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eatmorewords Dec 2018
I saw a woman take a picture of a picture at 8:33am next to a bus stop who’s shadow was all broken glass and burger wrappers
my aftershave is making me feel sick
today’s soundtrack is The Ballad of Reverend War Character.

online people in a group all talking about what they’ve seen on the internet -
•kid falling over
•the worlds largest elastic band ball
•cats that look like ******
•beef-burger garnishes
and that scene in Papillon when the screen turns upside down and he says YOU HAVE BEEN ACCUSED OF A WASTED LIFE scared the out of me

head like a planet
*** marked like a meteor impact
a mug shot on a 1,000 police walls
fingerprints like the map
contours of mountains
the peaks
   the peaks
      he ****** in the wound
and it smelt like burning hair
     incoming message
incoming missile

the earth shrieks
the damaged people inflict damage     on others
numbers formulated on spreadsheets cause
waves crashing on the opposite side of the word the
flap of butterfly wing that
scratches the surface of stretched skin
eatmorewords May 2017
the dead man died today
he'd been dying for a while now

the rain washed away the chalk children before they could run into the horizon and appear like scratches on your lense

"Don't worry about the government" was the title of the last song I heard

impeach the leader
eat the rich

the sign language man in the bottom of the TV screen got cramp and confused the viewers with his dyslexic fingers

I can be found on google maps
eatmorewords May 2017
the modern miracles of the modern messiah
- feeding the destitute  with one chicken
- quenching their first with a litre  of Coke
- modern mercies at the homeless shelter
- the young kids with gout and nosebleeds
all the odd numbers at the bingo hall

solar power fuelled anger

buy one get two free as the flies buzz around the discarded fruit out back of the supermarket

angels with ***** faces
angels  in Nikes
eatmorewords May 2017
Yesterday the weather changed
and what it changed into,
I can not say.
It was something words can not describe.

We will need a new alphabet.

There will be a public debate
held around bandstands,
or in libraries after hours,
when the school kids and the homeless
have vacated.

Professors and purveyors of
taste and trends
will argue their views on live TV.

The polemicists will debate,
until definitions are forged,
and when new words are created,
old meanings will be cast
asunder and forgotten.

A phone poll,
followed by a referendum
will give the public a voice

but once there is a consensus
private investors will be invited to
table bids to sponsor the new vowels.
eatmorewords May 2017

An administrative error resulted in them sending  crates full of unsold
Princess Diana commerative funeral plates to the victims of the flood.

They were not happy,
and when they dried off,
angry letters were written.
eatmorewords May 2017

Pavement where
an egg shell should not be

that perfect shape
fractured with spider leg cracks

across the surface
of its world.

How did they get there?
those Nazca Lines?
And the amount of discarded shoes seems to be multiplying each day,

the busted boot on the traffic island
its been there for weeks

a plimsoul
childs shoe

they're all left footed
is there significance in this?

I look for patterns in everyday things,

TV Schedules

colouring books
Sudoku squares

floor tiles
Tube maps

football scores

I keep looking for clues
like a retired detective who just can't let go.
eatmorewords May 2017

Cigarette butts
piling up
outside the building.

Pistachio nut shells
look like empty ammo cases
amongst the nicotine detritus.

On paving slabs
next to the kerb
where diving bombing pigeons,

fly away
with cigarettes in their beaks,
still smoking.

The birds
blow smoke rings and fly
from view

and you think you can hear
coughing so you look up
to see.
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