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ShowYouLove May 2018
Oh little flame how bright you burn
And from darkness you will turn
To bathe us in your little light
And guide us through the darkest night

Oh little flame of Holy Fire
In your simplicity you do inspire
You remind me that I too carry
A light that makes the darkness less scary

Oh little flame you are strong
And yet you are so frail
You illuminate the right and wrong
Your little light will pierce the veil

Oh little flame oh cherished glow
Don’t live too fast but take it slow
In living there is sacrifice
In giving there is a price

Oh little flame oh light divine
I hold your light and make it mine
I will shine for all to see
The difference you have made for me
ShowYouLove May 2018
My Lord and my God I am so unworthy
A sinner for all of my days
What did I do to deserve your love
When I deserve death
You died for me you love me wholly
You cleanse my soul and make me holy
By your perfect love you deem me worthy
To be with you eternally in love
You call me your friend, you call me your child
No longer slaves but free from the chains
From my sin and shame you restore me
You raise me up from the mire
Grant me Oh Lord a penitent heart
That I may turn from my ways and die to myself
In dying, you come alive in me
By rising I am born again into new life
You are worthy of all my praise and thanksgiving
You are the reason I am still living
You are worthy of all my love and affection
You are worthy of all my prayer and adoration
You deem me worthy to shine your light
You deem me worthy to listen and write
You deem me worthy to be your child
You deem me worthy of your love
You deem me worthy to be your Lamb
You deem me worthy and though unworthy it is enough
Thank you Oh Lord my God and have mercy on my soul
Help me turn my heart to you and so live in your perfect love
ShowYouLove Apr 2018
He is with us in our hearts and in our lives;
He is not so far away.
Reach out to him in your very breath,
Reach out and hold him in your hands.
He is with us always
To the end of the age and beyond.
He is with us always
We are never truly alone.
He has a place in my heart,
He is here in my soul,
He is the music around me,
He is the spirit that moves me.
He came down from Heaven to live as man;
He came as a human so we might understand
How much he loves us loves you and me.
He is with us at home, at work, at play,
He is beside us each and every day.
This Holy Room and He Is With Us were written during Adoration at St. Isidore in Bloomingdale. I went there on a whim one afternoon. The church was supposed to be closed, but I got lucky and I was let in to pray. It was so cool!!
ShowYouLove Apr 2018
Here I sit in this holy room
Surrounded by God and a heavenly host
Of saints and angels who give him glory.
Each changed by the body and blood
The power of love and beauty in the sacrifice.
Here I sit in this holy room
A witness to the saving power
A devotion to the perpetual presence
Of Christ with us and in us.
We are each bearers of light, bearers of Christ;
We carry him in us wherever we go.
Here I sit in this holy room
To listen and take in this wondrous gift.
I choose to accept this gift.
How can I not want to share this love with others?
How can I keep from singing and shouting His name?
Here I sit in this holy room
Holy Spirit fill this place and my soul,
Uplift them to the throne of God above.
Start a fire in me that cannot be quenched
And set in me the bright flame of love and passion.
Lead my feet and guide my steps along the path
Be my compass and my Northern Star
So I may never lose my way;
So I can always find my way back home.
Here I sit in this holy room
To add my voice to those around the world
At this moment praying for a change
In others and in their own lives:
Praying for safety and peace,
Understanding and patience.
Praying for survival, praying for the faith's revival.
Praying with men and women past and present
To call upon your aid as we aid those in need.
We pray for many things: our families, friends, nation.
We pray for each other, we pray for ourselves.
Lead us to you, take us closer to your merciful heart,
Love us and heal us and teach us where to start.
Here I sit in this holy room
I give thanks for the gift of undeserved love
And cast my gaze to Heaven above.
This Holy Room and He Is With Us were written during Adoration at St. Isidore in Bloomingdale. I went there on a whim one afternoon. The church was supposed to be closed, but I got lucky and I was let in to pray. It was so cool!!
ShowYouLove Apr 2018
Love Was Greater

Love was Greater
Love was greater than our sin and hate
Love is necessary in order to create
Love was greater than suffering and pain
Love bore the weight of all our shame
Love was greater than the power of death
Love gave life with it’s breath
Love was greater than all our dreams
Love is so much more than it first seems
Love was greater than all our fear
Love is something I hold most dear
Love is patient love is kind
Love is gentle love is not blind
Love is slow to anger and quick to forgive
Love is not jealous love loves to give
Love does not boast but acts humbly
Love is what can set a prisoner free
Love never quits when things get hairy
Love will not waste nor will it tarry
Love is what flowed from Jesus’ side
Love was shown when He spread his arms and died
Love was greater than what we deserve
Love has covered over all the earth
Love is greater than all treasure is worth
Love is our heritage love is our legacy
Love is a mystery love is our history
Love is greater than words can say
Love is the message we try to convey
Love is a peace beyond compare
Love is a presence that is everywhere
Love is opening the eyes of my heart
Love has painted us works of art
Love is a secret that needs to be shared
Love was so great that our lives were spared
Love was greater than death on a cross
Love said we’re worth any cost
Love Is Greater
ShowYouLove Mar 2018
What is more precious, more fleeting than time? So much of the world and our lives revolve around it. We have a set amount of it and all too quickly it is gone. What do we do with the time that we have? How do we spend it and what do we spend it on? Many of us try to do too much or do too little and regret our spending. We wish we spent more time with our families, our children, our friends: on the things that truly matter. This is all well and good, but how much of our time do we invest in our relationship with God, our time in prayer, worship and fellowship? How important is it and how important is it to us? Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in doing things that we forget to just be. We forget to stop, pause, or even slow down. We are always racing somewhere and we miss the beauty and the blessings that are all around. Let us take a little bit of our ever precious time and spend it with God, the one who gives us this gift in the first place. Did God ever feel lonely and want someone to talk to him? Is there someone in our lives that we haven’t talked to or spent time with in a while? Giving someone part of your time is one of the greatest and most meaningful gifts you can give someone. You give them the gift of your presence and it lets them know how special and loved they are because it’s not something that most of us give away freely.
ShowYouLove Mar 2018
Along the stairway to Heaven
The angels play their harps of gold
They sing hymns of ceaseless praise
To the prince of peace and king of kings.
He came down from Heaven to take his place as man
To pay the cost we could not pay was always the plan.
I walk along the stairway to Heaven
It is a long and challenging climb
But I keep my eyes fixed ahead and I make some progress.
I do not walk alone for there are many here with me
The way we make it up is to help each other.
Mary made a path for us and Jesus paved the way
Joseph walks beside us lending us his strength
Jacob dreams a ladder stretching from Heaven to earth.
The cross became the bridge with which to cross
The Grand Canyon that is between us and God.
Sometimes I feel like I'm close to you
Other times I'm miles away and in the dark.
Be with me Lord and help me on the way
Lord give me strength for the journey.
At times the climb is more like a battle
Fighting just to keep my feet from falling
But when I lose hope I think I feel you calling.
The stairway to Heaven will last a lifetime
There are many gone before us to help show us
To guide and encourage and challenge.
Following their light to the source of all light.
The stairway to Heaven is not always an easy climb
But it has been well worth the struggle every single time.
ShowYouLove Mar 2018
I looked up to the cross and down deep inside
I saw redemption and the shame I can't hide
I looked up to the heavens and down on the city streets
Now and then I glimpsed where hurt and healing meets
I looked from the four ends of the earth
And there I experienced a kind of rebirth
I looked from the richest to the poorest of there
Where I stood there was more to wealth than what I see
I saw that they were joyful, so warm and real
They lived with such enthusiasm; such zeal!
I looked up from my little world to see what awaited
I saw there a great big place so wonderfully created
I looked back and saw that things had shifted
I began to see how I was gifted
I looked to God and saw his Merciful Heart
And in my inmost being a change would start
I looked to God and saw his Precious Blood
And I was washed clean in that Holy Flood
I looked to God and saw his Body Broken
And I saw him with arms Held Open
I looked to God and felt a kind of Power
That remains every day until my Final Hour
ShowYouLove Mar 2018
The Lord God is worthy to be praised
Strong and mighty for all of my days
Lifted high above the earth
He died so we could see what we're worth
Jesus friend of sinners the lost and the shamed
Jesus healer of our ills breaker of our chains
Saved us by his mighty hand
But we are sinking rapidly in shifting sand
Full of compassion and rich is his love
His kindness endures and mercy rains from above
When we are lost and confused he carries us back
In the pasture of the Lord there is nothing that we lack
Green are the fields upon which we rest
The pure spring water is simply the best
The sun rises and bathes us with light
We are precious in his sight
He guides us through the valleys by his staff and rod
In the darkness we will not fear for the shepherd is our God
ShowYouLove Mar 2018
Look into my eyes Lord
Look deep into my soul.
See the work your hands have made
I see the cost that love has paid.
I gaze longingly into your eyes
And as you look right back at me
I am pierced as if by the nails.
As you hang ****** and broken,
In total surrender, you took the all;
You gave up everything so I could have it all.
Into your presence I come,
In this moment I will stay.
Let your fire fall like rain;
Hear me when I pray.
I turn back to you like the prodigal son
I ask for forgiveness, but it's already done.
I am wrapped in your cloak of grace
My soul is lifted on a cloud of praise.
In the rivers of your blood
Comes the waters of love:
Washing the earth and healing
A broken world, in need of feeling
Your peace and love and passion
And being good is back in fashion.
You satisfy the hungry heart
My soul longs for you and pains.
Like a man in the desert longs for rains
You are living water Lord; source of life and peace.
Help me surrender so that you may increase.
I come to do your will and I'm grateful for the gift
To be with you and seek the truth and then, in word, to lift
Your holy name to share the love I've found.
Take my feet and place them on solid, sacred ground
Walk with me as I try to walk this road
Help me bear, with patience, my load.
When I lose sight of the perspective,
Remind me gently the suffering you once bore.
Each day Lord, help me want you more.
I was lost and wandering, and you sought me out
I trust you Lord from within and from without.
You keep your promises, your covenant;
Help me fulfill my end of the deal.
I don't know what all you have in mind
But I am certain of one thing: it will be divine!
Written March 17th during Adoration at Faith and Fellowship Lenten Retreat
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