i know i get,
this one chance.
and this present
i give to you
to do with as you wish.
but beware:
i can only give so much
you cannot give it back.
Time is the greatest gift of all. Don't underestimate it.
Viola Densden Apr 2016
I don't care.

It's that simple.

And as much as I try to,
Caring just isn't what I do.

So I don't.

I don't care.
Apathy deserves recognition right?
Viola Densden Apr 2016
My little ray of sunshine:
Your sunny smile, your sunny face.
This golden train of hair,
That follows you place to place.
          Your beauty so fair,
          Your will - strong,
          There's nothing you can't do.
          Your fight to care,
          Can do no wrong,
          Beauty shining true.
So to the girl with the golden heart;
And golden hair too:
Keep a pure golden heart,
And to yourself always be true.
Some people affect me.
P.S. It's a broken sonate
Viola Densden Apr 2016
My words fail me
Most when I need them
Like a babe, dumb to speech,
A mouthful of nothing.

My words fail me
Most when I'm with you
Because our souls pray "Namaste"
And never stop talking.

And my words truly fail me
When I can see what you want me to say
And all that I can mutter,
Might as well be thrown away.
Words are a drug with all its ups and downs
Viola Densden Apr 2016
Cigarette most foul:
Burnt lips,
Bitter kiss.
Last action ere bed,
Left for dead.
G-d have mercy;
My body a temple
And this my incense.
My pulsing temple
Thoughts forgotten
It's a lost prayer
Uttered under hushed whisper,
Cigarette most foul.
That which kills me only makes me feel alive
Viola Densden Dec 2015
It all began one crisp, Spring night
When I had a secret to share.
And once I did, you didn't take flight,
You stayed, stayed because you care.

And though I left and grew,
For a year I missed you so,
And I think it's time you knew:
You stayed, but I had to go.

Through all the pain I ne'er showed;
The drugs and drinks and men,
Through some dark times you don't know
You stayed now, stayed then.

So to you my friend, my dearly beloved:
I wish naught but joy and love,
I promise for you I'll stay,
Even to watch from above.
Some people deserve the greatest gift I can give. Others deserve something better
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