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Richelle Leigh Jun 2012
i don't know if i can write anymore
you're all that's left in my words
screaming and shouting and trying
and i doubt i'm ever really heard

i don't know if i can think anymore
a cold shower doesn't take away the pain
regression and progression know no path
they leave me here, all the same

i don't know if i can cry anymore
too many diamonds escaped their vaults
instead i am numb... or maybe just too patient
instead, i'll accept each and every fault

i don't know if i cant drink anymore
liquid encouragement only hides hours
but they pounce and they leap
proving to bring down the highest tower

i don't know if i can sleep anymore
i've tried and i've tried
but my theory is broken...
look, i've cried and i've cried
Richelle Leigh Jun 2012
i must tell you of this curse
that's intertwined in every verse
magnets compel, repel, and foretell
it doesn't matter if you are well

you'll always be attracted
***-yd, divided, and subtracted
resisting an instinctual urge
to give your everything, to splurge

call it north, call it south
but the words slip out of your mouth
your heart will be drawn-in
hopeless, head over heels spin

laced, maced, even some space
you can't resist that face
heaven, hell, or whatever you believe
it's stronger than we can possibly conceive

time out... time in!
how did this begin?
a chemical reaction
a little bit of passion
that just rushed in...
Richelle Leigh Jun 2012
today i told you the simplest of words
i must be happy, to make you happy
and that's what i'll do

you have a truly resounding presence
even in the corner of your deepest absence
and i'll conquer over these misty diamonds
to prove to you, our love lacks no funds

just a dose of kindling love
goofy hats and toboggans
racing you to the car
picnic table naps
and sneaking kisses around corners
serenading over the phone
or in your ear as you sleep
poetry written on ticket stubs
pulling my hand over your stubby cheeks
a laugh, a smile, a spinning hug
we share the same soul

we can cross into this new territory
daily, weekly, and monthly
start down this great beginning
who knows what we're winning

we can enjoy all the simplicities
side by side, buying groceries
be thankful for today and tomorrow
and give the wind a chance to blow

today i told you the simplest of words
i must be happy, to make you happy
and that's what i'll do
Richelle Leigh May 2012
estoy viviendo una prueba, dices tu
pero mi corazon me duele, mas que tu...
no me dejan dormir todos estos pensamientos
es el amor amor que me causa estos sentimientos?

me gustaria decirte que me dejes en paz
pero tu y yo, sabemos, que yo no soy tan capaz...
tu voz, tu cara, tu amor, tu recuerdo, me entra
espero que este corazon debil no me mienta

te digo, tratare de dormir otra vez,
aunque eso no funciono todo el mes...
porque mi amor, me haces tanta falta
estoy segura que la vida me aplasta

no quiero regresar al mismo terror
cada noche, cada dia este gran tremor
amor, amor, yo se lo que te digo
toda sera mejor, solo regresate conmigo
Richelle Leigh May 2012
caffeine and smoke may fuel an addiction
poetry may soothe an aching soul
but in the early hours of the morning
i can't seem to find a cure

i haven't graced you with a smile recently
and you said i haven't laughed for days
i'm tangled inside of this constant thought
mi vida, i'm sorry my happiness can't be bought

i'm drenched in recurring memories even as i sleep
it's raining in my mind... and outside
today's going to be black, and blue, and grey
it's taken so long to get here... to the end of may

i speak of you, with such high regard
contemplate your steps through a normal day
for you, anything to bring me in even closer
and pray to anything, anyone, that i won't think of her

caffeine and smoke may fuel an addiction
poetry may soothe an aching soul
but in the early hours of the morning
i can't seem to find a cure

a weary mind, a sick stomach, a lack of words
i'm a coward
Richelle Leigh May 2012
tugging on the memories that are slowly fading
they fall from my hands like grains of sand
slipping away, drifting away... escaping
i just want you by my side again
calloused hands
a simple smile
skinny eyes
big cheeks
plump lips
you even steal my chapstick
i miss holding you
caressing the sides of your short hair
starting from your temple to your back
i always contemplated you during your slumber
so peaceful, so content, and a body like a furnace
i'd tug away to get a better look at you, from afar
but even in your sleep, you'd pull me in tighter
grasping for comfort, tugging at something unforeseen
i couldn't deny you or myself from that
you lingered, even when you were gone
god how you linger that you're really gone
i repeat and repeat, "he'll be back soon."
and contemplate your return with such anxiety
to hold you again
i sleep only to dream about you
and that's all right...
i get a glimpse of your smile
i hear your laugh
and temporarily, i'm fine
see, dreaming's my fix
but nothing is as good as the real you
i need you
Richelle Leigh May 2012
eagerly waiting and ruthlessly paused
looking at the clock, the hours, the minutes
forging alone of this path of decisions
time is left to decide, to wander, to escape
but the neediness calls to me, picks me up
moves me along

crouched behind a couple of white lies
but ones that could massacre, proving defiance
could cause uproar, sharper than a scalpel
could weaken, distress, and break
but none so scary, as losing you

for now, they can't know
path is chosen, deed is done
i may be ******, but i won't run.
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