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I met a girl with all the love in the world,
But nowhere to lend it
She banks it away everyday
Dreaming of where to spend it
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
I learned a foreign language
It lives within my soul
I learned a foreign language
It filled a bottomless hole

I learned a foreign language
Carved it on my heart
I learned a foreign language
It gave me a fresh start

I learned a foreign language
It’s light as a feather
I learned a foreign language
It’s strength keeps us together

I learned a foreign language
You can learn it too
I learned a foreign language
It’s inside all of you
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
My lioness
golden and soft
soft as a silk woven dress
strong as an elegant lioness
I have adored you since your time began
and I will adore you till my time ends

Oh lioness
fair and so sweet
sweeter than any candy
I will never forget your face
aged for a lifetime but still the same
as the day I fell in love with your grace

My lioness
standing tall
on a rock in my backyard

My lioness
you are not far
you are always in my heart
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
I’ve been coasting down Granite State back roads
Twisting and winding
Intertwining with my thoughts
There’s an awful lot of road ****
Carnage in the streets
Bloodied and beaten to death
Memories so keen yet smeared
I breathe in
Cigar smoke slithers down my throat
I cough up a dead squirrel
It reeks of nostalgia
I pick up the corpse and toss is out of the car
Into a fire dancing across the road and up into the trees
I breathe in once more
Crisp, cool
But it burns
Fall always comes on so strong
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
When you try to be something you’re not
You get lost in the afterthought
Of who you’re trying to please
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
The pool in my backyard has turned green,
and not the kind of green you write poetry about.
It's not a vibrant, spring fling green,
but a murky and tiresome green.

It's not the kind of green you write poetry about,
for it doesn't flow freely in the breeze.
It does not represent freedom, nor nature,
or anything in between.

It's still, it's stagnant, it's gripping and mean,
a green you don't want growing in your heart,
a green that will consume and tear you apart,
a green you won't write poetry about.

My pool has turned a menacing green,
that rattles my brain and keeps me awake,
that floods my thoughts with each breathe I take,
and defiles my soul everyday.

My pool has turned an unforgettable green,
that rots and haunts all of my dreams.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Some people curl up in a ball
Do nothing with their life at all
I can’t imagine dying

Watch as their dreams go screaming past
Think they’ve got time but it won’t last
Watch their dreams dying

Shackled by their bloated will
With all the time in the world to ****
Every second’s dying

Hold me now but let me go
Push me when I’m moving slow
There’s no time for dying

Dreams are in each breath that we take
In each exhale and valuable mistake
Some rush out our outstretched fingertips
While others stay trapped behind dead eyes
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
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