Lady Bird Jan 2015

its beauty cant be ignored
this underground queen
hasn't yet been crowned
its just too supreme
yet haven't been found
unique and magnificent
sparkles and shines bright
all eyes are opened wide
brilliance is something
it just can not hide

kMargaret Oct 2012

That song told me that I was not magnificent
This wasn't news to me as I'd said it to myself countless times before
And I'm not
Or they'd stick around
Know that they couldn't give this opportunity up
Lay back and think for hours on end
About their luck
About my magnificence
I'm practically royalty
Something special
But they leave
And I grieve
As I've attached myself too strongly
I grieve a death
And I suffer
And the thought of you builds in me like a thick black smoke
Starting at my base and filling my body until I
And I breathe you out
Those toxic fumes
The ones that eat away at me
And all at once I begin to fill
I beg it to stay at bay
And it wouldn't so now I
Welcome it
Come in, I say
Fill me, choke me, poison me
I've felt all the pain I could possibly feel
Grab at my organs and my arteries and my precious
Aortic pump
Squeeze hard and take my life in your greasy fistful
I'll breathe you out
Take  a part of me with you
Until I'm nothing
Just a body
And all at once I knew I was not magnificent

Jonathan Sawyer Mar 2014

My magnificent mundane.
Tedious tasking and chores galore!
And disregarded as un-glamorous duty.
But there is something to be learned in folding loads of laundry.
Satisfaction through servitude.
Attention to detail.
And most importantly... attention to Love.

11 March 2014 - by my wife.

She wasn’t interested
In being a heroine.
She wasn’t interested
In being anyone’s savior
She just wanted to be

i saw a big white swan with feathers just like snowswimming in the lake so graceful and so slowmountains in the back ground standing oh so talland in between them a lovely waterfallthe swan he came towards with his head held highswimming with such elegance underneath the skythen he turned around as if if to say beautiful was he it almost made me cryi wont forget the things that i saw that dayill hold them in my memory and that is where theyll stay.


Midnight dream
inconceivable desires.
The denizens of a simple town
In a world of complication.
I want, I need to find
a primitive land far beyond.
Far-fetched, chimerical.
My decree, to search
high and low,side to side.
For a place where I can be free.
From stipulation that seems to be
A birthright, a curse made out to seem like
a gift, as though we asked for this?
oh Mortification, all I ask is to be
unlatched from this leash
the world so generously strapped
around my neck. That is my
Magnificent Obsession.

Aina Dec 2013

I'm scared
My past will always be there
It became a part of me now
For a moment, I could see the light
It was so bright I tried to reach it
I took few step forward and my hands were grasping to get it
But its too far and I can see it for miles
So I stood and stop trying
I looked at it and thought how beautiful that is
I was stunned by...
How magnificent that is.

Justin G Aug 2015

I love my space
So I keep my distance
Like the stars above
I am strictly meant
To be marveled
Never to be touched
Keep your hands
To yourself
Don't try and reach
Leaping is fruitless
I meditate
Among darkness
But I am
Exceptionally bright
If you dare come close
I will undoubtedly blind you
Like closed windows
No sight for the soul
No scythe
For those who reap
I am cold
But like a comet
I will eventually fall
Slipping downward
Into the void
Such lost of power
A magnificent plight
But until then
I will pocket my distance
And know full well
Never ever trade
This place
For anything

I awoke this morning from my little bed
In a world unknown to me
A magical world full of mystical creatures
Resounding with mystery

Magnificent birds with wings of gold
Hailed me with their song
The strangest happening ever to see
As I was able to sing along

No simple trills issued forth from their beaks
But words I heard with my heart
An angelic melody so sweet they did sing
From this world I wished never to part

Forever in this magical world I will stay
To my home I shall never return
As now I have become a magnificent bird
Because, their song I have learned

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
shåi Jun 2014

the sun like tiger stripes
illuminated my room
and reminded me of you

your smile was radiant too
it was like the early morning rays
will you be mine today?

your kisses like euphoric desires
fell like an eternal stream of rain
are you here to stay?


first haiku that i wrote that turned out well! suggestions definitely needed for this one!
SassyJ Dec 2015

Beautiful heart, a magnificent stroke
Your openness is a homely gesture
You modelled a unique exquisite
Reflecting the mirror of the life I see
Still in awe, as you are like a mother
A care taker I longed for all my life
A safe bond  that holds and nurtures
Your love for humanity puts me in shame
It makes my deeds minute and belittled
It encourages me to be more than more
For good pays good, good exceeds good
You embraced my oddity and philosophises
Fed them to your bosom with curiosity
Satisfied a quench, rousing my dry throat
Your mind is an envisioned vision of excess
You take all, listen to all, love all,embrace all
Dousing tonnes and tonnes of inspiration
Deducting societal bridges and boundaries
How can I repay the beauty of your abundance?
The most important lesson of my existence
An alarm to give, give and open doors for all
A bleep to accept the all, the one,the many
Even in old age you sow and multiply seeds
Dedicating your life to cater for others womb
For when another's son rolled as an invalid
Facing leukaemia and death in a hospital crib
You went there persistently day on day on day
Spreading hope and love for those not yours
Putting all under your strong fuelled wings
Instilling hope of a new reality,the sought humanity
Looking after me, them and all as your own flesh
Your lighted being is a beckoning flash-light
Bleaching all my edges to enlightenment
A deity staged doused as a magnificent stroke
Reflecting the truest and purest form of empathy

Wrote poem by hand and gave it to the most generous woman

Dedicated to Jemima, a woman with a big heart. An openess to humanity, an inspirational figure. For she gives and opens to all. She feels others pain and her empathy is outstanding. For when another woman's son was ill with leukaemia she didn't know the woman prior to the son's illness. But she visited another's son in a hospital bed twice a week for a year... Through thick and thin... I remain in awe.
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