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Samantha Apr 2018
When the crowd is turned on you,
and your last line of defense walks away,
and there's no place to call home
and the streets become too cold to stay.
I see you walking, never run.

When did you lose yourself, when did you go?
Always a question, but you never know.
So out of touch here! Mind miles away...
But you're dissonant dear, still not much to say.
So you hide behind your faery tales,
sing life is but a dream,
Then row your boat, first set your sails,
Into the blue you flee
Samantha Apr 2018
You tuck away bits + pieces, disregard layers of skin.
Threading together a new thesis - What a story you spin!
Hide yourself, disintegrate, until you're born anew;
then bloom again + contemplate all the differing hues.
All the faces you have worn, the places where you hid,
the songs of praise, the scolds in scorn, saccharine and then acrid.
Truly now, who are you?
The body or the name?
Or the cells that live inside you and the energy the exchange?
Samantha Mar 2018
The wind cuts to the bone
and hollows out the marrow.
My body light as air,
I fly just as a sparrow.
But I must be a phoenix,
setting fires in the trees,
and watching as my ashes are blown about the breeze
The sky is grey and thundering,
smothering like a shroud,
until Gods golden hand comes down
and reaches through the clouds.
The light is gentle and placid,
not enough to hurt the eyes,
Michael sings, David strums,
overhead the angels fly
Samantha Mar 2018
I lay dreaming, stretching, sleeping .
You beside, fall into me

Now I'm rousing,
Sore and drowsy,
I pull you close as you sigh loudly:

"How long will you love me,
Before it's all too much?
Because I fear I may lose myself
In the rhythm of your touch.
And I know you don't like promises,
Expectations and their weight...
And I don't really either,
But what if this is fate?"

Toes tangled in cotton,
Egyptian clean white,
Your tears falling silent
As stars in the night.
I know you fear you'll lose it if you soften your grip, but you will suffocate it if you hold any harder
Samantha Apr 2015
Spider web lace, a crown
snow stuck to it and tinkled
All the quiet little sounds.
Crouching in the forests cover
I froze my little heart.
He drowned me in the lake
The scene a work of art.

Angels carry swords
And seldom smile or sing
They aren't much for words
They don't wear crowns or rings.
He broke all of my bones
And took all he could take
I froze my little heart
He drowned me in the lake
I screamed and kicked
I tried to flee
He left his dirt
I scrubbed my skin to bleed
Samantha Apr 2015
The fruitless poet
Pleads for inspiration
Is met by nothing, nothing...
nothing, and her desperation.

Sitting watching clockwork
And falling right in tune
To the sound of nothing, nothing...
Save the dogs barking at the moon
Samantha Jan 2014
A little cluster of
Wandering, walking with

Until suddenly found, then
Seen as such since
Some set of eyes *said so
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