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The Dybbuk Dec 2020
If you don't know how to punch,
or how to have a good time,
If you can't make a decision,
you should know to flip a dime.
Cover me in tattoos,
Piercings galore,
confidence is ****,
without it you're a bore.
Penguin Poems Dec 2018
Holes in my ears? 8.
But including the ones in my heart?
Or my soul?
Or my head?
Too many to count.
Penguin Poems Dec 2018
I punch holes in my ears
To mask the pain of the holes in my heart
That she created when she left.
julianna Feb 2018
Like seeing the ghosts of the people I loved
I scan through crowds and avoid their faces
Faces as magnets attract my eyes
My vision is blurry, it's time to go
I stumble through hallways
My head hangs low,
Avoiding those faces as magnets.

The girl with the piercings
The guy with tattoos
That person whose hair is a dark grayish blue

Those people have faces as magnets.
A poem about my anxiety of running into old friends and making new ones.
CC Sep 2017
Accept that only the good die young
And the rest of us are here to stay
I think I can cry in public
Make you see me cry
Whole and free you can tuck me in
Your shirt pocket is my home
You can place down the picture of my brother
While we don't know how to love
I take it off too quickly
For you I would refrain from mistakes
I would become what you make of me
Style and sauce from my lips
Hell and fury is our friend and fortune-maker
Sorry for being your good girl
They say that mistakes are meant to be lessons
I'm learning how fun they are to repeat
I'm still learning how to kick it
Swinging like a child
I don't know how to be right
Just a single shot thrown back at my life
Francie Lynch Feb 2017
Firstly, I'm not a body-shamer.
To each their own
(a good phrase, though grammatically incorrect),
But sometimes I find it hard to understand
The tatoos, the piercings, the colors and placements.
The usual answer, if I dare ask:
Good for you.
Does the diaper pin through your cheek
Tell us you're a Dad or something.
The quarter inch bolt and nut through your ear?
Are you a machinist or a plumber, or something?
The doll-house plates in your lips?
Are you a Duck Dynasty fan?
A member of the Audubon Society or something?
     No. I'mapontingxprschmyselpth!
Sorry, what was that?
I'm sorry. I don't quite get what you're saying.
I don't mean to be rude,
But could you express those plates for a minute... I... I get it.
Sara Jones Sep 2015
My body is not my own.
My body belongs to my mother.
Because every time I got a new tattoo I would ask if she likes it.
And if course, she would say no
And I would be upset because I actually liked it.
But now I have snakebites.
Two small holes below my lower lip
And I'm absolutely terrified
Of her finding out.
Nicholas Cassidy Aug 2015
Painted walls
Colored windows
Wood benches
A man on a podium
Talking right and wrong

The boy with the piercings and tattoos
Front row
Kneeling hands folded head down

The collection gets passed around
Judgement being passed around
About this boy with the piercings

A lost soul looking for a home
Trying to forgive and forget.
Trying to repent and receive forgiveness.

"Go in peace"

People start leaving
Talking to each other
Giving thanks

The boy with the piercings remains
Head down, hands folded, front row.
Giving another prayer up
A prayer of acceptance with these people
He's just another lost soul like the rest
Trying to find his home

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