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B Woods Jul 2011
I've been tottering on the edge for so long,
I don't remember what this feels like.
Each morning, fresh and new,
I am reborn, brethren of the Phoenix.
I'm scared to step, for fear of the Void.
It surrounds me, beckoning,
awaiting my next slip, a trip
down memory lane. But I've rid
myself of those messy times, I think?
Hard to say when you're two pills away
from going insane.
All I have is my mind and all my mind has
is Time.
Time to waste or time to spare?
I've wasted away for days and days,
so I can spare you sometime today.
I'd like to sit, do you have some tea?
Please, tell me, tell me, tell me.
Your life, your death, I want it all.
I'm making an album of eternity.
Why? you ask.
Well, I'd like to remember, see
my memory isn't very good.
So if you tell me everything,
I can write it down, then I'll never forget.
You could call me a historian, or herstorian.
But I'm not interested in the past anymore,
only the future.
B Woods Jul 2011
Where is this God you Christians speak of?
I don’t see him on the news.
Or in the paper when villages burn.
I believe a part of Him resides in me,
yet I am more powerful than ever He be.
Can He save a French African girl from drowning?
I can, and have.
Can He feed the hungry in the shivering cold?
I have not, but at least I tried and will try again.
I am my own Creator, he had no hand in this.
My ancestors created Me, not He.
And I will continue to create, for all of time, if only in memory.
He may have made the locks, but I hold the key.
Why turn to a ghost for aid?
When I was lost, I found my way,
and I was down a map and hadn’t a clue.
I am a savior of children divine.
I have no reason to believe I am not a God.
But don’t expect me to save you.
B Woods Jul 2011
Caught an ol' friend smokin' down Derby Drive
Two lost buddies shootin' **** and feelin' high
These cats I was with though, sho din't jive
So I said, Later fellas, think I'll call it a night
Went a'whistlin down the sidewalk all proper and trim
These houses lookin' at me, got me feelin' dim
So I say to myself, Son, whatcha gonna do?
You're gonna groove it all night until the mornin' dew
So I flip my flops off and toss 'em in the road
When the weather's hot, barefoot is the only code
I've got Summertime feelings on my mind
And a love in my heart that I like to call kind
But if you come at me on a one way street
I ain't turnin' around til' your *** is beat
Cuz ain't no one in this world gonna mess wit' me
I'm a child of the flower and a man of the tree
I'll chop down some wood out in the forest green
And build you bird houses you ain't ever seen
I like to fly in the sky, and **** on your head
Only if you ain't listenin' to what I said
If you're a good student in my class you get a gold star
But if you mess up too much you won't be goin' far
So read your books, do your work, pass this course
If you don't, it's ok cuz things could be quite worse
Just take a lesson from the teacher once a day
Then before you know, the black and white turn to grey
You start seeing colors you ain't never knew
Hearing sounds and voices speaking loud and true
But where did we get off from this walk in the road
I'm searchin' and a'searchin' for my humble abode
There's a cornfield on the left, I sho' ain't goin' in
Cuz' the aliens from Signs are gonna be my Fin
I'd rather walk by and just stare at the sky
As Jimi says 'Scuse me while I kiss this guy
If you're Gay, then stand up, you a got a brotha in me
Just don't be gettin' feely at afternoon tea
Unless of course we're hangin' out with the Queen
I'd like to show her crazy, Americans WE
Sillysilly Brits with their chips and fish
Prince Charming William more like Lil' *****
I sho' like their countryside and cities, though
And getting all kinds of coins and colored dough
I really ain't got nothin' against those guys
Except for when the King is telling all his lies
Monty Python's Flying Circus, what a trip
Reminds me of some mushies with insanity dip
Whoever knows what the hell they're talking about
But in reality, do you know in from out?
A rap I'm working on.
B Woods Sep 2010
Runrunrun all day long
the blood pumps and heart jumps
Nonstop this goes
for hours at a time
fueled by coffee and shmigs
seemingly everlasting is
this high, I wish.
While it rolls, I'll pay
the toll through loss.
Time, things, sleep.
I come out exhasuted
missing precious gifts
from loved ones long ago,
a list of work days unending,
bloodshot drooping dog eyes.
I take the pills and crash,
yet find myself awake
soon thereafter,
wondering where'd it
all come from,
and why'd it go
B Woods Sep 2010
How do you expect me
to live it out like this
so many fraudulent claims
and no one to even blame!?
But myself, I guess?
How can I do that
when they say
do your best?
Its like living in a dream
when it seems so fake
and then you wake
and can't even take the reality
that you face.
Whats the point if you ain't
bein' real
to yourself
to your mind and your memory
Mighta got lost at some point
but I'm here now, say
when you comin back
I hear them
And for some reason
it all always just fades
to black and white
Mainly gray now
B Woods Sep 2010
At times I dance and cry
you might ask why
B Woods Sep 2010
We're living out
the greatest paradox
known to mankind
going all about it
from the wrong side
Obsessed with self-expression
we customize our face
and facebook
Look at any college student's
music preferences and see
the same ten things
in different orders
What is music
but the confluence of a billion
starting from before we began
Go to any live show
and you'll experience
the penultimate
compilation of all music
known to man
Unless its a pop show
cuz I heard lots of those
are mere recordings
Any jazz gig
has slave songs
and Louis
all at once
even if the performers
and audience
don't realize it
Every musician can list
a long line of influences
All these inspirations
were affected by countless
other musicians before them
and it goes on and on
and on
All music is the result
of all music
that came before it
and will become and influence
all music after it
And this does not apply
only to music
but art, poetry, any writing
politics, economics,
We are the direct, indirect
product of all history
Look at the word history
His Story
Its our story
And not just mankind
We used to be primate rats
surrounded by towering
Think about that
next time you see
road ****
Millions of people are abused
every day, we're only abusing
Drinking ourselves silly
Smoking our lungs out
We're too lazy or ignorant
Too caught up on getting rich
to realize we made money
to make life easier
Trade is best
with a common currency
and that should be
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