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Verdant Quo May 2019
The growing grass blade
as dew settles in morning
must bow its green head
Verdant Quo May 2019
laden with rain
an american robin
labors through
the sepia horizon
Verdant Quo Apr 2019
Who forgot to put the moon to bed?
For it is day
and still he looks at me.
Verdant Quo Jan 2019
I layed in the hospital bed
Asleep but alive
I layed in a posture of rest
Mindful breath to survive.

I still have things I want to do.
Verdant Quo Jan 2019
She danced forward
and asked where I was going.

I silently replied.
and continued going nowhere.
You'll know they're the one when you realize your life can't move forward without them.
Verdant Quo Jan 2019
i went for a walk
just thinkin about some things

i went for a walk
just thinkin about you
Verdant Quo Jan 2019
every notification
is a sobering reminder
it’s not from her.
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