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Samuel Jan 6
linger, you
/ spin my breath like fire, I
/ burn dreaming, form
/ your name, a shimmering coal

even at distance, I
/ trust its glow
Samuel Feb 2019
at times the /
weight of this /
world drops like a /
guillotine between bits /
of rational thought and soft /
unassuming despair (the quiet /
sort that wants to skip to the end)
Samuel Sep 2017
I have reduced my life
to voices and pictures

hard to see what
comes next
Samuel Jul 2017
Yesterday I forgot where I was
edges blurred and then
rushing back like blood

I won't let on, but
I'm pleased to have
remembered the
old me
Samuel Jul 2017
The problem with our planet
(at least what we currently face)
is one of ceaseless travel,
indifference to space

Do trees protest their rootings?
Do ants fall out of line?
Yet our minds tend to wander, it
happens all the time

If only we could focus, but
our energies disperse
how easily we trail off into
arguably worse

It's not globalization
or the fault of the night news
it's all the me's forgetting
the importance of the you's

Strike up a conversation, and
acknowledge what's around
how else will your new neighbor
learn to bake that lovely pound

I couldn't resist.
Samuel Jul 2017
Given the crowded
state of our world, you'd
think we would have figured
out a way for one half to find its
other by now

/ seems we choose to
chase after money

/ can't buy me
Samuel Jul 2017
Time is a patient collector

/ eyeing its prize behind a
flawless tapestry of
insignificant celebration /

to whom we'll all
one day belong
I am baffled by the fact that — one day — each and every one of us will find out what happens next.

Adopting this perspective has corrected my course on many an occasion.
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