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I saw a man fly today
As he latched onto a last hope
A one way ticket to a land unknown
Didn’t care if he lost it all

I saw a man fly today
Thinking he was freedom bound
But he lost his grip and was earthbound
Strangers wept from the ground

I saw a man fly today
To our capital to give a speech
About a city that had been breached
By radicals who know no peace

I saw a man fly today
On a plane, vacation bound
And while his plane safely touches down
Millions of innocents cries resound
For those in Afghanistan whose lives have been disregarded and tossed aside like a used toy by an absolutely inept American government that doesn’t care about them.
Do not cling to me
and our past together
instead stand back to see
the me still to be
a flowing brook
with floating leaves
and other pieces of earth.
I can’t let society get to me
as I’m walking down the street
A white cat in the window of a white house
stares at me so sinisterly

He smugly licks himself
and tells me to stand up straight
To pin my shoulders back
he tells me “walk THIS way”

To hold my head up high
cut my hair and shave
Give poetry a break
“do something with your life”

Society grins
and invites me to come in
Come and breathe their air
but only what they feel’s fair

I feel my chest tighten
my lungs gripped by anxiety
squeezing the life out of me
I can barely breathe

As society stares at me
I feel a growing need
To walk my way
Talk my way
Walk away from here

So as I leave the white cat behind
I smile with relief
I’ll choose the air I breathe
And it won’t be societies
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Starbucks generation
Stand in line
Heads down
Don’t make a sound
Get your venti iced whatever
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
I sit at Robert Frost Farm
On a bench so tall my feet can’t touch ground
I move them around and pretend I’m sitting on a cliff
But I’m surrounded by twigs
And dead yellow grass

It feels like spring but it looks like autumn
The trees are still bare and the landscape barren
Stripped down and beaten
Like a hollow survivor
Waiting for sunlight and just a little water

I sit here blindly like a silent on looker
I stare right through the tattered survivors
An old lady in the distance yells something friendly
But I can’t hear her so I stare and smile
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Everyone wants to be a revolutionary,
a hero, a martyr, or more.
Empty minds seeking an empty prize,
of fame and boundless glory.

Everyone wants to be a wiseman,
without searching for the wisdom.
Everyone wants to break free,
from their phony societal prison.

Everyone wants to be loaded,
without having to earn the dough.
A tax or two will surely do,
those ***** capitalists will eat crow!

Everyone wants to change the world,
without having to change themselves.
Everyone wants everything,
except to be ourselves.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
There’s a thick cloud of smoke inside my head
I’m trying to escape but I can’t find an exit
I cover my mouth but it finds a way in
The noxious fumes are all too familiar

They drift and they shift like a menacing shadow
They hang and weigh heavy like a man in the gallows
And the more I try to search from within
The more I begin to helplessly sink

A lost puppy
looking for a master
But I was, I was
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
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